A/N: I shouldn't be doing this, and I KNOW I shouldn't be, but I have to anyways. I have the perfect idea and I'm not sure how long it's going to stick around ^_________^, This is the second story in the 'Lets Wreck the Nice Structured Life of Our Dear Demi Saiya-Jin Son Gohan', the first being the Field Trip; or Murphy's Law. Now I proudly introduse… (drumroll please)

The Substitutes; or Murphy's Law

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~ Chapter One; Daring Dende ~


It was the annual god get together, and all the kais and kamis from all over the universe were gathered at the Supreme Kai's planet for a much needed break. It was late by now and the party was in full swing, groups of drunk gods lounging all over. There were loud voices and story exchanging coming from all corners of the large palace as they did their very best to milk the once in a century party for all it was worth.

In one sheltered alcove, a disgustingly drunken Dende tittered at an equally drunk Jade, Kami of another planet. He was busily telling her a story about Gohan's exploits that had both gods in stitches, although it was a rather boring story to say the least…

Jade giggled, her alcohol flushed face breaking into a toothy grin. "betcha cou'nt do it!"

Dende scoweled fiercly. "cou'nt do wha'? Ah c'n do *hic* ANYFING! *hic*"

"I betcha cou'nt tormen' dat boy an' wive!"

"he ma frien'! Course ah can!"

"den pruv it!"

"Fine, ah will, buh wha's in it fer me?"

At this the girl cracked an even larger grin.

"den da wittle Namek's Dragonbahs get mer p'werful!"

Dende nodded decisively. "okies Jade I do it."


Dende nodded drunkenly, and Jade crowed triumphantly, throwing her arms around the fellow god. "thankies Den-chan!"


Dende groaned and sat up, rubbing his pounding head in a vain attempt to ease the throbbing headache that now raged in his head.

"Awake I see"

Dende glanced up, focusing his eyes on the white cat with difficulty. He groaned and let his eyes slide shut again, the light hurting his eyes too much to be left open.

"Leave me alone Korrin."

"If you're sure… I brought you a senzu bean, but if you don't want it…"

Dende jerked his head up, forgetting in his eagerness the pain it would cause. He remembered too late, and immediately regretted the over-quick movement when pain lanced through his skull.

"Aaaah! Damn it! Friking hangover!"

"tsk tsk Kami, such language!" With a tiny smile the cat gave Dende the bean.

Dende eagerly popped it into his mouth. A moment later his hangover was gone and he was ready to begin another day as Kami of Earth. Suddenly he remembered what he had promised Jade the night before and he groaned, feeling a headache of a different sort welling up behind his eyes. He seriously considered disregarding it… but he had promised, and if he didn't he would loose the respect of his fellow gods.

"Ah crap."

~What can I possibly do that will satisfy Jade AND leave me alive long enough to get that reward…~

He sighed hopelessly and flopped on the edge of the Lookout, watching half heartedly as the humans went about their business. Suddenly a plea to Kami reached his ears, and he perked up immediately.  A slow grin spread over his face as he rubbed his hands together – hell, he might as well have fun while signing his death warrant!


Miss Tengler sighed with frustration – that was the SEVENTEENTH teacher who had called in sick this morning! She'd been able to get a couple of regular subs, but most were either busy or unwilling to come at such short notice. She messaged her temples and stared at the dwindling number of available subs. What on earth was she going to do?

~Dear Kami, help me find some subs! PLEASE Kami-sama!~

Suddenly a little file caught her attention, blinking softly as if to attract her attention to it.

"What on earth…"

She clicked on it, full of curiosity.  She nearly sobbed with relief when she realized it was a list of more substitutes – she was saved!

"Thank you Kami-sama!"

She picked up the phone, confident that these people would be able to sub - after all; Kami-sama was on her side!

A/N: dun dun dun! That was just a teaser, I probably wont continue until I'm done with the Field Trip. However, I wanted to get this out now, to let you know that I'm still alive and writing, even if I have writers block on some of my other stories. *bites lip sheepishly* I'm sure you know where this is going, trust me though, we'll have plenty of fun getting there! *insane grin*

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