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Race against death

It's been 3 months since he last saw our brothers and we never stopped looking for them from the day they disappeared till today. Day and night, week to week; we haven't left rock unturned. Sadly, there is no trace of them.

My name is Donatello and I'm in the agonizing search of my eldest and my youngest brother.

Master Splinter, April, Casey, Leatherhead, Angel and the Justice Force are helping Raph and I on this task but we haven't been successful yet. The Foot claims they don't have them and neither the Purple Dragons, Bishop hasn't shown any interest in us since our last encounter and we haven't known anything about Stockman in a while.

Now, how did this happen?

We were on patrol, nothing special. But for once, Leo didn't pair us as usual. I had to team up with Raph while he teamed up with Mikey. No big deal; besides, Leo wanted to work on Mikey's stealth while patrolling. Don't get me wrong, Mikey is a stealthy ninja but sometimes, when he gets too much excited, he can be as noisy as shell and that could be his doom one day.

A few hours and beaten thugs later, Leo called us to our shell cells saying Raph and I could go home; he and Mikey had gone a little further from our normal route and it would take them a while to get back home in time.

Raph and I didn't worry about it and we headed home and focused on our own business: me in my lab and Raph rushed to the living room and started watching his wrestling show.

I think it was 3 hours later when Raph came to my lab telling me Leo and Mikey weren't answering their phones. I was so focused on my work that I hadn't noticed they had to be in the lair already and I started tracking them.

Since I didn't get any positive result, we went out and tried to locate the last place Leo and Mikey were since their last call. With a lot of work, we found the place but there was no sign of battle or struggling or any tranquilizer dart. It was really odd.

That night we called everyone we knew. First we thought they could be at April and Casey's place; sometimes after our patrols, Mikey wants to go there and chat, maybe eat and then we're back home but it was strange because Leo would have called me. Then I thought his battery could've died but it was impossible because if they were on April's, he just could've called using her phone!

And what about Mikey? Why he didn't…

Oh, sorry I started rambling. I tend to do that when I'm stress or nervous… which is my case right now.

Anyway, I called to Silver Sentry just in case Mikey had gone there to goof off and had dragged Leo along but the answer was negative.

Raph suspected about Karai going through the dark path again but I reminded him we had a truce and right now she was in Japan attending other business that they're not of our concern as far as I know.

Master Splinter tried to contact Leo through meditation but he couldn't feel him and that's what I needed to confirm they were in big time trouble!

And so here we are, back to the present. Still confused, worried out of my shell; this is my… wait… I don't know exactly how much coffee I've drunk till now but I can say it's been enough to keep me awake for days.

I just wish, wherever they are, they're alive and keeping hope.

We're coming for you guys.

I promise.