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I can't believe this.

I really can't believe this.

I really can't fucking believe this.


I can vaguely hear my name being called in the background but at the moment I really could care less. I'm still in complete and utter shock. How could they do this to me? If I didn't know any better I would swear everyone was out to get me.


Finally I forget about my own personal thoughts and look up, "You're kidding me right? This is a joke?"

The owner looks at me shaking his head as if he actually feels sorry for me. Maybe if he knew why I left that city in the first place he would understand. Even then though, he wouldn't be able to do anything about it. I left for personal reasons, this is politics.

"Tai I'm sorry. I know you've built a life and a fan base hear in Osaka, but it won't be that bad. Players get traded all of the time. It's how the sport goes. You're getting a raise, so it won't be all that bad right?"

He can tell by the look I give him that I could really care less about a raise. I honestly make ridiculous amounts of money as it is anyways. A few more dollars is the last thing on my mind. "I can't go somewhere else? Anywhere?" I sound so pathetic, I'm practically begging but I'm desperate.

The owner gives me stern look and shakes his head. "Tai it's already been finalized. You leave in about a week. I suggest you get packing."

"A week? Seriously?" That's all I get. I have until Friday to be ready to leave. I don't understand. I've been gone, rebuilding my life for two years and in a week I'll be back. Why does it have to be so sudden?

"Yes Tai, a week. Team practices start in three weeks. You'll need time to get settled. I don't understand why you're so against this. I would think you would be happy about this."

I just roll my eyes, "Yeah, I'm ecstatic…"

He's obviously growing frustrated with my attitude. I can tell by the way he's looking me up and down. "Tai, you're one of the best offensive player we have on this team. You're our franchise, the face of the Osaka soccer team but…in all honesty, the offer was too good to pass up Tai. Nothing you say or do is going to change anything. I'm sorry Tai, but as of right now…You officially play for Odaiba's soccer team."

I know that's the end of the conversation. I've been traded to Odaiba. That was it. I was going to have to go back to that God forsaken city and see them, all of them. I had packed up all of my stuff with the intention of never seeing any of them again and now look at me. I was being forced to go crawling back like a straving runaway puppy. "Fine," I sighed, like I was agreeing to the trade instead of being forced, "Thanks I guess, for everything."

I immediately turn to leave his office and get the hell out of there, but of course that can't happen. He just has to say something, "Tai, I don't know why you're so against going back to that city but just know if you need anything to call us. Just because you don't play for this team anymore doesn't mean you're not a part of this family."

Family my ass, I want to say but I bite my tongue. Last I checked, families didn't trade away their kids but then again what would I know about family anymore? I barely talked to mine anyway. I'm sure they'll be excited to hear that I'm coming back home. I guess I'll actually have to call them and tell them sometime this evening. Or maybe not…The minute I reach the streets of Osaka and pull my phone out of my pocket there's already a text waiting for me from Kari.


That's always my excuse for not talking to them, I'm too busy. I play professional soccer in one of the biggest cities in Japan, of course they believe me.


I stare down at the letters on the screen. So I guess everybody knows already. If it's on the news, you would think Kari would just accept it as fact then but then again this is probably just her excuse to try and talk to me. I make a mental note to at least be a better big brother when I get back to Odaiba if nothing else. Kari never did anything to me. It's not her fault I left. I figure there's no point in putting it off a week, I might as well start that resolution right now. So I pull up a blank text and plug in Kari's name…


I wasted no time packing and mailing my things in preparation to get the hell out of Osaka. They obviously didn't want me there anyway. Besides it's a good distraction. By Monday I've already rented out a new penthouse not too far from the practice arena and terminated the lease on my old condo in Osaka. All my boxes should be in my place when I get there Friday, as well as my car. I've said good bye to friends and teammates. All that's left is for me to jump on a plane and actually arrive in Odaiba. It should be the easiest part, but it's definitely going to be the hardest.

Thursday night comes and I'm sitting on the couch spending the last night I have in Osaka in my old place. I should probably go out to a club or to a party or something, but I told all of my friends I was too busy packing to hang out. In reality I'm flipping through TV channels in my pajamas and pigging out on what little food is left in the apartment. I can't seem to find anything to watch, probably because I can't seem to focus on the TV. All I can manage to think about is why I left that city in the first place. She just keeps popping up along with all of my shitty memories…

"And what are you going to do Tai? Just leave? Where the hell are you gonna go?" She walked in on me packing my bags in my dorm room. Somebody must have told her I withdrew from second semester already. It had to be Matt…

"Why the hell do you care anyway? You obviously didn't care when you rejected me so why does it matter?"

