Miyazawa and May

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The year was 2010. In Kawasaki City, Japan, ten years ago, Yukino Miyazawa was dubbed the Queen of Vanity, hiding her real face, as the spoiled, lazy, stubborn, and unmanageable girl in her high school, Hokuei High School. Luckily, she fell in love with her classmate, Souichiro Arima, and they went on to become friends… then more than friends… and then later, boyfriend and girlfriend, which led to countless occurrences in their lives (Read the manga, for more), ending in complete resolved harmony. After the whole turmoil, they became husband and wife, and had three kids. And they would live happily.

However, Miyazawa's storied life is about to become a very demonic horror, as she was about to meet a girl, who had a thing for her. Since she's in her mid-20s, she thought she would be happy to come with.

Of course, she's a very odd girl, according to Miyazawa; which is where we begin.


One year after Miyazawa had her two sons, she decided to go for a walk in the park. She was very tense, getting ready for her upcoming exam.

"Sakura is right," she thought aloud, "I do need to move on. I know having Suo and Ai was a blessing, but it seems that I needed to focus more."

She then said in disdain, "Oh, Souichi, I'm sorry. I know you and Asapin have been gone through a lot, but if you didn't go away by that assassin's bullet, I wouldn't have married Asapin!"

Uh, Souichiro Arima is not dead, BTW.

Yukino continued to walk in the park, admiring the clear blue sky.

"Oh, well," she sighed, "I'm beginning to think that my life has been wonderful. Yeah, in the past twenty years of my life, there were good times and bad times. Now, I'm happy being with Arima."

Writer's note: I've got to remember… it's Arima, not Harima.

As she continued, she noticed a vast green forest. She stepped in and found a small path. She walked there and was confused. She noticed that the trees were darker than their greenish shade.

"I must be at the wrong side of Japan," she thought, "Oh, well, as long as-."

But then, a rustling noise was made in the bushes. Out popped a blue creature, with a blue mane and deep slanted eyes. The thing looked at Yuki and was concerned.

"What is that?" She thought.

The creature is actually a Pokémon, called a Glaceon. It made a cry and stunned her for a couple of minutes. Miyazawa was on her nervous twitch.

She kneeled down and asked, "Oh, hello. Whoever you are, what brings you here?"

"Glaceon!" A female voice called out.

"HUH?" Miyazawa gasped.

A girl with a green bandana and orange jacket appeared, with a Poké Ball in her hand. She looked at Miyazawa was had a smile on her face. Miyazawa was rather stunned.

"Oh, hello, Miss," she said, "What brings you he-?"

The girl was frightened by Miyazawa, whom she pictured as an evil girl, down to her auburn hair and brown eyes, which almost look like red eyes.

"She… she has the eyes of a Duskclops," she thought in terror.

"Um, hi," Miyazawa said, "And who are-?"

May yelped and cried on her knees. Glaceon jumped onto her shoulders. She pleaded to her, by sobbing and talking fast:

"Oh, goodness! Please forgive me! I didn't mean to barge in to your moment! I come in peace! Please don't hurt me! I only wanted to live my life, especially since you are very scary looking! I only want to live, just to win Pokémon contests and live my dream as Grand Champion! I haven't eaten lots of great foods, either, and even if I did, I'd be in paradise than hell! Please, I'll do anything! Uh, forgive me for pleading and shouting to you. It's just that I don't want to be killed by the likes of you! Also… I MISS ASH!"

The girl thinks that Miyazawa is like a treacherous woman, like those witches in fables.

She continued, "Seriously, I'm just a teenager; well, a pre-teen, actually. I've been a trainer for years and I'm already learning. I'm sorry for my Glaceon to find you. Please don't hurt me; I'm jittery enough as it is! I'm sorry. I'm a good trainer. If you want, you can battle me. Only, just don't go hard on me!"

As she continued, Miyazawa held her on the arms.

"What's your name?" She asked.

"Oh, it's May," the girl responded.

"Why are you scared of me? I'm only here for some relaxing," Miyazawa retorted, "Are you somewhat of a coward?"

May then calmed down and bellowed, "ME? I am no coward! I am the daughter of Petalburg City's Norman, the gym leader! You think I would be afraid of you?"

"Well, you were pleading to me," Miyazawa snuffed.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were that sweet."

"I'm not always."

"Oh, I see. At first I thought you were big and scary like an Ursaring; but now seeing you, you have the heavenly voice of a Gardevoir."

Miyazawa thought, "What is she saying?"

May then asked, "Say, how would you like a Pokémon battle with me?"

"Pokey? Mom?" Miyazawa said in a confused look.

"You… You don't have a Pokémon with you?"

"Uh, hello! I'm only a mother. I've only been studying throughout my child years. I didn't bother with games."

"Aw, that's too bad."

May returned Glaceon into her Poké Ball. She then approached Miyazawa and gave her a hug.

"Ugh… what kind of girl is she?" She moaned, "This girl is like a zesty version of Shibahime."

"What's your name?" May asked.

"Oh, I'm Yukino Miyazawa," she responded, "Actually, it's Miyazawa-Arima."

"Oh? You're married?" May asked, "That's sweet! You've got to tell me everything about you!"

Miyazawa broke free and walked away from her.

"I feel like I've been through this before."

May called out, "Miss Miyazawa! Wait for me!"

Miyazawa dashed off, "Damn, she's annoying!"

May ran after her, "HEY! WAIT!"

However, she tripped and landed on her face. She got up and was bleeding in her face. Yukino stopped to see her in pain. When she saw blood from her left cheek, she rushed over.

"Ow…" May sobbed, "It hurts…"

"Hold still," Miyazawa sighed.

She placed a bandage on May's cut. May was smiling.

"Hey, thanks." She smiled.

Miyazawa turned away and said nothing. She walked away from May. She stopped and turned to her.

"You're welcome," she replied.

She left, leaving May in bitter concern.

"Huh? Is she like trying to leave me? I don't want to leave her side, no matter what!" May cried, "I have to stay with her, just to thank her for saving me. I don't believe in these "I owe you one" motives. But it helps! I want to travel again with someone, other than Ash, Brock, and Pikachu."

May ran off, hoping to get to Yukino in a heartbeat.


Later, at a small field, Yukino sat down and was resting. May snuck in and gave her a small rice ball. Yukino snatched it and was relieved. May bowed and said that she wanted to stay with her.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Miyazawa cried angrily, "Since when did I become a part of your budding friendship?"

"You were nice to me!" She explained, "You gave me a bandage to fix my cut. I am ever grateful to you, but not in a slave thing, you know."

"No, I get you," Miyazawa stated, "But, why would I even be near a teenager?"

"I'm only 12 years old!" May barked, "I started my Pokémon journey when I was ten."

"Okay, I don't get your, uh, forget it. Listen, I know you want to hang with me, but…"

"But I wanted to become a great girl to you! I had many friends, including Ash, Brock, Pikachu, Dawn, and even my brother, Max! I never met someone with an evil description, but with a nice attitude."

Miyazawa blushed, "Oh, I'm not that evil…"

She then thanked her for the rice ball and sat with her. They were admiring the beautiful fields. Miyazawa closed her eyes and fell to the ground. She was asleep, while May slept with her.

"Ah… a beautiful sky and grass field," she sighed.

She let out a quiet snore and slept with Yukino.

Will they wake up soon? Definitely yes, but they're in for the adventure of a lifetime… which I think could be a misadventure.

To be continued…