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This Stupid Epilogue

Graduation was a wonderful day as Soul, Liz, Tsubaki, Kid and Black*Star took in the crisp night air. It had been a rough two years without Maka but they had stayed together and refused to give in to despair. When Spirit and Kami had decided they didn't want Maka and Soul around each other, they really meant it. Maka's phone number had been changed, Kami set anything with her daughter's new address on it on fire and she was no longer permitted onto any of the chatting sites she used to. No emails, no Skype, no nothing.

Thus, the group got creative and did some sleuthing that didn't bear fruit until about six months ago. When they got their hands on an address. From there, they were able to get themselves hooked up with even more interesting information. After that, Soul started getting things in order to make the move to California to find Maka. He sat on the information that he knew her whereabouts until about three weeks ago, when he informed them of everything.

"You know, it's been two years. She may be over you at this point," Kid pointed out calmly. He was wearing a maroon colored cap and gown, a silver pin stuck to the left side of his gown. In the time that had passed, Kid had made a stunning breakthrough with his condition. He still obsessed over symmetry but he was much less prone to emotional breakdowns if things were not as such. Liz claimed that this was because he had taken the chance to tell his mother where to shove it (an event that, the young woman said, was very satisfying to watch as the other woman broke down into sobs) while Kid said that it had nothing to do with his mother. He would then smile at Liz, making her blush and look away, but not explain any farther than that.

"That is a good point," Tsubaki said with a worried frown. She and Black*Star were doing surprisingly well and, through her gentle guidance, his grades had been raised to Cs. Not exactly Stanford material but certainly good enough to get his diploma, which suited Black*Star just fine. The loud mouthed male planned on getting himself a job as a karate instructor until he could save up enough money to open his own studio to train young kids in the way of martial arts. Meanwhile, Tsubaki wanted to be a pediatrician and was planning on going to college. Between financial aid, cheerleading scholarships and her great GPA, it was looking like she wouldn't have to pay a cent to go to any of the universities in Death City, as she was planning to.

"Maka won't have forgotten him," Liz said, chin turned up defiantly. Her own plans, Soul discovered, were the most bizarre and interesting to him. The young blonde had revealed to them all a weak spot for making pastries, from cupcakes to pies to triple layer cakes. She was going to go to a culinary college and then planned on getting a gig working at one of the many fancy bakery joints in town. None of them had teased Liz about this because they found it a sort of cute contrast to Kid; while Kid would be continuing on with his family's time-honored tradition of being educators, Liz would be breaking away from her own family's dark past to make a bright career of her own. "She isn't like that. She's been waiting for him this whole time."

He smiled at Liz and flashed her a thumbs up. "Thanks," He said gently.

She grinned back. "No problem. Is your apartment already set up for you?" She asked curiously.

"My uncle got the lease taken care of so right now it's just waiting for me and my stuff," He said calmly. Soul's uncle Asura was a real estate agent in California whom had always preferred Soul to Wesley; claimed that anyone who could drive Will up the walls that well deserved to be praised. As things stood, Soul had gotten a job as a mechanic situated (another favor from his uncle) while he figured out what he wanted. It would work out well because he was planning to get his gen eds knocked out of the way first anyway; plus, he had some scholarships so the thought of out-of-state-tuition was less terrifying.

"And your things are on a flight headed over tomorrow, right?" Tsubaki asked interestedly. He nodded.

"Yup. I'm going to head up there bright and early, pick up the last minute goods I need with my uncle's help, unpack, and then I'm going to try and track Maka down," He explained. A nervous smile had wormed its way up on his lips. "My apartment is only about two blocks from her neighborhood so it shouldn't be too hard to find her. She'll probably be chilling on the beach or something. She always had a sore spot for the smell of the ocean air."

"No offense, but talking like that makes you sound like a pussy," Black*Star snickered, which resulted in Tsubaki giving his shoulder a warning thump. "What? It's not my fault that mushy stuff is beneath a man like the Great Black*Star!" He protested quickly.

