Castiel went to Dean's lodgings as soon as he could. When Dean opened the door, Castiel saw his eyes were red and he was a little surprised. He didn't think Guido's death would affect him like that.

"Isn't it awful," Dean sobbed.

Castiel put his arms around him and knew that Dean had nothing to do with it.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of you," Castiel said.

"You will? I can come and stay with you?"

"Of course." Castiel was already looking forward to having Dean in his bed every night. The mere thought made him hard and Dean pulled away from him and looked into his eyes.

Castiel smiled awkwardly. He really couldn't help himself.

They ended up having sex on the floor and if anyone had seen them they would most likely find it most suspicious considering Dean's lover had just been murdered.

In the end, the murderer was found to be Guido's wife. She had come to Venice in search of her husband whom she hadn't seen in a long time and when she had started asking around for him, the rumour about her had started. She had found out he had a male lover and in a fit of rage she had murdered him. The evening Castiel had been at his house for dinner, she had gone to talk to Guido during the day and had hid in the house instead of leaving. After Guido had been helped to bed she had killed him.

Dean moved in with Castiel and when the portrait of him was finished Castiel hung it in his bedroom. Gabriel had initially been opposed to Dean moving in but he had no say in the matter and the secret goes that he spent many times outside their bedroom listening to them making love while he satisfied himself. That naughty boy!