She looks her but I could care less. I'm hurt, what about me? "I'm sorry Tai, but I just…I'm not ready. I don't know if that's what I want…"

"No!" I yell, "Be honest. I mean, I'm clearly going pro. Everyone in Japan knows it. You'll have everything you want and need. You can't tell me you don't like the idea of being taken care of…You just don't like the idea of being with me."

"It's…it's not like that. Can't I have time to think on it? I love you Tai and I want to be with you, I just don't want that type of commitment yet. I mean we just turned twenty Tai…I'm just not ready to get married."

"Nobody said we were getting married tonight! We've could've stayed engaged until you were ready…saying no wasn't your only option! Just admit it; you don't want to be with me. I'm good for right now until something better comes along but even if I stayed around and waited for you, you'd probably never marry me."

She looks down at her feet unsure of what to say. If I was wrong she would've countered and said so immediately but she didn't. That's all the assurance I need. I put the last thing in my last bag and I push past her on the way to my door. I don't even know where the hell I'm going.

"Tai…" she begs. I think she's even crying, "Please don't leave. Can't we just talk about this? Please?"

"Talk about what? What else is there to say?"

Then she says it. It was obvious and I knew that's how things were going to be but to hear it out loud made it so much more real. It was why I had to leave. I had to get the hell out of Odaiba. I had to get away from her, from school, from our friends, our families, from everyone that knew she rejected me…from everything that reminded me of her. "I just want to make sure we can still be friends Tai…"

Anger boils inside me. Why would she say that and think it was okay? She broke my heart. She literally ripped it out of my chest, stomped on it and then laughed in my face. I compose myself and sigh, "I don't think that's possible Sora. I don't just want to be your friend."

It hurts to think about. The girl of your dreams, the girl you love more than anything, more than yourself, the girl you think loves you the same way…just rejects you. It still shouldn't hurt this bad but it does. What's even worse is when I think about her my stomach start to flip flop making sure to point out that even after all this time I still have feelings for her. I haven't talked to her since. She stopped calling when she realized I was never going to answer. I still want to see her though. I want to know what she's doing, how she's been, whatever. Sure I've had flings and girlfriends since then, my teammates would probably think I was weird if I hadn't, but they never lasted. It was all a bunch of sex and hook ups that didn't mean anything, at least not me. Just like everything else in my life right now, I couldn't think of one thing in Osaka that meant something to me. It was just my escape from everything that did.

I didn't end up in Osaka by choice. Osaka chose me, literally. I declared for the draft that year because I wasn't doing anything but wandering around Tokyo aimlessly spending my college savings anyway. They actually picked me despite being so young. I never thought I would actually see the field but someone got hurt first game, lucky me, and I played. I was good too. It was probably the best game of my life, the game that made Tai Kamiya a household name. Suddenly I was a starter. I had endorsements. Sora, and everything else about my old life, was a thing of the past easily. That's how it went for the next two years, until earlier this week when I got traded.

Now I was being forced back into my old life. I had no idea how things were going to be when I arrived in Odaiba tomorrow. I hadn't talked to any of my old friends in months. I doubt they even missed me anymore. The way I had shut them out, I wouldn't be surprised if they all hated me. I guess I would just have to see…

Suddenly as my hand reached the bottom of another empty chip bag and I wasn't sure how I felt anymore. I almost missed my old friends and my old life in Odaiba. I don't know why, I thought I had gotten over this already. I guess running away from my problems hadn't helped anything, just suppressed it all. I left to get over her and clearly, by all my reminiscing and moping around here on my last night, I wasn't. It had been two years, maybe things were different now? I found myself wondering, hoping, that she missed me. Maybe if I was lucky she would even still love me? Then I realized how pathetic I was.

I had any and everything I could ever want. I had money, status, women but I didn't have the one thing I had always wanted, the one thing I thought I had…Sora Takenouchi. Then I realized this trade might not be all that bad. It could be my chance to get the one thing I was missing. This could be my last chance to win over Sora Tekenouchi.

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