"I think this whole thing is kind of stupid." Speid said into his cell phone as he waited for Jude to exit her dressing room. It was the final night of their tour, and as their luck would have it, it landed on Valentine's Day. Tommy hissed something in return on the other line, but Speid paid him no attention. Of course Quincy would have to do some out-of-the water gesture that included keeping Speid from his own Valentine plans.

Early this morning he got a call from Tommy saying that if Speid did him a favor, he'd bring Karma to his concert and pay for a romantic night out, ending with a stay in an amazing hotel suite; he sort of regretted agreeing now. Not only did he have to sneak out the joint hotel room they all shared to pick up an arrangement of flowers Tommy preordered, he also had to sneak them into Jude's room before she got up, so she'd see them first thing. Speid rolled his eyes; Tommy could be such a sap sometimes. That along with little things throughout the day had Speid wanting the day to be over already, and Tommy's snarky attitude wasn't helping anything. "I have to go, Quincy, and Jude is taking forever."

Tommy sighed loudly into the phone, "Stop bitchin – I held up my half of the bargain, didn't I?"

Speid plopped his head against the door frame and sighed, "Don't you think this makes you just a little conceded? What makes you think she'd wish for you anyway?" Part of Tommy Valentine's plan was sending Jude a leather bracelet that came with the promise of wish fulfillment when it fell off. Tommy – being the arrogant person he is according to Speid – figured Jude would wish for them to be together the night her tour ended - Jude figured that would be impossible being that the tour ended half way across the country, and Tommy's been on an extremely tight leash with Darius since his return – and the plan was for Speid to get the bracelet off her wrist, point out it was gone, and poof, there's Tommy. Like magic…or good planning. "And I don't understand why we have to be on the phone for this – you're right around the corner, you can hear me give the cue." At that, the line disconnected. Speid rolled his eyes.

Another five minutes rolled by before Jude's door finally swung open. "There you are, super star." Speid greeted cheerfully.

Jude's answering smile was less gleeful , but obviously happy, "Hey. I thought you'd be on the first plane home by now."

"Nope." Speid worked to hide his spite toward Tommy in his tone, remembering that if it wasn't for Tommy, Karma wouldn't be in the next room right now. "Wanted to make sure I said goodbye."

Jude brought Speid in for a one armed hug, the other cradling a vase of flowers, "Thanks. I can't believe the tour's over already."

Speid eyed the bracelet dangling loosely from the wrist draped over his shoulder. He quickly covered her hand with his own and pulled gently at the string securing it; it easily fell open and slithered from her wrist. "Crazy, huh?" Speid managed, trying to be conspicuous "What about you? Why aren't you on a plane right now? Aren't you dying for a Quincy fix?"

"He's busy," Jude breathed out a little sadly, "And I'm wiped, so I'll probably just crash tonight."

Speid shoved the bracelet in his back pocket and pulled out of their embrace, offering to take the flowers from her, "Hey, your bracelet's gone."

Jude seemed to buy the surprised act and stared down at her bare wrist, "Oh yeah." Her eyes glanced to Speid than quickly swept the room, causing him to scoff quietly to himself; Quincy was right. "Wonder when it fell off." She mused with a subtle edge of disappointment.

Speid shrugged, "Probably out on stage…What did you wish for?"

Jude flashed a bashful smile, "None of your business."

"Banish those dirty thoughts!"

"Shut up!" Jude smacked his arm "I wasn't even thinking that."

Speid smiled and looped his arm around her neck, placing the vase on a nearby table "I know you miss Tommy, and who knows, he might be closer than you think." He casted a sly wink before walking away.

Jude stared after him with knitted eyebrows. A teeny bit of hope gathered at the thought – did Speid know something she didn't? Was Tommy here? She looked around herself again, ignoring the odd looks from the stagehands. She turned to retrieve her flowers from the table – given to her by the venue – and headed down the hall.

"Where you headed, Harrison?"

Jude halted, a wide smile growing on her face. With a glance over her shoulder, she found Tommy standing there, looking as amazing as ever and holding up a palm-sized teddy bear with a heart strapped between its paws.

Tommy took in the sight of Jude as she approached; her ponytail swung lightly with each step, along with the thick necklace around her neck. Her high heeled boots covered a majority of the black skinny jeans clinging to her legs, topped with a black t-shirt that flowed passed her hips like a dress; the glitter design printed on the front glimmered in the well-lit hallway. She looked like a rock star, absolutely incredible…and she was all his.

"Hi!" Jude squealed, throwing herself in his arms "What are you doing here?"

Tommy's arms wound tightly around her waist, and took in her scent, a breath relief and happiness escaping his lips "What kind of guy would I be if I left my girl alone on Valentine's Day?"

