"Get up!"

A little bee buzzed around Derek, tried to sting at his chest and legs. He swatted it negligently. It grunted and fell away at the impact.

"No." He tried to say it in his authoritative pack leader voice.

"Get up!"

The persistent little buzzing picked at the edges of his consciousness, tried to get him to pay attention to it. He rolled over onto his stomach, one arm trapping the fluttering bee between his body and the bed. It poked him again in the side. The bee was very resilient.

"Sleep," he told the bee. He didn't want to scare the bee away; he just wanted it to stop buzzing.

Little stingers latched onto his upper arm. Bees weren't supposed to have so many wet little pointy things. Derek pulled it closer to him, pinned more of its buzzing body to the bed. Breath rushed out of the bee in surprise.

Something wet hit his neck, it was hot and slick. It trailed up to his earlobe and stung him again.

"Get up!" Hot wind from the little bee's wings fluttered against his ear.

"No honey…" He didn't have the honey the bee wanted, he tried to make it clear so it would go back to sleep.

There was a startled gasp, the bee went very still. Maybe it had given up, maybe it was confused because bees didn't seek out honey themselves, how was he supposed to know, he wasn't even sure what he was saying. At least it stopped buzzing momentarily.

"I-I don't even know what that means!"

Derek sighed, it wasn't time to explain, it was time to rest, it was time to share warmth and be close. It was not the time for stinging and buzzing. He turned his head against the bee and put his teeth on its warm neck, sucked the skin into his mouth and ran his tongue along the flesh. The bee made a soft noise, but it wasn't buzzing, it was raw and needy sounding. The bee traced its wings along his side looking for something.

"I don't have it," Derek told the bee.

"W-what?" the bee asked him, its buzzing took on a higher pitch.

"No more questions!" He just wanted the bee to quit its buzzing. Why wouldn't it stop tormenting him?

"You aren't the boss of me," the bee obstinately protested.

If the bee would not quit its buzzing, if it wouldn't quit poking and stinging, Derek would have to do the only thing he could do. He'd been given no choice. He released the bee and rolled away onto his side facing away from it. He knew that if he ignored the bee long enough it would find something shiny to amuse it, a new flower to poke and prod.

Derek sighed, suddenly confused because he just thought of himself as a flower. That didn't make any sense. He was not a flower, he was… other stuff. He growled out a soft warning when the bed dipped behind him. The bee was planning something, something no doubt crafty and intended to annoy him.

The blankets shifted up as though the bee was rising up into the air. It didn't matter. Derek was more than a match for the little thing. He rolled onto his back again to swat it down but missed. A heavy weight crashed down over his stomach. He grunted at the impact, but it didn't hurt. He was made of sterner stuff than a flower was.

Ten little stingers attacked his ribs and sides, got under his shirt and tried to get him to react. He was not amused. He snatched the bee's wings and pulled it forward. It crashed down on his chest and made a shocked sound. Something hard pressed into his stomach; he could feel its heat through the bee's skin… or its clothes, he was still too tired to think clearly.

"S-sorry… it's you know… morning stuff," the bee tried to explain, its buzzing sounded embarrassed.

Derek took a deep breath, sucked in the scent of something delicious that filled the air. The bee had honey. He rumbled softly, low in his chest. The bee trembled on top of him, grinding a little bit into his stomach.

"G-get up…" the bee tried again, only it sounded like maybe it didn't want to leave the bed.

Clearly the bee could not be reasoned with, could not be persuaded to leave him in peace. He would have to deal with it, exhaust it, and cause it to expend all that nervous fluttering energy. Derek would use his secret weapon. He was not normally someone who could be pushed into doing something; the bee would have to learn its place. He flexed his fingers around the bee's wrists… or wings, or whatever…

As though sensing something was about to happen, the bee on top of him leaned down. Derek didn't stop it, wanted to see what was going to happen. Well… he would feel what was going to happen; he had decided he wasn't going to open his eyes, just to annoy the fluttering creature on top of him.

Warm soft lips brushed against Derek's. He froze, shocked at the suddenness of it. He hadn't been expecting that. Another grinding of hard heat against his stomach came with it. A curious tongue licked against his mouth, testing, seeking something. Derek opened his mouth and the tongue got inside, darted around tasting, a wet moan from the throat above him made his cock strain. It had gotten interested when the bee had landed on him, now it was very interested.

"Please… get up." The words were whispered against his lips, directly into his mouth. "I have a lot of plans for today..."

Derek rolled over so he was on top, opened his eyes and looked down at Stiles. His ears were red. Careful of Stiles's wounded side, Derek brought his weight down slightly, rubbed his stomach against the hard length pulsing against him. Stiles made a hissing sound and bit his lower lip, grinding up into Derek's abdomen.

Derek pulled Stiles's shirt up, bunched it up under his neck, trapped his arms with it, and trailed wet kisses across his chest. He licked one of the hard pink nipples. The body underneath him trembled, bucked up again. He nibbled at hardening nub then switched to the other. He took his time, enjoyed the taste, drinking in the sounds that Stiles was making. He was careful of the bandages, never putting any weight on them. He licked and nipped at Stiles's chest, loved the sound and the smell of him, loved his skin that was still warm from sleep, loved that his own scent lingered on Stiles from sleeping together.


"Five more minutes," Derek said as he bit one of the pink little nubs. He licked it soothingly, but Derek knew something that this persistent little bee did not. He knew that in order to fully utilize his secret weapon, he would need far more than five minutes.