I wrote this quick little one-shot in between working on a multi-chapter VP fanfic, to go alongside art of Lenneth, Silmeria and Hrist for the original VP.

Lenneth sighed in contentment as she unwrapped the towel from her body, pulled her hair free of her braid and sank into the chilled waters of the pond she and her sisters had found. Hrist was more daring than she and Silmeria, traveling to the top of the waterfall and letting it carry her down into the water as if it were a slide. She could hear Silmeria squeal in panic near the trees as their darker haired sister fell into the water and then yelling at her in the divine language for scaring her like that.

This was one of the few times the sisters were truly at ease. Especially since Odin had declared that, soon, only one Valkyrie would ever be awake at a time. None of them had understood why it was necessary, why the mortals apparently so detested three Valkyrie's working. None of them knew the truth. So this was also to be one of their last times together.

Lenneth let herself sink beneath the water, silver hair floating up to the top of the water while she watched her sisters begin arguing from there. Their words were drowned out by the water and she was glad; Lenneth really didn't want to listen to them argue on one of their last days together.

Maybe it was because Hrist had kept her towel on while going down the waterfall. Silmeria was sometimes picky about those sort of things. Especially since the towels had been brand new. With a mental sigh, Lenneth resurfaced and looked towards her sisters.

"Would the two of you stop arguing? This is supposed to be fun." Lenneth scolded, swimming towards Hrist and then turning towards Silmeria. "And would you get in the water, Silmeria. It isn't going to bite just because Hrist went down the waterfall."

And with that, Lenneth dove towards her older sister and pulled her under the water with a giggle. She could hear a squeal from Silmeria and a splash of water when she jumped in, as she went under with the raven-haired Valkyrie. Hrist shoved Lenneth away and held her under before Silmeria joined them and they began to wrestle in the water before going back up for much needed air. The three of them floated in the water, laughing hard before letting themselves drift with the current from the falls. The silver-haired goddess regained her breath and dove beneath the water and looked around. There were ruins everywhere beneath the water.

She was suddenly very glad for how distracted Silmeria had been by herself and Hrist. Otherwise she'd have started scolding Hrist again about her dive from the falls. Though, they were Goddesses. What fear have they of such things? They would heal faster than any mortal could believe. Still, she didn't want one of the last days to be filled with arguments.

They swam for hours, until the sun began to set. Hrist stayed in the water for awhile longer, as Silmeria and Lenneth climbed out and wrapped their towels around themselves once more. She could already tell that Silmeria was going to tease Hrist when she got out, about her soaked towel. The blonde kneeled behind Lenneth and began to braid her hair at once as the second oldest let her feet hang in the water. Hrist started to wade in towards them but it was obvious she wasn't in any hurry. Once Hrist was out, and materialized a new towel, the three of them laid out and watched the sky as the sun set until the stars appeared in the sky. They spoke about what was going to happen and wondered if they'd ever have the chance to do this again. They wondered why Odin had decided this so suddenly. They wondered a lot of things. And when all was said and done, they returned to Asgard and to the All-Father.