Title: Aftermath
Author: Alex_Diesel
Disclaimer: None of the characters from Fast and the Furious belong to me, though I wish they did!lol anybody else you see, but don't recognize, is mine!
Summary: After TFATF. Alternate universe ending! Letty leaves Leon and the team in Mexico.
Parings: Letty/?, Dom/?
Feedback: Love it! Can't live without it!

**This is just a little something I wrote 2 years ago to get me back n2 the swing of writing…hope you Goddesses' enjoy. I posted it at another site, so I thought I'd post it here too for whoever hasn't read it. It's already complete so it wont take forever to update but please leave your reviews of what you think about it. I'd appreciate it. THANKS again.**

Chapter 1

"I love you Letty." Dom whispered in my ear as he slowly made love to me. I slid my hands across his head feeling his stubble hair. I leaned up, kissing his forehead as he bent down to nip at my collar bone. "Look at me papi," Dom's eyes landed on mine, dark and glossed over. "wassup mami?" I gazed at him deeply. "Dom, don't ever leave me." My needing him so much was my big insecurity, but I knew that he loved me. He kissed me passionately and breathed "never." An hour later we layed in bed side by side still butt naked, my legs on top of his and his hand over my belly. I smiled at Dom and was about to say something when he yelled my name "Letty!" I blinked, startled and thought why is he yelling at me "Letty!" again, with the yelling..i started feeling dizzy and closed my eyes. "Letty!" Wake up baby!" I groaned quietly and open my eyes…my eyelids felt heavy.

Mia was crying on Leon's shoulder and Dom was hovering over me. He had blood on his shirt and I frowned, confused not knowing what was going on. I went to sit up and gasped out in pain. "Oh shit!" I suddenly remembered everything: The truck heist, the shot gun, Vince and my car flipping…and Leon coming back to get me, not Dom.

Dominic sighed and spoke in a gruff and hurried tone. "Stay with me Letty. You gotta get outta here; go to the doctor in Mexico. You and Leon leave now and I'll meet you both in a couple of days." I just sat there for a minute trying to take it all in at once. "Letty, you hear me? Come on, get up." Dom wrapped his arm around me and swoop me up with no effort and walked outside. He stuck me in the car and had this tense look on his face. "Dom…" I choked out and he glanced at me. "yeah?" I silently just watched his eyes…and I saw his hardness suddenly fade a little bit, his shoulders relaxed and he crouched down to my level and looked at the ground. "I'm sorry Letty. I know this is my fault. I told you nothing would happen and-," I stuck my hand over his mouth. "No, Dom, no. Not now." I kissed his soft dry lips as I caressed his cheek and he gently squeezed my thigh with his hand. I pulled back an inch and spoke. "Just find Jesse and get to Mexico." He nodded. "Of course Letty. I'll be there as soon as I can. I promise..."

I sat back in the seat, closing my eyes and Dom got up and spoke to Leon for a second and then we were on our way to Mexico. I wondered for awhile whether or not I should've told him I loved him, but he should know I do…always would. Besides, he hadn't said it to me…it had been awhile since he had and I felt like he really meant it: what does that mean? Maybe I'm over analyzing everything; my head was still a little fuzzy. I ended up dozing off after we passed San Diego.

"Letty?" Leon whispered and nudged my shoulder. I looked around and we were in front of a hospital and it was night time. "I don't wanna go to hospital anymore. I'm actually feeling a lot better." Leon rolled his eyes and started to pull me out of the car. "come on girl. You need to be seen." I grabbed my ribs as he helped me out and then half fell into the wheelchair sum lady had for me. We went inside and the lady said she'd get us help as soon as possible.

The next morning I waited outside in a wheelchair for Leon. I had insisted that he go to house and put everything away so I didn't have to. I placed my hand over my tummy, still shocked by the news the doctor had given me. Pregnant…me, Letty, pregnant. I know I always dreamed of having kids but the reality of it happening is a trip. Me? And a baby? And Dom? I couldn't wait to see what he'd think. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Leon's engine down the street. I was quiet the whole drive so when we pulled up to the house Leon asked me what was wrong and I just kinda stared at him and then smiled. "I'm pregnant."

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