Stiles wasn't sure exactly how he'd gotten on the path that ended with him in bed with Derek. He'd known that he was growing fonder of Derek, thought maybe they were becoming friends, but faster than he would have thought possible he started wanting more. When the trip had started out Stiles was somewhat afraid of Derek, but after that first night he had started to revise his opinion, started to see why Derek did the things he did. After Derek had held him down and let him cry out everything inside of him Stiles felt closer to him than he had ever felt to anyone. It was intimate in a way that couldn't be described to someone who hadn't been pulled back from the brink of self destruction.

Then he'd experienced Derek's strong hands on the beach. What he thought was a friendly closeness turned into something else. Derek had been so close to him, leaning over him, but not touching with anything but his hands, and it was like when Derek had held him but it was more at the same time. Derek's fingers on his muscles, the lotion sliding over his skin, it had started heat rising in Stiles's skin, made him feel fevered and drunk.

Finally, in the warehouse, when he saw the physical manifestation of Derek's pain, when he saw what Derek had to fight with every single day of his life Stiles realized he wanted more. He wanted to be the one to help Derek with it, to be there at night and rub his black hair and hold him. He wanted to make sure Derek knew there were people who cared about him.

He wanted to touch Derek's skin and whisper into his ear while they were in bed together, to tell Derek all his secrets. He wanted Derek to tell him his secrets too. The things he wanted, the things he was afraid of, and all the little things that people normally kept to themselves because they were scared that no one would understand or that they would be laughed at.

"Are you ok?"

Stiles blinked, realized he must have spaced out and lost himself in Derek's teasing touches, in his wet kisses and warm skin. He hoped Derek didn't get the wrong idea. It was exactly what he wanted. He looked into Derek's green eyes. They were so beautiful with no red lurking at the edges.

Derek's forehead was creased with worry, like he was fighting against something. Before Stiles had got lost in his head Derek had been all over him, wet heat everywhere. Now he looked like he was thinking about getting out of the bed and running. Running and not looking back.

"This is what I want," Stiles whispered into the space between them.

Derek hesitated. Stiles saw something in his eyes, but he couldn't name it, felt it settle into a hollow pit in his stomach that he hadn't known was there. He thought that he was just on the edge of figuring out what it was, but then Derek's mouth closed over his skin again and his thoughts shattered under Derek's touches. Long wet licks and little bites danced over his skin. He quickly lost his sense of time as Derek pulled gasps and tiny moans out of his chest.

"Derek…" Stiles pleaded, grinding his hips up into the body lying on top of him. He was barely hanging on to the edges of consciousness. Derek had lobotomized him with his tongue, tore away all the parts of his brain that didn't directly report how much his skin wanted more of Derek's touch. Other than Derek's name, Stiles couldn't say anything, he could only mewl out his pleasure, curl his toes, and bite his own lips trying not to lose himself in strong hands and a sinfully hot mouth.

The worst part of it, the absolute worse part, was that all Derek was doing was licking his nipples. Stiles didn't even know his nipples could do that for him, get him that worked up. He was seriously reconsidering how much time he had wasted focusing on his dick when his nipples could have been giving him a gnawing hunger for more. He felt like he was set adrift, floating through an endless sea of heat, little sharp bites, and stroking wet muscle. He hoped no one ever found him; he wanted to stay lost in that place forever.

"Derek…" Stiles tried again. All he got for his trouble was a needy growling that made his dick harder and more of Derek's possessive hands stroking across his uninjured side and arms. Derek was ignoring what Stiles was saying and feasting on him. Stiles soaked in that focus, how Derek took deep breaths from right against his skin, like he was somehow the most delicious thing Derek had ever encountered. A nip against his belly as Derek finally abandoned his abused nipples convinced him that he was going to be covered in little teeth marks. The thought sent his brain into overdrive and he brought his bandaged hands down to try to touch himself, to get his hands into his black sweatpants.

Derek growled and slapped his hands away gently but firmly. Stiles trembled under Derek's body, wondered if anyone had ever done any tests to see how long someone could ride the edge of pleasure, how long they could cling to it with their teeth and hold on before crashing down and releasing all that pent up tension. If there were people who did those sorts of tests, Stiles was going to be damned sure they never learned about Derek's particular talents.

"Please," Stiles said, but wasn't even sure what he was begging for. He just knew that he needed something and that Derek could give it to him. Whenever he spoke Derek's body vibrated slightly, like Stiles's voice had some sort of impact on him.

Stiles opened his eyes and looked down across the expanse of his own skin. Skin Derek had reddened with a talented mouth and merciless teeth. Derek was looking back at him; actually Derek was looking at his lips. Stiles dropped his mouth open slightly and flicked his tongue over his bottom lip experimentally; eyes steady on Derek's as he did it.

