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Ash was just about to bite down into his sandwich when he heard a terrifying but familiar yell from the trees.

"Ash Ketchum where have you been!" a loud feminine voice rang from the tree tops.

"Oh no" Ash groaned while Brock chuckled to his self.

The mysterious person leaped from the top of the trees landing sticking an epic landing.

"Misty, what are you doing here?" Ash asked.

"About to challenge you to a battle as it is the anniversary of our first battle" Misty said.

"Well lets make it a one on one battle. I am hungry and just flat out tired of beating you" Ash stated



"Anyway lets get this over with" Misty said while stomping off.

"I'll referee" Brock sighs.

Meanwhile we find Shade in his hideout.

"Ditto, modify into Ditaro!" Shade commands the Omega Ball and suddenly a blue-green light envelops the room as the ditto comes out of the ball and grows. It's size doubles and it grows spikes down it's back. It's eyes glow a blood red.



Back at the campsite Ash and Misty were just finishing up their battle.

"Pikachu use volt tackle!" Ash commanded his pokemon.

"Watch out Starmie!" Misty yelled

Starmie tried to dodge but to no avail, Pikachu's attack hit dead-on with a critical hit as well.

"Starmie is unable to battle, the winner is Ash and Pikachu!" Brock announced.

Just as he said that a large red hand snatches Pikachu and the fainted Starmie. Then they hear the Team Rocket motto but all they hear is "Blah bla blah bla blah" (because they have heard it so many times).

"Give back our pokemon Team Rocket!" Ash yelled.

"Ahhh let me think...no." Jessie says

"Go Starapter, use aerial ace!" Ash commands.

The attack cuts the thick tubes and Pikachu and Starmie both fall just to be caught by their trainers. Starapter's attack then continues through the Meowth shaped balloon. The hot air balloon fell to the ground in an amazing thud. Just then a cloaked figure falls from the tree. It was Shade.

"HAHAHAHAHA good to see you again twerp" Shade laughs.

"You what are you doing here." Ash said.

"Collecting." Shade said as he pointed the Omega Ball at Meowth.

"What! No not me!" Meowth wailed.

"Ha too bad" Shade said.

Just as he said that the beam of the ball shot out and absorbed Meowth just like it did with Ditto.

"Meowth!" Jessie cried.

"No!" James sobbed

Shade left suddenly as if a pokemon had used teleport.

"Who was he?" Brock and Misty said together.

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