May 4th 2014

Everything has changed. When the virus first struck, we didn't think it would affect us. But it did. More than we would care to remember. A member of our extended family became infected. Carlisle said he couldn't tell the difference, nor could he explain why it had happened. But we were just as vulnerable as everyone else. This wasn't a norm for our kind. Having to feel cautious all the time, we are all constantly worrying about those we love. About each other. We thought that the infected couldn't find us, so we just laid low in our home. We don't know how, but soon we had to leave. They just would stumble onto us. We decided to keep moving. The nomadic life was hard but we dealt with it. We soon figured out that they- the infected- were much stronger than us. That is what scares us the most. Now we carry around weapons. Guns. Technology we haven't had to rely on in years is now our only way to survive. Carlisle and Jasper are talking. They think we should go back. Back to the only real place I've ever called home. Back to the place we left my sister. Back to Forks.