It was surreal how Stiles thought he could actually see Derek's eyes dilate with want, green eyes momentarily glittered purple again in the early morning light streaming in from the window. Rays of light between the two of them were visible, little brilliant hurdles that Derek would have to cross to get to Stiles's mouth. He bit his lower lip, pulling it slightly into his mouth and made a needy noise deep in his throat to see what Derek would do.

Derek shattered those hurdles of light, lunged forward to capture Stiles's lips. Derek's mouth was the hottest most delicious thing Stiles had ever tasted. Derek's tongue licked against his lips, tried to get inside Stiles's mouth and find out what secrets were there. Stiles groaned into Derek's mouth, ran his hands that were still a little sore through Derek's hair but the pain didn't matter, the thing they were caught up in was all that Stiles cared about.

Derek released his lips. Stiles sucked in a ragged breath, his body trembled as Derek trailed kisses back down his chest, little bites reminding his nipples that Derek had not forgotten about them, little teasing licks and Derek's mouth soothing them before traveling further down.

"Oh god…" Stiles's voice was weak, sounded strained in his ears. He couldn't help it; Derek went down between his legs, inhaled his scent and nuzzled into his hard cock, mouthed it through his sweatpants. Stiles tugged on Derek's hair. Rumbling growls vibrated through Stiles's body as Derek mouthed him through the cotton.

Slowly, too damned slowly, Derek pulled Stiles's sweatpants off and his dick sprang free. It twitched in the cool air. Stiles made a strangled sound at the look on Derek's face. His eyes were blown open even further, lust seemed like it was dripping from his lips as Derek licked them in anticipation.

"Derek, please…" Stiles whispered.

Derek's mouth finally closed over the head of Stiles's cock, his body seized up, and his fingers tightened in Derek's hair. Stiles had thought Derek had been destroying him with his mouth when it was on his nipples, now he realized that Derek was just trying to prepare him for the tight sucking heat, like he was trying to pull Stiles's sanity out through his dick. Derek was doing a good job of it.

Stiles tried to thrust his hips up, but Derek pinned them to the bed, stroked them soothingly as his mouth and throat worked maddeningly around his cock. Stiles babbled incoherently, didn't think he was even saying words, just a stream of mewling whimpers and hitched breaths.

Derek released him from his mouth. Stiles groaned out his disapproval. Derek was a mean wolf. He tried to say it out loud but before he could the hot miracle of Derek's mouth came down over his balls. Derek lapped against them, hot tongue snaking out to taste while stroking Stiles's cock expertly with one hand. The grip had the right amount of force, just on the cusp of too tight. Stiles let go of Derek's hair and grabbed the covers underneath him, twisted them in his hands, tried to focus, tried to remember how to breathe.

Derek made a greedy sounding noise. Stiles looked down and he would never forget what he saw, no matter whatever else happened in his life he wanted to keep the memory fresh, revisit it at every opportunity. The tip of his dick was wet, glistened in the light from the window. Derek climbed up his body, focused on that point. Derek descended on it. Stiles blinked and regretted it because he missed a single moment. Derek's tongue darted out against the tip of Stiles's dick, made a deep satisfied noise that set Stiles's brain on fire. He lapped at the head, licked into tiny slit like he was trying to get more.

Stiles let his head fall back, closed his eyes and howled out his pleasure. He'd wanted to be quiet, but no one could be quiet with Derek trying to lick into them. Derek didn't get what he wanted fast enough, increased the pressure he was using. Stiles would have laughed when he thought that Derek had just been messing around and not really trying, but he couldn't. His throat was tight and his teeth trapped his lips, all he could do was gasp and thrust up.

Derek let him, swallowed him down and the noises he made drove little spikes of pleasure right through Stiles's spine, left him shaking and wanting because it was too good, too much. Stiles tried to cling to self control with everything he had, but Derek was insistent on getting what he wanted, from pulling it out of Stiles's trembling body.

Stiles lost his grip on his discipline, lost his grip on his sanity, lost his grip on the whole damn world. He panted Derek's name as the pleasure came rushing out of him. Derek's mouth and throat kept working on him. Stiles bit his own hand, tried to stop the noises he made, tried to ground himself in something other than the mind splitting insanity of Derek's mouth.

Stiles gasped in relief when Derek finally released him from his mouth. He twitched when Derek lapped at the tip of his dick again, as if he were trying to make sure he'd gotten everything he wanted, to make sure Stiles's wasn't hiding anything from him. Stiles wanted to say something, to tell Derek how awesome he was, but he just couldn't think of anything.

"Derek," he whispered. He wanted to do something for the werewolf too, to make him feel good.

Derek pulled the covers up and wrapped them around Stiles. He wanted to protest that Derek hadn't gotten anything, but Derek just smirked at him. Stiles sort of wanted to punch him in the face before commencing to worship his godlike body. Derek shook his head, stroked Stiles's hair and placed a small kiss on his lips.

"Just rest for now," Derek said.

Stiles wanted to remind Derek that of the two of them, only one was the boss of him, but he couldn't remember which one of them that was, and his eyelids were just too damn heavy.