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"I'm done," Santana exasperated, closing her laptop down and gathering her papers together.

"I'll see you tomorrow Lopez," Kurt replied. "Bright and early," He added with a thumbs up and a sarcastic tone which Santana picked up on.

She shook her head and smiled at her co worker before heading towards the lift. Upon entering the car park, she hears faint giggling coming from inside a nearby car. As she walks past the vehicle, she sees two people inside; a boy in the drivers seat and a girl with beautiful head of blonde hair in the passengers side.

Santana rolls her eyes, "Kids." Then heads towards her car.

She enters her home 15 minutes later and starts on dinner. She decides to take a quick shower, while the dinner in the oven is cooking but it turns out to be a bad idea.

After exiting the shower and entering a room full of steam, she smells something burning in the kitchen. Santana runs out naked towards the oven and finds the dinner, completely burnt.

She mentally slaps herself for thinking she could make it back in time, then throws away her burnt dinner in the trash.

"Take out?" She stares towards her french bulldog; Stix, who perks his head up. "Good idea, I'll be back soon!" She grabs her purse and heads out of the door.

She ends up at the mall, feeling in the mood for a movie. Although being single has it's downfalls, when it comes to going to the movies, Santana can pick anyone she wants too.

As she heads to the candy counter, she notices a familiar man standing with tall, statuesque woman. The man turns around and is shocked at first, but his mouth turns to a smirk as he eyes Santana up and down.

The Latina grows uncomfortable and begins to shift on her feet nervously.

"Hello Santana," He says.

"Joe," Santana replies bluntly, avoiding his eye contact.

Santana stares over at the taller woman beside her ex husband. She gives Santana an unreadable expression but almost instantly Santana can tell she's a cocky bitch. Her raised eyebrow gives alot away.

"This is Olivia," Joe introduces the women. "She's a dentist."

"Pleasure," Olivia begins, stepping forward. "Joe's told me all about you, how you lost your son because of complications. It must've been so hard."

By this point Santana is clenching her jaw in annoyance. Her eyes are pooling with tears but she sucks in her bottom lip to control her emotions. Her son was her world, her son was the best thing to ever happen to Santana.

Losing him drove the woman into endless amounts of paperwork and isolation. She grew depressed for a while, but managed to spend her time at work rather than procrastinating. She knew if she found herself without anything to do, she would harm herself.

"Excuse me," A voice says out of nowhere.

Santana sees her boss' daughter, Brittany, emerge from out of thin air it appears. She approaches Olivia with a sweet smile, but her eyes tell a different story.

"You're disrupting my soda drinking," Brittany says, which confuses the older couple.

Santana purses her lips to hold back a laugh, then looks towards Olivia who is growing impatient by the second.

It's funny to see how much a teenager can effect an older woman. Olivia doesn't give the young blonde a second thought, Santana thinks. But when her and Brittany were first introduced, Santana couldn't help but take in the young girls beauty and confidence. Santana didn't want to admit it, but Brittany effected her in a way she couldn't describe.

"Soda's bad for your teeth sweetheart," Olivia replies in a high pitched whine.

"Then why are you drinking it?" Brittany asks, before opening the lid off her drink and pouring it down Olivia's face.

Joe's face turns bright red but before he can do anything, Santana grabs Brittany's arm and pulls her away.

When they're in a more secluded area, Brittany feels the Latina let go of her and she loses the warmth she felt for those few precious seconds.

"You shouldn't have done that," Santana says firmly.

"The bitch deserved it," Brittany replies with a shrug of her shoulders. "Listen Santana, I've got to get back to my friends but I'll see you around," She offers the brunette a tight lipped smile before disappearing from view.

Santana sighs and leans against the wall behind her. She slowly slides down it, aware that no one is around to see her odd behavior. Her hands find the sides of her face and she immedietely feels the warmth there.

She had become flustered in Brittany's presence. No, that couldn't be it. It had to be her being in the presence of her ex husband and his new trophy girlfriend.

Santana decides to carry on with what she came here for. She buys a ticket to the most depressing movie, recommended by the pimple faced teen at the candy counter.

An hour and forty five minutes pass and the credits roll up on the screen. Santana is somewhat greatful that the movie finished. She didn't have enough tissues in her purse to go on for another hour.

She exits the theatre and notices Brittany with a few of her friends by the fountain. Santana wants to walk as fast as she can but there is an elderly couple infront of her that decides to look in every store they pass.

The pathway is narrow, leaving Santana with fewer options. She finally finds an opening and slides past the couple. She then looks back towards the teens and notices Brittany getting intimately close with one of the boys.

He's whispering in her ear and the blonde is giggling. Santana smiles sadly at the sight, not realizing that Brittany has seen her. They stare at eachother for a solid 5 seconds before Santana turns away and shrugs off any unfamiliar feeling inside of her.

Brittany drops her gaze, awkwardly rejoining in the conversation with her other friends, leaving the boy that was flirting with her to sigh heavily.

Santana returns home, still feeling the unrecognizable emotion coursing through her. She thinks seeing Brittany chatting happily with her friends, made her feel jealous that she wasn't able to have that as a teen.

She then thinks about the intensity and meaning behind Brittany's stares. She believes Brittany's as curious as she is about the other girl. They seem to be automatically drawn to eachother, neither girl can explain the feeling.

As Santana whistles for Stix to follow her to her room, she thinks about the possible friendship growing between her and Brittany.

Are they friends? Are they even allowed to be friends? Santana finds Brittany intriguing. The way she talks, the way Kurt said she was deep and sensative. Santana needs someone like Brittany in her life to remind her of everything she missed out on as a teenager.

Even if they aren't really friends, they could still talk. Maybe they are aquaintances who could be potential friends. With that thought in mind, Santana smiles to herself.

Stix wraps himself up into a ball and cuddles close to the brunette. They then both fall into a deep slumber.

"Where were you Britt?" Mr. Pierce asks, placing his dirty plate in the sink.

"Movies with friends," Brittany says simply before heading towards her room.

"Brittany," The blonde stops and turns to face her father. "I won't be able to pick you up from school tomorrow, so you'll have to find your own way home."

Brittany sighs before nodding towards her dad in understanding. She then pads the stairs to her bedroom, letting out a heavy sigh as she slumps down on her bed.

She relives the events at the mall, thinking about much hurt Santana would've felt when that woman mentioned something about her son. The truth is Brittany didn't even hear the woman's exact words, but she knew they were hurtful judging by Santana's expression.

Brittany couldn't help but see a lonely, broken woman every time she layed eyes on the brunette. She looks like she needs a friend, outside of work. Someone to tell secrets too, someone to take her around the city at night to witness the beauty of the shining lights.

The blonde shakes her head, knowing it isn't realistic to be friends with one of her dad's employees. Talking isn't such of a terrible thing though, they could always converse if Brittany were to stop by at her dad's work again.

Brittany's eyes begin to flutter close, leaving her with the final image of Santana's sad smile which showed so much, yet so little.

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