I don't own anything that has to do with Naruto in general... I just own my OC character Ember! :D


Fire, it was everywhere. It licked at my fingers, my legs and toes. I ran through the house, my long black hair catching aflame. I ran out into the dark room that belonged to my parents. They were no where to be seen, gone from the premises. I ignored the pain fluttering throughout my body. The fire was catching up to me, it had already burned all my hair away. My scalp was seared. I didn't worry over my appearance. Death would be far worse. I clawed desperately at the window, and looked back to grab one thing, a white bandana. My mother's official ninja badge. If she were to leave such a thing behind, bad things were to come. I grabbed a small pack of clothes that had originally been hers, before finally jumping out the window. I hit the ground hard, my burned body screaming. I ran as fast as I could, focusing my chakra into my feet. Obaa-san knew how to treat burns the best. Once I was better, I could search for my mother. Obaa-san should be there, safe in her secluded hut. She had to have had escaped the fire; she was my only hope now. Everyone but Obaa-san… I needed her.