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Oh. My. God.

My head hurts so bad when I wake up the next morning. I don't know where the hell I am and all I want to know is what time it is. I rub my forehead with the palm of my hand and search around the room for a clock or something. It's ten-thirty, my head hurts, I don't know where I am, and as I drag my legs over the edge of my bed and stand up I realize I still feel kind of drunk. Nice.

There's a bathroom attached to the dark bedroom I'm in so I walk into it, splash my face with some cold water and use some mouthwash to rinse the liquor taste out of my mouth. I look into the mirror and wonder why I'm wearing a pair of baggy Osaka soccer sweatpants when suddenly it all hits me. I'm at Tai's.

That's right, I got really drunk and stayed here last night with Sora…but I don't know where she is. I decide to leave the room and go find her. I hear talking in the kitchen so I start there and lucky for me, I don't have to go anywhere else. In the kitchen Sora is standing by Tai drinking a cup of coffee while he cooks something at the stove. As I walk further into the kitchen, I can see TK and Kari standing by the fridge, his arms around her. Great. As if this wasn't awkward enough, plus Sora's only wearing the Ralph Lauren button up I had on last time and I swear I catch Tai taking an extra-long glance or two at her exposed legs.

"Oh hey babe!" Sora smiles when she finally sees me. She immediately walks over and embraces me, planting a kiss on my cheek.

"How'd you sleep?" Tai asks as Sora and I walk over to where she was previously standing. I see him vaguely roll his eyes as she wraps her arms around my waist. He still can't stand the fact that we're together, I know it. He's just forcing himself to get over it, which I'm fine with. As long as he's not an outward ass, he can think or feel however he wants.

"Oh I slept fine, thanks."

"You look miserable," Sora points out, "Are you okay?"

"I've got a headache; I think I drank a little too much last night."

Sora puts on this adorable pout that she always does when I tell her I'm sick and places a hand on my chest, "Aww, do you want to go home and lie down?"

Before I can say anything Tai interjects, "You guys can't go just yet, I'm making breakfast. Kari take Davis and get him something for his head ache."

She looks at him in disbelief but sighs. I know she doesn't want to do it, not because she wants me to have a head ache, but because this is going to be the most awkward thirty seconds ever. It's already bad enough we're all here in the kitchen together. Normally we would say hi, and not much more than that. We're never alone together anymore. Though neither of us wants to go, I follow Kari down Tai's hallway and into his bathroom. I close sit on the edge of his tub as she opens the medicine cabinet and begins rummaging through it.

"How bad is it?" she asks.

"How bad is what?"

She stares at me like I've suddenly grown a third eye before she realizes I was serious, "The headache Davis, how bad is it?"

"Oh, sorry…I don't know. On a scale of one to ten I'd say it was maybe a six." We are barely talking and I feel uncomfortable. I know she does too.

She nods and pulls out a small white bottle. After fumbling with cap for several seconds she hands me two small circular pills. "Here, these should be enough." As she hands them over to me, I can tell she's trying her to make sure our hands don't touch. When her fingers accidently graze mine, she immediately pulls them away.


She doesn't even look at me. Kari's already on her way out of the bathroom. She couldn't have gotten out of there faster, "No problem."

I swallow the pills dry and walk back down the hallway to find everyone already sitting down eating. The thought of putting any food in my mouth makes me nauseous. I'll probably just pretend to eat a slice of toast so I don't look like a total jerk. The minute I sit down besides Sora she turns to me in a whisper, "Was it really that awkward, still?"

"Huh?" is the best I can manage while placing a slice of toast on my plate.

"It was plastered all over both of your faces."

If it is, I definitely didn't intend for it to be and I doubt she did either. Looking in her direction, I see she's completely immersed in a conversation with Tai and TK. The awkwardness is already gone from her face.

"I thought you were gonna work on that, with her and TK."

"Please Sora, not right now," I beg, "Not with this hangover." Thankfully for me she just drops it. I don't even think she planned to talk about it in depth because she knows that something I don't want to discuss, like ever. She just wanted to bring it up to let me know she hasn't forgotten.

After breakfast, TK and Kari can't get out of their fast enough. I'm sure the awkward tension is too much for them. I would leave too but for some reason I get the feeling Tai isn't ready for us to go just yet, or at least Sora. They're currently laughing as he finishes giving her a complete tour of his place, I opt out of it due to the headache I'm still having. Besides it's a condo, what is there to see? It's like a really big apartment. We live in a condo. I think Tai just wants to give her a tour of his bedroom, which would be a lot easier if I wasn't here…or if Sora was actually interested.

They come back a few minutes after leaving and find me on the couch, head back, eyes closed. "Have fun?" I ask her.

