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In this story you decide what happens. Just read chapter 1 and then decide what you think should happen by following the directions at the bottom of the chapter. There are a couple of times you won't get to decide and about 18 different endings so if you don't like the one you've come to just go back and try again. If you come across something that doesn't seem to flow please let me know becuase I've probably screwed up. There is a lot to keep track of.

I might have to warn for a couple of icky things and a few "Oh no!" situations, but it's mostly meant to be a fun story.

I've been buzzed about the missing chapter 37 and have now fixed it.

So let's have a small summary: Castiel Nova is a painter in 1560s Venice and he is commissioned to paint a portrait of the young lover of a rich merchant. He instantly falls for the young man and tries to get to know him better. It's all about sex, lust and jealousy. Enjoy!


Castiel stretched in his bed and tried to remember what he had to do today. Oh, yes. He had to start his new comission for a painting of a young man. A rich merchant from town, Guiseppe Guido, had come to his studio a couple of weeks ago and asked Castiel to paint a portrait for him. Castiel didn't usually do portraits but he had been offered a generous price and couldn't say no. Lapis was becoming more expensive and if Castiel wanted to attract the richest customers he would have to have the best paints.

He got out of bed and went downstairs where Gabriel, his assistant was setting out the food on the table. When Castiel had sat down, Gabriel went to get the studio ready. The young man would be along shortly.

Just past 9 o'clock, a slender youth wearing a blue tunic of fine fabric and grey leggins stepped into the studio and asked for Master Nova.

"That is me."

"I'm Dean. I'm supposed to model for you."

"Ah, yes. Come in. We don't call it modelling when it's a portrait."

"Excuse me?"

"A model is someone who sits to give the artist a sense of the proportions of the body. You are going to have your portrait painted. A true likeness of you."

"Oh, I see."

"Come and sit here," Castiel pointed to a chair close to the window. "I'm going to make a few studies first." He got out his paper and charcoal and when he turned back around he saw the young man beginning to take his clothes off.

"What are you doing?" Castiel asked.

"Getting undressed."


The young man hesitated so Castiel asked: "Did Master Guido ask you to do a nude portrait?"

"No, I just thought...I think he would prefer me like that."

"Oh? Why is that?"

The young man smiled a little. "I'm his lover."

Castiel might have known. Why else would a rich man have a portrait done of a man he didn't specify his relationship with. So, this was a little present for himself. Castiel imagined the portrait would hang in his bedroom. A little something to get him in the mood when the real thing couldn't be there. Master Guido was a bachelor so there would be no wife to offend.

"Why don't you leave your clothes on for the sketches and then I'll ask your...Master how he would like you to pose?" Castiel said.

Should Dean keep his clothes on? Go to chapter 2.

Should he take them off? Go to chapter 3.