Draco hated the first of the school year. The first weeks without Teddy left them all at loose ends and made Neville downright grumpy. At least, it wasn't as crowded this year. Dromeda had elected to go to work and finish a project she working on. Draco had glared at her this morning as they readied to leave.

He suspected it wasn't that she all of a sudden had to finish her project so much as she hadn't wanted to listen to Neville's complaints about: How could Teddy be leaving for school again so soon? Or, why did Hogwarts have to be a boarding school? And, why couldn't they just teach him at home?

Draco wondered if he would have opted out if he had the chance too. Except, the pout on Neville's face was almost too sexy for words and he would have missed it if he'd stayed home. Neville's eyes rose from Teddy's to meet his, a fleck of amber showing. So, maybe now was not the time to be sending off sex pheromones, but once Teddy got on that train they would have hours at home alone.

"Papa?" Teddy asked bringing Neville's attention back to him. "Yeah?" He said, still slightly distracted. "Um, well," Teddy looked up to Draco as his cheeks pinked. "Jeez, Pop could you at least wait till I'm on the train?"

Draco swallowed and tried to hide his smile. Teddy had been able to transform willingly for years now, but he and Granger still could not pinpoint if it was his natural ability as an metamorphmagus or his werewolf blood. One trait that was definitely wolf was his sense of smell. It wasn't as developed as Neville's, but it was stronger than the average humans, as was his sight, hearing and strength.

Neville cracked a grin as Teddy rolled his eyes at him and Draco scowled at them both. "I don't know what you're talking about." He insisted as he threw his shoulders back and scanned the platform. Neville and Teddy both were stifling giggles now. Draco was just getting ready to send another glare at them when Teddy straightened suddenly. "Victoire's here!" He said excitedly, looking to Neville, who nodded his approval as Teddy's ran to the platform's entrance just as her family came through.

Draco exhaled harshly. "You did talk to him about that didn't you?"

Neville stepped behind bending down to rub his check against his. "Of course, I did. He'll learn to control his reactions to her." Bill Weasley's head lifted as Teddy came to a stumbling stop in front of their family, looking for them. He wasn't quite scowling, but he'd been acting strange around Teddy since he'd entered puberty. "You know I have the feeling that if Bill Weasley had just a little more wolf in him he'd growl every time Teddy came round."

Neville huffed, "I think when it comes to 13 year-old daughters any father would growl when a boy falls all over himself to be close to her."

"Perhaps." Draco said solemnly, leaning back into Neville's body. "I just hate how she treats him. I think she has just enough Veela and Wolf in her to make him act like a..." Draco deflated as Victoire pushed one of her trunks at Teddy after purposefully ignoring his attempts to greet her. He took it, of course, a sloppy grin plastering his face.

He could feel Neville's laughter rumble through him as they began to make their way to the platform. Victoire walked, her shoulders thrown back, as she spoke with her mother and continued to ignore Teddy.

"Where we ever that hopeless?" Draco said despairingly.

"I think I was worse, but you," Neville lowered his voice as his mouth came to Draco's ear, "always seemed so smooth and in control. The way all those Slytherin girls threw themselves at you." Draco squirmed against the wet feeling of Neville's breath against his ear.

"I think you had a very skewed view. I could be in control around them because," Draco stepped back slightly into Neville's chest, "they didn't have anything I wanted."

He started to move as the Weasley's came nearer but was stopped by Neville's hand on his shoulder. "When I get you home I'll give you what you want." Draco felt himself flush brightly as Teddy eyed them with distaste.

Neville began to laugh again as he pulled away to greet Bill stopping mid-movement and lifting his head. He discreetly scented the air, which wasn't uncommon, but the worried look that passed across his face was. He met Draco's eyes for a moment before lifting his head back to the platform entrance.

Neville's actions drew the attention of the entire group, all of whom followed his eyes. Draco reached into his robe and put his hand on his wand. Teddy put Victoire's bag down slowly, inhaling deeply as he turned his body back to the platform's entrance. If there was going to be an attack Draco would have to keep him back. Wolf or not he'd only distract Neville if he had to fight.

Draco didn't realize he was holding his breath until it rushed out of him when a young girl tentatively stepped onto the platform. Neville was staring daggers at the child. Draco looked at her, trying to figure out what was raising Neville's hackles. "Teddy!" Neville said sharply when he walked past him toward the girl. Draco had jumped at the bite in Neville's voice. He had never spoken to Teddy like that.

The crowd on the platform, either frightened by Neville's voice or his and Teddy's strange reactions began to back away from the group. At one time such a reaction had been common, but it had been years since it had last happened.

Teddy was almost to the girl, who was looking at him and the group moving toward her, warily. Neville kept moving as Draco followed him. Both of them watching the girl as Teddy halted a few feet in front of her.

Draco concluded that she must be hurt or in some sort of distress. Her hair was long and looked unkempt, while the dress she wore was tattered and filthy. She had no robe and appeared to be barefoot. "Has someone hurt her?" He asked Neville as he walked beside him. He felt several people following behind them, probably Fleur and Bill and some of their family, but didn't turn to verify his assumptions.

The girl was shrinking away with every step they made. Teddy was raising a placating hand in an effort to calm her. Neville kept his eyes forward and expression hard as they moved and Draco decided to pull his wand just to be safe.

"Hello." He heard Teddy venture softly as they arrived. "I'm Teddy."

The girl's eyes shot from Teddy to Neville as he came to a stop a yard behind him. She admitted a low warning growl as she pressed her back to the brick behind her. Draco saw Neville's jaw tighten as he worked to keep himself from growling back. "Don't be afraid." Teddy said, still keeping his hands up and open. "That's just my pops. They won't hurt you." Her eyes flicked to Teddy and back to Neville.

"Has she been hurt?" Fleur asked from several feet away. Most of the platform was watching them now and even Draco's senses could pick up that the girl was on the hairy edge of panic.

Teddy stepped in front of her effectively cutting off her view of her surroundings. It worked, forcing her focus on him. She emitted a small sound from the back of her throat that sounded more like a whimper than a warning as she focused on him. "What's your name?" Teddy said as he stepped closer.

Her lip quivered slightly before she clenched her jaw, a look of determination coming to her face as she answered. "Ula...Ula Greyback."

The end.

A/N: Ula: Pet form of English Ulrica, meaning "wolf power."
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