She decided to let it slide, since she knew that he could be even more sentimental and poetic with his words when the two were in private.

"Anyway," Kid said with a roll of his eyes, "is your father still ignoring you?"

"Yeah," Soul shrugged as they made their way to the parking lot. Needless to say, when Will and Kami found out what the young man was doing they had been less than pleased. They had bickered with him that Maka was his step-sister, since Will and Kami had married (a wedding Maka had not been a guest to), and that made it taboo. Soul responded by saying that he wanted to be disowned by his father, since that would no longer make them legal relatives. At first, the two adults had adamantly denied granting his request.

After always having to hear him talk with Asura about when he'd be moving and what he'd be bringing, however, finally Will conceded. Thus, Soul had taken on a new last name (since Soul Kishin didn't sound quite right) and now responded to Soul Eater. Though Will did not enjoy the fact that he was losing his youngest child, he couldn't really do much else. It was either he give the crimson eyed young man what he wanted and still have a chance of having a relationship some years in the future or lose him completely.

And given what that had done to Kami, as all the males of the Evans household noticed, none of them really wanted that again.

As things stood, when they saw him come home with boxes a few days ago and enlist his friend's aid in getting all his things packed up, neither adult knew exactly how to respond. The two seemed to figure that ignoring him was their best means of response and silence reigned supreme. "I figure they'll get over it once I'm gone. I mean, Kami'll be thrilled once I'm out of her hair," He said with a smirk, reaching the parking lot and parting ways with his friends. Ever since the day Maka had been thrown into Spirit's life and banished from theirs, Soul made sure the older woman would regret it.

When he walked in, Kami was sitting on the couch with the television on low. Wesley was the only one who attended his graduation ceremony, but hadn't been able to stay too long after because he had to get to work. She glanced up at him and then looked back at the screen. "It didn't have to be like this, you know," She remarked casually. Soul unzipped his gown, revealing the blue jeans and black tank top he'd tossed on underneath.

"Oh yeah?" He asked calmly. He glared at his hands as he put the gown in the little cardboard box he'd left by the door for it.

"Yeah. Maka could have just left with Spirit and we could have pretended that nothing ever happened. We could have formed a happy little family, but you just wouldn't let it be," She said while turning to glare at him.

"You really hate Spirit that much, don't you?" He asked evenly. She blinked then raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, you sent Maka away because you wanted him to leave," He said simply, a glare of his own coming into play.

"That isn't why! I sent her away because you two-!"

"Oh, cut the bullshit, will you?" He bellowed with a small snarl. He was pleased when she fell silent much easier than he had originally thought she would. He dropped his cap into the little box, picked it up, and resumed glaring at her. "You sent her away because Spirit was here to be near her. And that was causing you and my dad to fight all the time, which you didn't want. After all, you already had one failed relationship under your belt. What kind of successful woman can't even keep together her own marriage? So you sent Maka away, because you knew that if Spirit got to keep her he would have no reason to hover around. So you let him win, lost your daughter, and lost the respect you'd worked so hard to get. Hope you're happy when you think about this whole thing years from now, when you aren't getting Christmas notes from anyone you care about." He said blandly while heading over to the staircase.

Kami watched him go then turned back to the television. In the last two years Medusa had stopped talking to her. She had been transferred off of Spellcasters label and given the task of helping a new group they took on. When she asked why she had simply been told by her boss, Noah, "It was a request by the group themselves. They threatened to switch labels unless I agreed to what they wanted." And now she stared at the little sitcom on the television, watching as the child hugged its mother and said some adorable catch phrase that was followed by a laugh track.

She changed the channel to keep the tears at bay.

Maka Albarn had always been an interesting young woman. All her years handling Soul and his friends had solidified this fact for not only the individuals in question but as well as herself. For example, it didn't matter that her room at her father's house had been painted to depict a beautiful, exquisite beach at sunset. It didn't matter that she had a king-sized bed with fresh, crisp new sheets that matched the color of the sea water when it lapped at her ankles. It didn't matter that there was a walk-in closet for her use, or that there was an adjacent room that was home to only a desk and shelves with all her favorite books.