She nods and smiles cheerfully, "Yeah, the whole place is really nice. It looks a lot like ours."

'No way, because we don't both live in really expensive condos in the same city on the same side of town,' is what goes through my mind but I don't say it out loud. Sora didn't do anything, I just don't want to be at Tai's anymore while my head is pounding and I feel like he's having sex with Sora the entire time with his eyes. "Oh, really," is what I actually say.


"Still have that headache?" Tai asks me. I can't tell if the concern on his face in genuine or not. It's like he's asking because he really wants to know, but if I do still have one he won't really care that I do.

I nod and rub my temples with my hand, "Yeah."

Sora comes up behind me, placing her hands on my shoulder and messaging them, "Aww, Davis. I think we should go home. Tai we might have to take a rain check, is that okay?"

I look between the both of them, "Rain check?"

"Yeah, Sora and I thought the three of us should catch up together for once. Maybe see a movie and go to lunch or something," Tai nods oh so casually like this is just an idea I'm supposed to love.

I tilt my head back to look at Sora and the disappointed look on her face gets me. It gets me every time and she's not even directing it at me. I don't know what it is, but she and Tai seem to really enjoy each other's company. Not that I'm saying I'm accusing Sora of anything, I know she's not cheating on me. It's just I kind of feel like 'new tai' is nowhere near as cool as 'old tai,' who I was actually friends with once. It's like he went to Osaka and became a whole other person and I suspect that person, though we agreed to more or less pretend to get along yesterday, doesn't really like me.

"Why don't you two go?" I suggest only because I know I'm about to go home and die and that won't be any fun for Sora. I'm a big boy; I can take care of myself…for the most part.

Sora's face lights up. Knowing her, she's probably convinced Tai to see some terrible chick flick that I've probably denied going to on a bunch of different occasions. I personally, am a fan of action movies. This might be one of the few categories where Sora and I don't see eye to eye. "Are you sure babe? I think I should probably go home with you and make sure you're okay."

"Sora, I'll be fine. If I really can't handle a headache I'll call Joe or June and have her come take care of me, but I doubt that will happen because it's just a headache."

Tai smirks victoriously while she frowns, "Are you sure babe?"

Once again I nod as I stand up from Tai's couch. I'm just anxious to get out of Tai's house and I wish I hadn't have been so drunk because in a sober state of mind I definitely would have not stayed the night. I head to the back and grab my clothes and my car keys. Sora runs back to grab her clothes from the night before and runs up to me, "I'll drive home. Tai and I aren't going to meet up for like an hour."

"Alright," I say turning to Tai, "Thanks for letting us stay." I say it because I feel obligated. I really wish I had woken up in my own bed today. It would've saved me from the awkwardness of the morning.

"No problem," he smiles, "You're welcome anytime." Something tells me the second half of that is only directed towards Sora.

I think I'm about to have a relaxing car ride home but the minute we get in there Sora starts the car and turns to me. "Are you sure you and Tai really agreed to try and get along?" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Why do you ask?" My eyes are closed and I'm laying my head back on the head rest.

"Because you don't seem like you really want to get along with Tai."

I open my eyes and give her a blank 'are you serious right now' kind of stare, "Is this because I don't want to go to the movies with you two?"

"Not only that but I know you barely wanted to go last night at all, I know you had to get wasted to even enjoy yourself-"

"Are you really going to play the wasted card on me?" I ask because Sora was equally as drunk, probably more. She just rolls her eyes and keeps talking.

"He was nice enough to offer to let us stay so we wouldn't have to drive or get a ride and I had to force you to do that. You barely said anything at breakfast. You wouldn't come on the tour and now you don't want to go to the movies and I feel like if it was just me and you, you would be fine with it. You'd rather go home than go see a movie with Tai and me? What, are you afraid you might actually enjoy yourself and you won't have a reason to be a jerk to him anymore?"

She can't be serious right now? This is the last thing I want to hear. I'm the jerk? Really, it's me? This is starting to escalate to a whole other level that I really wasn't expecting so I close my eyes again and let out a deep sigh, "Okay, A. I don't want to do anything right now because my head is still pounding. B. The idea of spending extended time with Tai makes me want to rip my fingernails off with pliers, slowly. So yes I would rather go home. And C, I'm not afraid I'll enjoy myself, because the chances of that happening are virtually slim to none."

"He's trying to be nice to you Davis, why are you being such an asshole?"

Maybe because I didn't like the way he was checking her out all morning, or every time we've been together since he got back? Maybe it's because Tai was a total asshole first? Maybe it's because I'm really starting not to buy that Tai was genuine in any form of the word when we talked yesterday. He really doesn't want to get along with me so why should I with him? Honestly we're both faking it, though Tai is clearly a little better. "Sora," I sigh, "I'm really not trying to have this conversation with you right now." I can feel my head throbbing more and more. Whatever Kari gave me clearly wasn't strong enough because this is only getting worse.