Jude pulled back only enough to see his face, "The kind who has a dragon breathing down his neck."

Tommy smirked, "What Darius doesn't know won't hurt him."

Jude grinned, "I'm so happy you're here."

"Same here." Tommy tilted his head and pressed his lips to hers in a soft, sweet kiss. He offered Jude the bear and smiled his famous smile, "For you, my love."

"Thank you."


"So, how are things going with Sadie?" Jude asked while her and Tommy waited on their dessert in a little restaurant that only Tommy could pronounce the name of.

"No improvement – I think it's safe to say she'll hate me forever."

Jude frowned. When Jude announced that she and Tommy were together, Sadie had gone down the list of reasons why that was a horrible idea, and called Tommy every name in the book. She freaked even more when she found out Jude was planning on moving in with him. Jude managed to defuse Sadie's temper before she actually saw Tommy, and ever since Sadie's been giving him the cold shoulder and talking shit about him to Jude any opportunity she got. But Jude tried to remain positive, hoping that once Sadie got to spend an extended amount of time seeing them together, she'd have a new attitude.

"I don't blame her, though." Tommy went on, "She's just being protective."

Jude offered a reassuring smile and let the subject drop. It may be pure self-preservation but Jude's been going out of her way to avoid discussing anything that could trigger one of Tommy's self-pity fits. She wanted all that to be behind them for good; she just wouldn't be able to handle it anymore. Tommy seemed to be rendering that unnecessary, though; he never expressed any feelings of self-hate anymore – not to her, anyway. Jude hoped that meant they were over the worst. And it truly felt that way; despite their six week separation, they've been perfect. Sadie bitterly points out the reason for that lies solely in their separation, but Jude believed the time apart made them stronger. It provided time to grow as separate people for a while before delving into a new chapter of their relationship.

"You're quiet." Tommy murmured, bringing Jude back to reality "Everything alright?"

"Perfect." Jude smiled and took his hand on the table. "Almost too good to be true."

"Really feels that way, doesn't it?" A soft, adoring smile graced Tommy's face as he watched Jude smile in the candle light. "We're going to make this last." His whisper was a solemn promise. He hesitated before going on, again, taking in the sight of the girl he loved, "You know, Jude…I never thought it was possible to love someone forever until I met you. I wasn't sure if anyone could…or should. But this – us -it's right."

Jude gave his hand a gentle squeeze, "And it always will be."

The waitress returned with their desserts causing them to draw away from each other; she took her time setting their dishes down, and lingered longer than necessary, asking for any additional orders. Tommy politely shooed her away.

Jude rolled her eyes, "She hasn't looked twice at me since we got here."

Tommy smirked, "What do you want me to do about it – get ugly?"

"Please." Jude nodded "That would make my life a hell of a lot easier."

"Sorry." Tommy shrugged with a cocky smile

Jude couldn't help but smile in return and gently shook her head.

After dessert, and another visit from their waitress Jude found herself suspecting there was something more to this dinner that she was missing. Tommy seemed oddly nervous all of the sudden and the pesky waitress had disappeared from view all together. And maybe she was just being paranoid, but did everything just suddenly get quiet? "I feel bad," She complained in an attempt to brush off her paranoia "I didn't get you anything."

"Well, there is something I want…" Tommy hedged

Jude rolled her eyes, "Other than that."

Tommy laughed, "I wasn't talking about sex." He hushed, seeming to relax from his nervous posture, "Why do you think I everything I say means something sexual?"

Jude giggled, "Because everything you say sounds sexual."

That earned an eye roll from Tommy. He wiped his hand across his forehead in a 'what am I going to do with you' manner.

"What were you talking about then?"

Tommy's hand left Jude's and disappeared under the table "I want…" He started and pulled a ring box into view, his voice shaking only slightly, "You to answer yes to the question I'm about to ask."

Jude's smile fell from her face, replaced with a somewhat shocked expression. Her heart began to pound violently in her chest and her breathing slowed to a near stop. "Tommy…"

Standing from the table, Tommy took Jude's hand and sank down to one knee. "Jude, I love you – I will always love you…And I was wondering if you'd…marry me?"

Her heart stopped, she was sure of it. The one word resounding, screaming, in her head couldn't force itself to her lips. It seemed like an eternity passed while she fought to find her voice, when really it was only long enough for Tommy to pop the ring box open. Jude paid no attention to the ring – she couldn't pull her eyes away from his – but she was sure it was perfect for her, just like Tommy. "Yah." She finally managed to force out from airless lungs. It was barely audible, and thick with emotion, she was surprised Tommy heard it. In a split second, she was out of her seat and suspended in Tommy's arms.

The sounds of applause around them faded out to a blur when their lips met. An uncounted amount of time passed before their embrace broke and Tommy slipped the ring on her finger.

The End