Knowing that Soul and all her friends were miles away kept her from getting too giddy over anything.

Thus, she still found the ability within herself to ignore her father and all his attempts to please her. She refused any concert tickets he offered to get her. She feigned disinterest when he would come home with the newest best-selling novels. Hell, even when he had said he could get one of the top conductors in the country to give her private lessons to improve her technique she had responded with a bored, "No, thanks. I don't really need it."

And for a while, that had been enough to get under her father's skin and hurt his feelings. She was hoping that it was working in convincing him to let her at least talk to her old friends. When he didn't let up, she started refusing her mother's calls or cards for the holidays. As she had with Spirit for so many years, she would either light checks or cash gifts on fire or donate them to charities. Never once did she use the evil money that she knew was a tactic to buy her forgiveness.

Being known to hold a grudge, she had a reputation to uphold. Should Soul ever come to find her (and she was holding her breath on it because she knew that Soul Evans was not a man known for being easily deterred) she was going to prove to him that she did not reserve her scorn for solely him. Oh, no, she was a vengeful machine that could hate anyone if they did her as wrong as her parents did. And yet, still, in these last two years neither one of them had ever apologized. Never had her feelings and emotional well being been placed at the forefront, like they should have been.

So, after a year of her little acts, she had moved on to bigger moves of rebellion that Soul would have probably been proud of her for.

The first was that she got her naval pierced. Spirit nearly hit the roof when he saw the cute little gem dangling in plain view (since Maka had been wearing a pair of booty shorts and a bikini top at the time, because of a trip to the nearby beach with her friends). The best part came, however, when he demanded to know where it had been done, so he could sue them for not having her get a paper signed with his consent. She was seventeen at the time, just starting her senior year, and she had been a little shocked her father hadn't immediately assumed she'd just forged his signature (which she had).

"Relax," She said casually. She had grinned down at the little trinket and then back at her father. "Who said that I got it done at a shop? You would be surprised what some of the greasers at my school will do for ten bucks. And I have to admit, this is an expert job. I mean, considering all we had to work with was the primary stud, a paper clip and a half empty bottle of warm as piss Budweiser as an antiseptic." She had smirked quite proudly when her father fell to the floor with a high pitched squeal, fainting dead away. She had never been a fan of liars, but Maka saw no harm in telling less than the truth to her father; after all, he had never been the most honest individual himself.

The next act was a bigger lie than the first, and she was pretty sure that everyone but Soul would have been proud of her for it. A friend from her new school, whom took her to get the piercing done, Rich, had needed a huge favor from Maka. The poor guy wasn't exactly the straightest arrow around. Though his attitude usually had people thinking he must be a real lady killer, he never dated or showed interest. On top of that, rumors were starting to circulate that debated said topic. So, because she was a good friend given how kind he had been to her, she agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Dating a "greaser", as he was called, was bad enough; but then Maka told her father to back off since Rich was her first. She and Rich had enjoyed watching him freak out when they told him.

Now, this lie could be easily pulled apart with the simple fact that at graduation a few days ago Rich outed himself. Then again, Spirit was never really been the brightest crayon in the box so he didn't put two and two together. "Your dad's a real dumbass, isn't he?" Rich snickered from his spot beside her. They were seated on the beach, in the shade of a huge umbrella. He was waxing his surfboard while she was shuffling through her iPod to pick a song to listen to. Giving up, she tossed it on random, set it back down, and pulled out a book.

"I never said he was a smart man; just that he is, in fact, a man," She said simply, cracking the book open to the first page.

"And what a man he is~!" Rich giggled loudly, earning him a weird look from his female associate. Maka didn't need him to hear her gay best friend telling her that her dad was a D.I.L.F., after all.

"I knew you were only dating me for my father," She quipped teasingly. She then shook her head. "But it will never work. He only likes women."

