Father's Day

Author's Note: I decided to give Sam a short POV since it only seemed right. Sorry it's so short. Promise Sam will get more attention in the next story in this series.

Sam's POV:

It's Father's day and Dean's outside. He hasn't said much about it but I know he's thinking about Dad…about what Dad did for both of us before Christmas when we were ambushed by the Campbells and I nearly died…again.

I don't have much memory of what happened in the time that Bobby and Rufus said I was down but I know that it scared my brother and that he saw Dad.

Growing up, it always seemed to me like Dean followed every order Dad gave without question. That our Dad could do no wrong in my brother's eyes while I was always the one questioning things and him. Dad and I were like fire and ice while he and Dean meshed perfectly…or so it seemed to me until I saw some things in that dreamplace that gave me another glimpse of things on top of what I learned from Michael in the Cage.

My first Father's day that I can really remember was when I was six and the teacher asked me to draw a picture of my Dad, of the person who did stuff for me. I was six and for me that person wasn't my Dad. It was Dean, which Pastor Jim had to sort out for a very confused teacher.

Dean had four years with Dad before things went bad, before Mom died and Dad changed to the hard as nails, cold blooded guy I grew up with so he knew what Father's Day was like. For me, I grew up with my older brother doing the things that my Dad should have done.

We've been on the Coast since my birthday which has surprised me since Dean normally likes to move around but I know he's still giving me time to recover from what I've been through and I know the closer it gets to being a year since he rescued me the more on edge he becomes cause I also know what he thinks I don't.

I know there are hunters hired by Gwen after us, I know there are 'shifters after us and I can almost feel them near us which scares me but I won't let Dean see that because the second he knows I'm scared he goes manic on me and I want my brother to have some fun out here though he's ignoring half naked girls so that worries me.

He saw me looking at the cards today which is what got him thinking about it I guess but luckily he missed seeing me buy the one I did or the other thing since I plan to be safely asleep before he gets back inside to find either the card or the gift.

I can't say Father's Day but for Dean I've always considered this day Big Brother Day too so that's what I celebrate and he's the one who taught me the rules of gift buying for this type of thing so I'm blaming him when he bitches about it…though I'm also hiding my shampoo from him.

I see Dean burning the card which I've seen him do on Mother's Day as well but have never asked him about it since I can guess why he does it. My brother's no chick flick rules shield him from the more emotional scenes I tend to feel but he has been relaxing the rule more since I got back though I guess that's just for me.

Placing the card and the gift by Dean's keys, I drop back to the couch and pretend to be asleep before Dean gets back in though I think he suspects the game since it's one we've played before when I was younger and wanted to give my brother something.

I'm not sure what Dean's done with the cards I've given him over the years but it's just so I know he knows how I feel, how I appreciate what he's done for me growing up and now so I'll risk him making jokes or pulling some prank back to get back at me for the gift.

When I got back from Hell and then was caught by the 'shifters to be held for a year like I was it was thoughts of my brother that kept me going because I knew that Dean would find me eventually and that I'd be fine.

Dean has his concerns, I have mine since I'm having the damn dreams again and it scares me out of my head to think of my brother getting hurt but we're hunters, we're Winchesters and I'll have Dean's back just like I know he has mine.

I feel green eyes watching me and I know he's read the card and seen the gift because I heard the snarl start so I give him time in the bedroom to probably lose the card and hide the tie…yeah, I found the ugliest tie on the Coast for him, before I head in and drop to the bed.

Dean's counting in his head because he knows me and I don't disappoint but then I feel his hand on my shoulder before it goes through my hair much like Dean would when I was small and I know the next day I'm going to hear about getting a haircut. Then I feel the blanket being laid over me and hear his quiet goodnight to me then he goes out to secure the condo.

I peek over at his duffel to see the tie on top along with the card when I see another card and recognize it as one I made for my brother when I was little and feel my chest tighten when I realize that Dean's kept the cards I'd given him over the years despite his jokes and smirks. He kept them.

"Thanks, Dean," I whisper, closing my eyes when I smell aftershave in the room that I know isn't Dean's but still recognize and then still when I feel a slight breeze enter the room and ruffle my hair like a casual hand would and I smile sleepily. "Happy Father's Day, Dad," I tell what I know is in the room when I hear Dean come back in, hear him grunt at the smell then I fall to sleep feeling safe and knowing that no matter what the Campbells threw at us that Dean would make sure it all worked out…no matter what.

"G'night, Dean," I whisper as sleep comes while wondering what the future held…assuming Bobby didn't find us and kill us for that little gift we sent.

The End