Clear Blue Eyes

Blaines's pov

The day, on the staircase, was the day I saw an angel. On that day, I knew I would never be alone. Because you swept in, with your beautiful brown hair.

So shy, yet you had an air of confidence surrounding you.

That was the day I knew I would always want to cherish our friendship. You told me you were new here. I was ecstatic, that someone like you, was coming here. I could feel my blood running through my veins. My eyes sparkled I could tell.

You than asked about the Warblers. That should of been my clue. I said that were like rockstars, not far from the truth. You looked so shocked.

Without a thought, I grabbed you by the hand, my angel. Told you I knew a shortcut.

Running through Dalton's halls, carefree, for that moment. Only you and I, two boys lost in the world.

I learned your name my angel. Kurt. A beautiful name, for someone like you. I fell for you instantly. My heart knew you were the one for me. But my mind was telling me you would never want someone like me. That I would only be a mentor and friend.

So I knew said anything. Than over the months, I started to believe that more. But one day I cracked. I asked you to sing with me, for a concert I was in. Kurt, I wanted to tell you back than. I was so ready to say those three words, that could change our lives. But I chickened out.

I than left it alone.

Months passed, before it was Febuary. One day I was out, I meet this guy. His name was Jeremiah. He was gay and said he was out. I instantly proclaimed I was in love. That he was my way of getting over you! I was so happy. I finally found someone who would probably be my boyfriend, Kurt!

In Warbler practise, I told everyone I was in love. I than asked the council if we could preform off Dalton grounds. It caused a uproar. Someone wanted to go with it. Thad saying it goes against the rules.

My angel, you had everyone see. That this could be good for us and I could also get my guy. What I didn't know though, everyone thought I was singing to you.

McKingly, Senior Year

My angel, you saved me from everything. I am glad you tapped my shoulder that day. Because without you, I don't know what I would have done. I love you Kurt Hummel.


My oneshot. It was random and soft. It's from Blaine's point of view. Some thoughts I think he would of had. Read and Review.