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It was a mild morning when we first find our hero, Ash Ketchum, wandering lost all by his self except for his trusty pikachu by his side. "When will we ever find any worthy wild pokemon?'' Ash said to pikachu "All that's around here are caterpie and wurmple."
Just as he said that a wild ditto appeared and he trys to battle and catch it "Pikachu use thunder, full power!"
The attack hits and the ditto faints promptly.
"Omega ball go!" a voice behind Ash yelled.
The strange colored pokeball hit the ditto and the pink pokemon turned to a strange green color before going into the ball. The ball then glows the usual white color symbolizing that ditto was caught.
Ash turns around to see a person in a dark cloak walking off, strange ball in hand.
"Hey that's my ditto now release it Mr. Strange Guy in a Cloak!"
"The name's Shade, Shade Alpha..." the person said while removing the hood of his cloak.
"...and you're not getting that ditto back as it wasn't yours in the first place" Shade continued.
"I was about to catch it but you threw your pokeball bef..." Ash tried to say "Its not a pokeball you twerp its the Omega ball and it existed long before pokeballs" Shade yelled at Ash.
"Huh? what the heck is the Omega ball" Ash says.
"Grrr just shut up ok!" then Shade dissappears, not leaving a trace behind "What was up with that guy?"
"Pika pi pi pikachu!" Pikachu squeals "Ahhh, who needs him!" Ash states.

From some nearby bushes little did Ash know he was being watched.
"Ooohh what a strange pokeball" the blue spiky haired man said.
"No kidding" a woman with flowing red hair answers.
"Lets snag it!" the talking meowth says.
"But how Meowth, the other twerp is gone!" the man retaliates.
"James, just leave it all to me. Meowth states boldly "Huh, like we would do that again!" the woman says.
"Shut up Jessie." Meowth returns spitefully "No" Jessie says

Back at camp, Ash and company (Brock and Ash's other pokemon) were just sitting down when campfire suddenly turned a lime green.
"Whaa!" Brock yells "Huh" Ash says "You!" yells a strangely familiar voice "Pikachu get ready" "Pika!" Pikachu yells showing that its ready Just then a shadow jumps out of the trees.

So what do you think. Its a huge cliffhanger though I have an idea who it may be but if you review and tell me who you want I (might) change my mind. Also It's my first and I'm sorry if it's to short!