So, so, so, so, here you go again.

You leave the bookmark in my chosen book for your chosen song

And I don't want to hear your song

For it makes my face itch

I don't want to hear your smell

For it makes my outdoor or tennis, or climbing boots or sporty comfy Never, Idiotic, Knotted, Electrician shoes come on

And now you judge and unsheath your red pen

And mare, snap stare and try to stick your finger before the typing keys so my fingertips can't touch

And this entire time I try, and try and beg and plead and try to get that smell of you off me, with a thousand washes of rape

Doves don't bleed enough over my scales to wash you clean.

Do I hate you. Well, read on you interruption of marriage

I was married into Christ and I live in Christ, but it takes the fattest witch in the world to break that ring. . .you did. Congrads cunt.

Can I man be rape?

Why yes He can

Especially a miserable whore like me

So you place your bookmark to teach me to read

You place your eraser in my mouth and crush my American Spirit with your Feminine-ist revolver door and wishes of unclean moors and a white hanky so you can be choked like a pig, like you deserve and beg and plead and want. . .

See the worst thing you can do to someone is nothing at all. . .and Nature is the sharpest bullet and you eat all the Dragonflies, Ice, and EC2 and you'll never get the smell of me off you, because you have burned into your flabby brain. . .

And I hate you. I hate you. I hate every moment of your voice. I hate every particle of your hotdog smell. I hate every idiotic laugh you try to fake. I hate your hedonist inhale and your hydro heaven. I hate your laced fakeness and your flab.

And blow your raping hands all over my crooked chest

And swallow my Cain's mark. And lick my mountain heart. For you will never taste again. . .inhale. Breath. Breath. Inhale. For that is all a mother is. . .

And my heart doesn't beat loud enough for you

Is this hate?

Why, yes it is!

Was it rape

Why yes it was

Do I hate you

More than hate itself

Fuck the eightfold path, I'm leaving

And this is my revenge

Die like the Jack landed card horse you are

And die again

Laugh at my rhythm and cry at the rhyme.

Why yes it is. . .

For these words carry me faster than any four cylinder or

Snapshot lie

And so let me go

Crook your head to the side like a frothing cockerspaniel

And laugh at your Iphones and Android slobbers. . .and your missed calls and forged banknotes. . .laugh at my, "so let me gos'"

Your getting it now aren't ya. . . need more than the law to track me down now. . .don't ya. . .


So, so, so, sos, sos here you are again

Help, help. Nine one one. Nine one one. SOS. SOS.

This boats going down and you ate the captain. So now we're all dead, you smelly whore. . .

Take a bite, do it again, raise your children and spit on the ground

A seventy million dollar face and the hint of Muse and your interruption and deface won't effect me

Fuck Wilco

Fuck the ticket masters. . .

Fuck Walmart

Fuck Abercrombie and Fitch

And fuck Polo

And Fuck your style

Fuck the rockstars

Fuck the stoners

Fuck your bars

And your loners

And fuck your herb

And your big shits and awaiting flushes

And fuck your turds (children boy and girl)

Fuck your breath.

This is real.

So, so, so, so, sos, sos, sos won't help you now

So, so, so, so, so, so so, here you are again.

Remember, here you are again.