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Omega POV

Home, we're finally going home. All of the army, including the new recruits, stood at the bottom of the walkway, saying our final goodbyes. Everyone was there. The gods, campers, and nature spirits were all gathered in a crowd in front of us. Almost everyone had a similar look of disbelief and grief on their faces. We had been here for only a short time only to leave again, and taking other people away with us.

The gods were obviously sad for them to leave, but you could tell that they were proud of them. Aphrodite clung to Ares and was sniffling, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue. She was really upset that Abbey was leaving. Ares did the best he could to comfort her but he's the god of war, not the god of freaking fluffy bunnies. Apollo was whispering a farewell poem to his daughter Lia. I was shocked. Apollo has never been so serious about anything. Except for maybe when Artemis was godnapped. Demeter was giving Katie one final lecture about eating enough cereal and gave her a hug. Hermes was giving his sons some final tips about pranking and stealing. They seemed to savor it all. I watched Annabeth and Athena hugging each other and turned away when I saw Hades and Poseidon coming up to me and Bianca.

"Bianca, my dear, you have no idea how much I'm going to miss you and Nico. It's been terrible without him since he was banned from the Underworld and with your spirit "missing". I was lonely and heartbroken without you two after your mother died. I truly loved and missed all of you. So I give both of you full permission to be allowed to shadow travel whenever you want to and visit." He looked wistful and sullen. I felt bad for him. They'll never come see him. We just simply don't have enough time with all of our duties, training, and missions. But there's no way that I was going to tell him that.

Bianca looked pained for a second. Probably thinking the same thing I was. But all she said was, "Thank you, father. I'll make sure to tell Nico." Then she hugged him before he walked away. Hopefully he was going to ask Nico for forgiveness from his past deeds.

Then Poseidon turned towards me. "Omega, once again I want to say how sorry I am. And I really do love you. It kills me to see you go after being away for so long. Things changed the last time you were gone and it wasn't for the better," he whispered.

"I'll miss you too dad. But I have to go. It's my new life and I love it. I have a family with Chaos and get to save lives without having the pressure of any big prophecies. But you don't have to worry, I could never forget my family here." His smile wavered a little and I grasped his shoulder before taking Bianca's hand and walking up the walkway.

I just stood there and gazed at what I was leaving behind, again. Camp Half Blood was a little battered after the war but for the first time since I left the place, I saw its beauty. The landscaping was great, but it's the people I appreciated. Sure, I still hated most of their guts. But I of all people should know that we can change.

Looking to the left and right, I saw lots of tears coming from everyone. It all felt a little unreal. Haha as if being a demigod was actually normal. We were leaving and I had finally come to terms with almost all of my problems in such a limited amount of time. It went by too quickly. Isn't it weird that I want to come back again someday?

"Omega, are you coming, or do we have to leave you here?" Bianca smirked.

"Don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily." and I flashed a quick smile, "Let's go home."

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