"Then I will become a woman!" He boasted while standing.

Maka laughed lightly before rolling her eyes. "Go catch some waves, or whatever you call it. You're going to make me sick at this rate," She said, shoving him lightly. He let out a huffy noise before heading off, looking at her over his shoulder. He started trying to walk like a model which got more chortles out of her. "You stop that!"

He laughed back before taking off to greet a small wave rushing at the shore. She smiled lightly and eased back on the towel she'd brought down for herself. She plucked her sunglasses from her head and set them off to the side, turning her attention to the book. It wasn't until she was through the third chapter that she noticed what was playing through her speakers.

Then I open up and see
The person falling here is me
A different way to be

She set her book down and looked at the little music player with a scowl. It was Dreams, by the Cranberries. After she moved to California, she couldn't listen to this song anymore. It always made her think of that trip with Soul, how he had sung a part of it to her, and it just upset her too much. At the same time, however, she couldn't bring herself to remove it from her little mp3 player.

I want more
Impossible to ignore
Impossible to ignore

She perked up when Rich was suddenly shouting at her from the water. She winced a bit, trying to see what he was doing. "You better not be pretending to drown again!" She shouted while rising and taking a step closer. "I mean it this time! It wasn't funny the first time you did it and it isn't funny now!"

It was then she realized that he was pointing to something.

They'll come true
Impossible not to do
Impossible not to do

She blinked and tilted her head before he rolled his eyes and shook his head. He then pointed to his teeth, and then held his index fingers up like fangs. "Behind you!" He called, though she was barely able to hear it.

"Your friend is a little strange, isn't he?" A voice hummed right in her ear, causing her to yelp and jump. When she turned, however, it wasn't to scream at the person. No, her eyes drank in the grinning shark teeth and glinting ruby orbs for a mere second before she had latched onto him. He chuckled, the sound vibrating in his chest, before wrapping his arms snuggly around her.

And now I tell you openly
You have my heart so don't hurt me.
You're what I couldn't find.
A totally amazing mind
So understanding and so kind
You're everything to me.

"I missed you so much!" She sniffled, fighting back tears. She then leaned back and wiped the heel of her hands over her eyes.

"I got an acceptance letter from the university in this city and moved out here," He said calmly. His arms were still content around her waist, not in any particular hurry to let her go. "I just so happened to be able to track you down, using a few resources as my disposal. I found out where you were going to college, sent an application and simply waited for an answer."

"You… You were able to find me? Even though I was never able to contact any of you guys after the move?" She asked excitedly.

"My uncle is a sneaky, intelligent man… Whom happens to be your father's real estate agent," He said cheerfully. He then glanced down and whistled at the shimmering pink jewel protruding from Maka's naval. "Would you look at that? Sweet little Maka Albarn got a piercing that isn't on her ears?"

"I do live in California; it's all about being dressed to impress," She hummed lightly before kissing his cheek and cuddling him again. "I really did miss you."

"I missed you to," He hummed, closing his eyes and resting his chin on the top of her head. He looked forward to a bright future that was waiting just over the horizon.



Figured I should cover this before you all start launching your rotten fruit and such, since many people commented on feeling this ending came too abruptly; this was the ending I always saw. I mean, I didn't want to drag it out with filler fluff when I could explain it in the last chapter. There was never going to be some plot twist where Spirit and Kami realized they were wrong, there wasn't going to be something like Soul sneaking to California to try and convince Spirit to bring her back, nothing like that (though you can certainly expect to see a few of those endings coming to play in some of my future works). Again; I had always thought it to be like this. The two of them, instead of running the risk of things becoming even more complicated, would do their time begrudgingly, snoop around to get what they could get done and then race to each other when there was nothing their parents could do or say anymore. Perhaps it's less dramatic than another ending, but it was the ending I had always been working toward. I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, and look forward to improving my people-pleasing skills with my other upcoming stories.

Until then, thank you and see you soon~! :3