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Videl stared at the place where the two golden fighters had been standing mere nano-seconds before.  She was riveted to the spot… until the first shock wave hit, of course.  Then she, like everyone else within the vicinity of the fight, went tumbling unceremoniously to the ground.  Videl growled in frustration and tightened her fist, trying to force her benumbed mind into working enough so that she could make them stop.  As much as she hated school, she didn't think it would be very good for it to collapse because she failed to stop a fight in the quad…


Bulma sighed as Vegeta pulled the two little boys out the door. 

~Vegeta will always be Vegeta, I suppose…~ 

Turning her attention back to Mirai, the two geniuses continued discussing and disproving various theories of famous scientists.


Goku yelped as the Frying Pan crashed onto his skull yet again.  He couldn't figure out how his wife did it… In all reality, Chichi should never have been fast enough to catch him, let alone strong enough to actually make her blows hurt…  Stumbling under yet another blow to the head, the desperate Goku grabbed the nearest person and cowered behind them, holding the startled guy like a shield.


Yamcha laughed at the look on Roshi's face as the scantily clad girl raced down the hall.  He kept chuckling as he watched poor Goku get chased around the room by his crazy Frying Pan bearing mate.  That is to say – he kept chuckling until 'poor Goku' decided that he'd make a good shield.  Now it was 'poor Yamcha'…


Roshi could feel the blood trickling down from his nose, but he didn't care.  That girl was a turn on!!!  She was even better than his morning aerobics program, and that was saying something.  Finally coming out of his flesh induced stupor, Master Roshi took the time to notice the fact that he was literally surrounded by hot teenage girls… Struggling to suppress the excited giggle welling up in his throat, he sneaked a look at Yamcha.  He smirked happily when he saw that his 'chaperone' was completely occupied with avoiding being caught between Chichi's Frying Pan and it's favored destination, Pu'ar busily occupied trying to help his friend.  Grinning ear to ear, the perverted old man tip-toed down the hall, intent on reaching his destination:: The Orange Star High Girl's Locker Room.


Goten and Trunks sighed in relief as they scooted around the corner, out of sight from the dueling Saiya-jins.

"Well, that was sure close!"
"Yeah, I've never been so glad to see your nii-chan in my life! … Well, maybe not, but I was still really glad to see Gohan!"

Goten nodded in agreement to Trunks's amended statement, and the two looked at each other for a minute or so, then burst into helpless snickers.

"Did you see the look on his face when he saw us sparring dad???"

"Yeah, he looked really mad!  And did you see the look on Uncle Vegeta's face when that girl tried to stop him???"

"Ooooooh yeah! It made me wish that I carried around a camera!"

The two boys continued to laugh hysterically, making similar comments and watching the spar with interest.


Chichi growled angrily as Goku hid behind one of the innocent bystanders.  Well, too bad for the bystander, 'cause Son Chichi wasn't one for mercy towards those who got in her way!  With an angry whoosh, the Frying Pan sailed down towards the head of the poor bystander.  It would have connected, too, if it hadn't been for Chichi recognizing her latest victim-to-be as none other than Yamcha.  Chichi blinked a few times, Frying Pan suspended in the air.  The manners she'd been so careful about teaching Gohan took over her confused mind, and she smiled cheerfully.

"Hello Yamcha!  It's nice to see you again!  How have you been?"  Without waiting for a response, she cocked her head to the side and continued.  "I would suggest getting out of the way, dear.  Mr. Frying Pan has an urgent meeting with Goku's overly thick skull, and you're blocking the road."

Yamcha sweatdropped, then nodded agreeably as he tried to escape the clutches of the frightened Goku.  "Sure think Chichi-san… Let me see if I can detach myself from your husband." 

Unfortunately for the poor human, Goku wasn't considered the world's strongest for nothing.  No matter how hard he tried, Yamcha just couldn't manage to free himself from Goku's clutches!  Again, unfortunately for the poor human, Chichi had no qualms about getting rid of road blocks – one of the many reasons she'd never been able to get her driver's license… but that's a different story altogether.  Anyway, like I was saying: Chichi didn't even think twice about conking Yamcha over the head with just as much force as she used with her boys – it was a miracle that Yamcha only toppled to the floor, stunned and conveniently out of Chichi's way.

Goku squeaked at the look his wife was giving him, then did the only thing he could think to do: he brought his fingers to his forehead and got the hell out of there!  Chichi growled in frustration, and turned around to look for her eldest son: she had a bone or two to pick with that boy…


Dende laughed to himself as he continued to play around with various elements at OSH, completely ignoring the 7.0 earthquake in Alaska…

"Heh heh Gohan… take that for threatening to make Kami meatloaf at of me!"


Videl jerked as she suddenly had the strangest urge to pick up a frying pan and beat some sense into the two males that she could no longer see… Except now…

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