"You're never in the mood for anything, are you?"

I look over at her form the corner of my eyes. I can't believe she's really this upset because I don't want to go to a movie with her and her ex-boyfriend. It's not like I ever invite her to come see a movie with me and Kari. Then again, I would never go to another movie ever with Kari and something tells me now that if I did and I invited Sora, she would go. We pull into a parking spot and both get out of the car. Sora looks pretty pissed off at me the whole way up to our place.

She doesn't say anything to me so I don't say anything to upset her or set her off. When she unlocks the door, we both walk in. She goes to the closet and I go flop down face first onto the bed. I'm not sure what happened, but I feel like I will gladly chalk this up to somehow being Tai's fault.


Well so far so good I would say. I mean I totally hate the fact that Sora and Davis stayed in one of my spare rooms last night, but it wasn't Davis. It was about the gesture. I was pretty nice to Davis and I think everybody saw that, so that's all I need. Whether I meant it or not, as long as it came off that way, then I'm good.

I go back to my room, shower and put on a fresh change of clothes because I'm meeting Sora soon and I want to be clean when I do. I'm not going to lie; it didn't bother me at all that Davis didn't want to come. I figured he wouldn't want to, headache or not. I definitely don't mind, that's just more alone time with Sora.

When I see her at the restaurant, I notice she looks great, but doesn't look too happy. "Something wrong?" I ask once we've been seated.

She lets out a really deep sigh, "I had a fight with Davis right before I came."

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing so I just try my best to look somewhat concerned, "Oh, I'm sorry. What about?"

I wait for a reply as she looks around nervously. Either she's trying to decide what she's going to tell me or if she's even going to tell me at all. Finally she looks at me and goes, "You."

"Me?" I say, "What about me?"

Sora puts her hands up, "No, don't take it wrong. It was nothing you did. I was just trying to understand why Davis still seems to have a problem with you. I mean you guys worked it out and you were super nice to us last night. I was just so frustrated with him!"

I can't help but smile as I hear this. This is beyond perfect. If I'm ever going to get Sora back then fights like this are exactly what I need to happen. "Don't worry about it Sora. It's fine. Give Davis a little time and I'm sure he'll let it go eventually."

"I wish he'd let it go now and stop being such a jerk."

She's pouting and it's just the way I remember it, completely adorable. I can't help but laugh at how upset she's getting, "Just relax Sora. Davis will come around okay? Until then, just enjoy yourself. What else can you do?"

She stares at me for a second, trying to decide whether or not she wants to agree before nodding, "Yeah you're right. I guess he will. He usually does."

Lunch goes well. Sora and I definitely share some laughs over out meal before heading out to see some chick flick comedy she mentioned she wanted to see. Somehow whenever I was ever stuck seeing a movie with any of the girls, I was always into some type of girl movie. They never want to see anything good.

Sometime during the movie I feel something on my shoulder, and when I look over, Sora is resting her head on me. I want to get kind of excited, but then I figure she's just tired so I don't say or do anything. I just let her stay like that for the rest of the movie. I'm not about to argue.

When she grabs my hand halfway through the movie is when I start to get a little surprised. I mean, it's not like it's a scary movie or anything. I don't know what she's thinking right now, except maybe that she's upset with Davis? Maybe she's doing this because she's upset with Davis? If that's the case, I might be kind of pissed off. I'm not trying to be her rebound or comfort guy or anything friendly like that. Things seem to be alright and she doesn't say anything to I just go with it.

As soon as the movie is over, Sora takes her hand out of mine and doesn't say anything about it. It's like it didn't even happen but I know it did and I'd definitely like to know what that was about. I open my mouth to ask her but she starts talking before me, "I think I'm gonna get going and go check on Davis. Thanks for seeing the movie with me. I'll talk to you later okay?"

I'm completely dumbfounded as I'm left standing there. First she complains to me about him because they had a fight over me. Then she leans on me and holds my hand in the theatre. Then finally we get out and she just has to go home and check on him. What? I thought she was mad at him?

My mind is racing and I don't know how Davis seems to do it but I really can't believe it. Even when he's not here he's getting in my way. It's unbelievable. It's not I got very far or anything, but I'll take hand holding as real progress when you think in terms of the bigger picture. You gotta start somewhere and that is the first step. I just hope she wasn't trying to use me as comfort because of the fight she had with Davis. That definitely wouldn't be considered progress. I would actually consider that taking a step back.

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