Percy POV

My life is over, and why? My father Poseidon claimed my half brother Tristan at Camp Half Blood. I remember Poseidon saying that he was going to claim more children, but I thought he was only joking! Obviously, he was telling the truth. Tristan is a good guy when he feels like it, which is absolutely never. And he stole everything from me. Percy Jackson no longer existed. And I want to know why Poseidon never brought him to Camp before. Why did he give me all the responsibility of the prophecy? Tristan is the same age as me and could have easily been the child of the prophecy. He put me through life threatening situations over and over again while he sat at home with his family and led a normal life. I just don't find it fair.

Anyways, my life is over.

Flashback 2 hours ago

I've been on a quest for the last month away from Annabeth and I was more than ready to see her again. I was at the camp border along with Thalia and Grover and we were tired and battered. I wanted to skip the dramatics and the cheering by being successful and went to look for Annabeth.

I began to run down the hill but Thalia stopped me. "Percy we have to go report to Chiron. He will want to know what happened on the quest," she said tiredly.

"Please Thalia I really want to see Annabeth! I have to be with her or I might explode,"

Grover laughed at my exaggeration and said, "Oh let him go Thalia, we can tell Chiron ourselves. He deserves a little happiness since the chaos of the last month."

"Fine." She nodded curtly, "he can go, but I will tell my version of the quest, "she smirks.

"You drive a hard bargain, Pinecone Face. But I'm going anyways."

I laugh as I hear her groan behind me.

I checked the Athena cabin and instead I found Malcolm who looked very distressed at my arrival.

"Percy! You're back! So glad you didn't die," he laughed nervously.

I was getting impatient and got to the point, "Yea me too. Where's Annabeth?"

"At the beach," he whispered, "and I have no part of what you might find there," now he looked terrified and really nervous. I really need to see what is at the beach.

"Thanks Malcolm. I'll…see you later."

I ran at full speed towards the beach despite my exhaustion and stopped in shock at what I was seeing. There were two people already at the beach who were making out. But it was the people themselves that made me stop. I wanted to crawl in a hold and hide there forever because my heart was clenched in a fist. I couldn't breathe and on impulse I pulled out my sword. The ocean behind me was churning because of my emotions and I felt like I could cause another eruption. Mount St. Helens sized eruption again. And it was for nearly the same reasons. Back then I was fighting to get rid of the monsters. Now I have to defeat the monsters in front of me.

"Annabeth Chase how dare you. How dare you cheat on me with my own scumbag brother!" She breaks apart from Tristan and stares at me in shock. Well now I understand what Malcolm was so nervous about. I don't blame him, I blame his sister. I can't believe that after all I've ever done for her, she decides to be with him. It took me years to gain her trust and kiss her. He's only been here weeks and this happens? Am I the only one who sees what is wrong with this picture?

She opens her mouth to respond and I can see her eyes well up with tears but I cut her short, "Never mind what ever you were going to say. I hope that you remember this moment forever and that you regret the day that you ever decided to date this piece of hellhound dung. You two deserve each other.(Sorry I don't want to cuss. Just pretend you're thinking of the word of your choice.) Never forget this moment. Goodbye, see you in Hades."

And then I plunged the sword into my heart. The last thing I heard before I died was a long drawn out scream.