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UK and USA

England woke up that morning knowing instantly that something wasn't right. He got out of bed and noticed that his feet didn't fit into his slippers anymore. Also, his hair was longer, but his hair took months to grow out. And he had experience with hair growing when he was younger. That damn France didn't let him live that one down.

He walked around the house and everything seemed higher or bigger than before. His shirt was dropping off his shoulders and it seemed to cover his knees, which it never did. He rushed to the nearest mirror, but he kept on bumping into things. Something was wrong with his eye sight as well.

When he reached the mirror near the front of his house, he looked closely. He couldn't see well, but he could see well enough at a close distance. He was much shorter. His eyes were bigger and his eyebrows were thinner, not that he cared really. He had breasts now, which weren't big, but weren't small either. He understood what happened to him, but was too scared to believe it, not that he would admit that though. To make sure he put his hands in between his legs.


He, now a She, fell to the ground from the shock. What ever magical being caused this he would get to the bottom of it. He had many sorcery books and with the right spells, he could change himself back and get revenge on whoever changed him this way. But for now, she was trembling on the floor, still in shock that something like this could happen. No one was around so she could tremble and let her emotions out freely, well she thought so, but just two seconds later . . .

"ENGLAND!" A familiar hyper voice called out as he slammed the door open. He apparently picked the lock.

"I found a note next my bed and Germany sent a weird text. Did you see it? Tell me what it me-. . ." The hyper boy, known as the United States of America, America or USA for short, slowly stopped talking and was now staring at the cute girl who was trembling on the floor, barely clothed, and obviously surprised. England just stared back, as if they were having a contest.

1 minute later

. . .

5 minutes later

'Is he going to speak or isn't he? What did he come here for anyway?' England thought, getting more annoyed by the second.

"Oi! America! If you're going to break into someone's house and yell like an idiot, at least have the decency to finish what your saying. You've been staring off into bloody space for a century so . . . S-stop looking at me, idiot!" England yelled, forgetting about her situation. America went wide eyed. It couldn't be right?

"England?" He said walking closer to the girl. He kneeled down next her. Though her face was smaller, the face structure was too similar. She had the same attitude and the skin tone, hair color, and eye color was the same.

"Well wasn't that bloody obvious, idiot." England said back. Her cheeks were a light, soft pink. She turned away form her embarrassement.

America, still surprised, suddenly remembered why he was here. He took out his phone and the note from the the anonymous country. England read both carefully. She turned her phone off yesterday and hadn't checked it since, which explained why she didn't get the text. She got up and avoided eye contact with America.

"I'll be right back, let me change." She said walking to her bedroom, bumping into something every five seconds.

10 minutes later

She was still bumping into the things on the way back, since she couldn't see very well. She somehow managed to get clothes on. She oddly found girl's clothing in her closet. Probably a "present" from our culprit. She was wearing a tan colored sweater and a short, plaid, red skirt. She wore high, white, knee socks and brown shoes. Her hair was arranged in pig-tails, which was undoubtably cute. America was blushing. He walked to England and kept her still before she could bump into anything else.

"Are you okay? You're going to wreck your own house." he said holding her close

England gave a small blush to her already rosy cheeks. She stood firmly on her feet and lightly pushed America away.

"I can't bloody see. Something happened to my eyes when I changed into a bloody girl" she mumbled avoiding eye contact. America, who was always filled with brilliant ideas, took out his glasses case and gave England his extra pair of glasses. A hero is always prepared! England hesitantly took them. When she put them on, the blur in her eyes was gone. She looked to America and smiled weakly, but turned away just as fast.

"Thank you" she said awkwardly. America smiled in return.

"Of course! A hero always helps someone in need" He said pointing to himself. England rolled her eyes, but chuckled a bit. She started walking to her library and motioned to America for him to follow her.

They walked into a room filled with books of all sorts. Mystery, fiction, biography, you name it. They walked to the other side of the library where there was a small tunnel, which led to another room. This was England's private room, full of magical books and the space to carry them out, or at least it was supposed to be, but that wasn't the case when they walked into a room with empty book shelves. All the books that were once there, were now gone.

"Wow you got a lot of space here" America commented.

"It's not supposed to be that way. All my magical books . . ." She mumbled. America laughed.

"You still believe in that magical junk? How lame!" America said, chuckling. England glared at him.

"Says the one who believes in Santa clause" England retorted. England and America started glaring at each other on and off from that point on. They left the Library and England sighed.

"You can go sit in the living room, I'll go make something to drink. Anything you'd like in particular?" England asked.

"Uh, coffee" he answered. England left to the kitchen and America walked to the living room.

England sighed and started to boil the water. Just how did she get in this mess? She didn't make enemies with any people lately . . . besides France . . . and Sea land, and Russia, and Germany, and the Italian brothers really didn't seem to like her either. Japan and England weren't on bad terms, but she couldn't say the same thing confidentially for China. Why did she have to anger everyone one she meat. No wait, why is it that everyone she meets is so stupid, irritable, or annoying? She once again sighed and poured earl grey tea in one cup and coffee grinds in another. Did America say he wanted sugar or milk? Damn, why didn't she ask him earlier? She peered her head out the door, which led to the living room. America was on the couch, slouching, with his feet on the coffee table.

"Get your shoes of my table. And if you're going to do that at least have the decency to take them off first!" she yelled. America slid his feet off the table and scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry Iggy!" he said feeling a but embarrasses that he got caught.

"I-iggy? . . . T-that's not my bloody name, y-you twit" she said almost forgetting why she wasn't paying attention tot he boiling water and was chatting with America instead.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Sugar? Milk? Would you like any?" she asked. America gave a bright smile.

"Milk would be totally awesome! And give me four table spoons of sugar please" he said excitedly.

"Four? Are you mad? You're going to get diabetes(1)!" she yelled.

"Don't worry about it! I'm as healthy as a horse!" America yelled with pride.

"Oh really? I didn't know horses were fat." England said to point out his horrible eating habits.

"I'm not fat! I've been losing weight and I exercise all the time! There's no way I'm fat!" America yelled irritated.

"Fine, I get it. The drinks will be ready soon" England said, giving up on what was meant to be a conversation. She finished making the drinks and brought them both into the living room. She put them down and sat a good distance away from her guest. America, not noticing, took a sip of his sweet drink. England did the same and looked as if she was about to choke on it.

"Damn! I forgot to blow on it!" she yelled. She put the tea down and tried to calm down a bit. America just started laughing.

"Iggy! you have tea on your face!" he pointed out. England went red. How rude of him to make fun of her like that.

"You're lying." she said turning away from him.

"No I'm not. It's right there on your face" He said tilting her head in his direction and wiping the tea of the edge of her mouth, liking it off his finger. England blushed a shade unknown to man.

"D-don't do that idiot! You could have just given me a napkin!" she yelled.

"What a good taste!" America said happily.

"Eh? You like the tea? If you want more I can ma-" England tried saying, but was rudely interrupted.

"I wasn't talking about the tea!" He said as if what he trying to say was obvious.

" . . . then what?" England mumbled.

"I was talking about Iggy, you taste good . . . " America said softly and leaned down and kiss her. England's eyes widened. Her heart was beating fast and her face was turning pink. America parted away from the kiss gently. The two of them were staring at each other for what seemed to be forever.

"S-sweet" England mumbled.

"Yup! I really am a sweet guy, aren't I?" He said boastfully.

"No. I meant the coffee. I could taste it when you kissed me. It really is too sweet. You should really cut down on the sugar, America" She said.


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