Bella strode through the halls purposefully. She needed to get everything done in the morning before Ryan's memorial service at noon. She opened the door to the surveillance room and the officer in a chair stood up and saluted her.

"Yeah, yeah, does the transmitter work?" She asked, waving away the formalities,

"No, Ma'am" The officer replied, "We'll keep trying though, and be listening for any more broadcastings."

"Good work, radio me immediately if anything progresses." Bella ordered,

"Naturally, Ma'am" The officer nodded,

Bella left and hurried to the medical sector. She entered the conference room where three doctors were pouring over the files, "Anything?" Bella asked,

"Well the autopsy showed that both her kidneys and her liver deteriorated rapidly, hell almost instantly and her lungs were on the way too. It happened so quick, even if we did catch it it's not like we could have done much to help her." One of them said, running a hand through his hair.

"Okay, so we know how she died. Now we have to figure out why. Good work guys, why don't you have a break before the memorial service starts." Bella suggested,

"Yeah," The man nodded, the others tiredly closed their folders and took a moment to rub their eyes. Bella nodded to them before she left and headed down to the training room where the Cullen boys were waiting.

She wasn't in the mood to waste time, everyone was especially sullen due to the memorial service and Bella was the worst of them all. She entered the room and stood with her hands on her hips in front of the three boys. "Pick up a gun." Bella ordered,

"What?" Edward asked,

"Why?" Jasper echoed.

Bella's face contorted in anger and in two angry strides she picked up a rifle and threw it at Edward who caught it with ease, though he was very surprised.

"You need to listen to me!" Bella yelled, "I'm sick of it!" The three boys looked startled and perplexed, "I've trained you for a week now." She almost calmly walked around to the other side of the metal table that the rifle was on, "I've wasted a week on you fools!" She boomed as her open hand smashed against the metal table making the boys jump. "You know, I figured," She smiled sarcastically, "That since you're vampires that you'd be easy to train, that you'd have a better learning curve than humans." She shook her head, "Man was I wrong. You still can't follow orders."

"What are you talking about? Was that some sort of test? We're not even in a battle situation!" Jasper protested,

"It shouldn't matter!" Bella boomed back, her voice strong and sure.

"I don't understand what the big deal is," Edward said,

"How dare you," Bella glared and for a brief moment Edward was worried that she'd punch him again, "Today we're having a memorial service for one of my best soldiers, and a close friend, all because you couldn't follow orders." She walked to the other side of the table and glared into Edwards eyes, "So don't you dare question how important this is." Bella brushed between Edward and Emmett on her way to the door.

"Where are you going?" Emmett called out as Bella reached the door, "What about training?"

"Anything I teach you is useless unless you can follow orders." Bella said before walking out. Bella walked down the stairs and out the back of the hospital which looked out onto the forest. They had cleared and fenced off an area which served as an agriculture sector, and now it was the site of a memorial service. Bella walked up the makeshift isle, the seats were starting to fill up. Up the front Gwyn sat next to Ryan's little sister. Bella sat on her other side, "Hi Vinny," Bella murmured,

"Hi," She smiled sadly. At the front was a podium, and next to that was a marble cross which had Ryan's name engraved. Bella squeezed her shoulder before taking her place at the podium.

"Hello," Bella started, everyone in the complex had turned up and were sitting before her. "Honestly, there's nothing I can say here that will offer any of you any amount of comfort, other than that Ryan never gave up." Bella cleared her throat, "Vinny would like to say a few things." Bella stepped down and Vinny stood up and with a tentative look back at Gwyn stood up behind the podium.

"My brother," She had to clear her throat as tears immediately filled her eyes, "My brother has always been magic to me. He was ten years older than me, so I always looked up to him." A smile flittered on her face, "I remember the moment I decided he was magic, I was really little because I could barely see over the table, and it was breakfast. I had Weetabix and I wanted them crushed up, but my mum was too busy. So Ryan told me to close my eyes and when I opened them my Weetabix were crushed up." She smiled as tears filled her eyes, "When I was 13, I remember Ryan was working at KFC at the time. And there was a radio competition, where you had to say the worst thing you've ever stolen, and Ryan called up and said he stole the eleven secret herbs and spices." Vinny laughed at the memory and everyone chuckled with her. "I guess I'm just telling you all this because I don't want to forget, I don't want anyone to forget my brother." Tears started to fall down her cheeks and Gwyn hurried up to the podium and hugged her. Slowly someone started to clap and others soon joined, Gwyn led Vinny out of the spot light as Bella took the podium again.

"Does anyone have anything else they'd like to say about Ryan?" Bella asked, no one moved so she continued, "A special lunch has been prepared, enjoy." Bella stepped down and everyone slowly started to move.

Bella walked over to Vinny who was staring at her plate of finger food. "Are you alright?" Bella asked,

"I will be," She replied,

Bella nodded and moved through the crowed with ease. She went passed the Cullens, "Follow me, now." She didn't break her stride as she wove through the halls and then stopped at a cupboard. She turned quickly to face the three Cullen boys. She reached for her keys and slowly turned to the cupboard and unlocked it. She then pulled out a janitor's cart. "You'll be cleaning every single bathroom in this hospital. Have fun." She then proceeded to turn around and walk away.

The boys stood there, stunned. They watched as Bella continued her way down the hall and around the corner.

"Was she serious?" Emmett murmured to his brothers,

"You know, I think she was." Edward nodded,

"She wants us to clean the bathrooms?" Jasper's eyes furrowed as he looked at the cart.

"Yeah," Edward sighed as he too peered into the cart.

"Well we better then, huh?" Emmett commented as he took the handles of the cart and started to push it down the hall. Edward and Jasper quickly followed. Emmett pushed it into the first bathroom, "Okay, we'll do the showers first then the toilets." He said, picking up a mop and some sponges. Edward and Jasper picked up cleaning supplies also and all three picked a shower cubical.

After about 5 minutes of solid cleaning, Jasper asked what all of them had been thinking "But why make us clean toilets?"

"I don't know," Emmett grumbled,

"Think about it." Edward said "She said we couldn't follow orders,"

"So?" Jasper rolled his eyes,

"So by doing this I guess we're showing we can?" Edward guessed.

"Well that's just crap." Jasper mumbled, "I was in the army for years and I never had to do this."

"Well this is Bella's army. We have to do what she says." Edward said, getting up from his crouched position in the shower cubical and went back to the cart.

"Of course you're going to defend her." Jasper rolled his eyes,

"That's your problem! You don't show her any respect." Edward snapped.

Jasper looked at him and glared, "That is not what I have a problem with." He glared.

"Then what is it!?" Edward huffed,

"You! I don't want to get to know her, or be her friend just so you can go and hurt her again!" Jasper growled chucked his sponge in the cart and walked out.

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