Me: Yes! Finally, I've been inspired to do a fanfic on Hetalia! There will be gender benders in here so watch out peoples!

Italy: Veh~ who will be the ones genderbendering osa-chan?

Me: he he he, you! *turns Italy into a girl*

Italy: ehhh? Doitsu, doitsu! I'm a girl!


Me: you can't do anything about it, you're in my story now! tralalalala!

By the way peoples, I don't use human names, because it's easier for me to understand that way. Sorry to burst you bum bubbles. And by the way again, I watched the Japanese version of the anime and in the anime Germany calls Italy "Italia" and Italy calls Germany "Doitsu." Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes. Please review if possible.

I don't own Hetalia, sadly, but wouldn't it be awesome if I did? Okay, on to the story now.

Germany and Italia

Germany woke up at 7:00am. It was almost automatic for him to wake up at that time. Yes, even waking up is serious business for the German. He walked to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water to wake himself up a bit more. He walked back into the room and noticed a lump under his blanket and he could guess who was under it. He sighed. Why did Italy always sneak in here during the night and sleep in his bed? The Italian man made no sense to him what so ever. He walked over to the bed and started poking the lump.

"Oi. Italia. Wake up and get out of my bed. Oi!"

He started poking harder and harder to get him to move, but no response. After a bit, the German became annoyed. He threw the blanket off of Italy, but was surprised to see a girl in his bed. The girl sat up and rubbed her eyes, which never seemed to open.

"Doitsu! Good Morning!" she said with the same spacey look that Italy always wore.

"I-ITALIA!" Germany yelled. "YOU'RE A GIRL!"

"Huh . . ?" Italy got up, went to the bathroom and checked her reflection.

About 10 seconds later.

"DOITSU, DOITSU! I'M A GIRL!" she said flailing her arms in the air in panic.

"I KNOW!" The German yelled in anger. He rubbed his forehead and tried to think. He started pacing around the room. The Italian girl just sat there with tears forming at the edge of both eyes.

Damn, I could use a beer, Germany thought to himself. He sat on the bed and heard a crippling sound, which took him out of his thoughts. He stood up and found that he was sitting on a piece of paper with unfamiliar writing. He picked it up and read it carefully.

To the victims of my change,

Hello countries. Are you pleased by my work? I've done well haven't I? I've decided that there should be a change around here for awhile. Don't worry, for what I've done isn't permanent, well . . . maybe. *insert smirk here* I've changed the few that I thought should change. Some of you look very cute as girls.*insert another smirk here* I'm excited to see how it all turn out! I am a country, like all of you, and what I have done here is purely for revenge on each and every one of you. Let's see if you can figure out who I am.

Your dearest friend,

the anonymous country.

Germany had realization hit him in the head. Italy wasn't the only one who changed. Others may of changed into a girl too. Germany stood up and held Italy by the shoulders. Italy was making sounds that implied that she was stressing a bit. When Germany put his hands on her, the Italian's face lit up.

"Italia, We'll fix you. Don't worry, you aren't the only one going through this." Germany said trying to calm her down a bit.

Italy gave a big smile. Her cheeks were a bright shade of red and pink and the tears in her eyes were gone. She nodded her head and hugged him tightly. At this moment, Germany finally took more notice into Italy's girly transformation. She was only waring a tank-top and shorts. Her breasts were big and Germany could tell quite well from the hug he was receiving. His face turned a light shade of red, but he wouldn't pull away from the hug because, of course, that would make the Italian sad. He patted her on the back and sighed. When she let go, he took out his phone and texted all the countries.



With in an hour, he had already gotten a reply from Japan.

You as well Germany?


Germany sighed. So Japan was affected as well. He started wondering what he might of looked like. He started texting back.

Ah, no. Italy was the one who was changed. May I ask what happened to you?


There was no reply fro a long while. after about half an hour he got a phone call.


"Ah sorry, Doitsu, China threw my phone in the toilet," Japan answered.

"Why?" Germany didn't exactly want to know, but felt he had to ask.

"I wasn't the one who changed. China was," Japan answered quietly. Probably didn't want China to hear if he uh . . . she was lurking around.

"Ah, I see. We can discuss this further at the meeting tomorrow. I"ll talk you later," Germany said, not wanting to ask too much.

"Ah, alright."

They both hung up and Germany wondered where else this dilemma was occurring.

Me: OKAY THAT'S IT FOR NOW. I'm taking so long to update stories cause of school. It really sucks sometimes.

Italy: That's terrible. Osa-chan, which countries are going to be int he next chapter?

Me: Eh? That should have been obvious! It's Japan and China!

Italy: ehhh~ I can't wait

Germany: Please review.

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