Title: AFtermath
author: alex_diesel
Disclaimer: None of the characters from TFATF belong to me, though i wish they did!
Pairings: Dom/Letty, Brian/Mia, Leon/Nina, Vince/?
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Okay so…sorry if there's any mistakes and that it's been taking forever. I don't have a laptop anymore so I get on when I can but I'll get them up faster. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed. Means a lot and I'm super happy about all those who 'favorite' my story. My heart goes out to you all . hope life is treating everyone well! One Love


WARNING! Explicit sexual content…really. So if you don't like that kind of thing skip first couple paragraphs. ha-ha

Letty's pov

We kissed for a long time, just relishing in the taste of each other. When we pulled apart for breath I playfully pushed Dominic back and crawling down the length of his body. I kissed his leg, his thigh, then Kissed his cock through his briefs and moved to his belly….licking my way to his flat male nipples; Dom squirmed a little and tried to grab my ass, but I swatted his hands away. Grabbing his wrist in my hands and forcing them back on the bed. He chuckled, raising his eyebrows. "Okay Okay…pushy."

Trading places worked for me sometimes. I glided my nails down his arm, then his pecs and ripped abs. Taking off his briefs and throwing them on the floor. I bent over and sucked on the tip of his cock gently then ran the pad of my tongue down the length of him; only to suck little kisses back to the top and inflict the same torture on the other side. Dom grabbed the back of my head and kinda pushed me down on his dick. I grunted and he took his hand off. "My bad," He chuckled and I quickly took him fully in my mouth catching him by surprise. I could only get about a little more than half of his hot throbbing cock in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down and he rose his hips, Faster and faster, causing me to gag but I just stayed there, not coming up for air.

After 15 seconds of that, I popped my lips off of him, gasping and wiping my mouth. I sat up, taking my underwear off and then I positioned myself above him and rocked my hips, rubbing my wet clit on the tip of his hard dick. He tried to push up but I put both hands on his hips to keep him down. I smirked. "Don't do anything…It's my show right now." I played with his nipples as I took him inside me, a little at a time then sliding him all the way out and going further and further down till I finally just slammed down on him. He groaned. "mmm…damn Letty…" and he grabbed my hips and just started rocking me. I tried to gain the control back but he wasn't having it. He dug his fingers into my hips and was just thrusting up into my pussy hard but slow.

He squeezed and jiggled my ass, slapping it hard about 3 times, moaning. "Fuck," every time. He was rubbing all over me as I rode him, then he gave me that, 'oh shit', look. He gasped out, "I'm sorry baby, but Ima cum. It feels too good." I just smiled and shrugged…I didn't really care…pleasing him was enough for me right now. I leaned down, hovering over him and putting my breast right in his face. I popped my booty up and down faster, hearing the slapping of our hips and juices together. Dom pulled my bra cups down and started sucking on my nipples. I bit my lip and felt myself starting to take off. But right when it was feeling bomb for me I felt him pump two more times hard and then he came…jerking his body under me and his eyes rolled back as his breathing started to slow.

After awhile, he slid his slumbering dick out of me and threw a sheet over both of us then rolled over, getting something out of the nightstand draw. I watched him curiously and he turned back towards me, laying sideways he grinned and handed me a box. It wasn't your typical velvet ring box. It was a hard casing and it looked old. I gasped when I opened it: inside was a pearl ring with tiny diamonds encircled around it. The ring was beautiful…it had more of a regal beauty rather than flashy. Remembering it was his mothers' ring, and his dads' mothers' before that and so on. I gave him a look, "Oh my God Dominic….are you sure you want me to have this…I mean, it's like a family air loom." Dom leaned closer to me, taking the pearl ring out and slipping it easily on my finger and then kissing my hand.

"And you're my family." He stated. Dom looked down for a couple seconds then back up at me smiling, looking just blissfully happy. "Letty I love you. Shit, you're really it for me, I can't see anybody else. And no other woman was meant to wear this but you…" I smiled and kissed him. "I love you too. I'm honored Dom. Thank you." He searched my eyes and looked touched: he knew that I understood how important this ring was and what it meant to him. After another round of making love, slow and sweet we decided to get some rest. I was wrapped up in Dom's arms; we were both lying on our sides facing each other, watching one another till he drifted off to sleep.

I gazed at his sleeping face... the lines around his eyes and mouth relaxed, eyes shut, mouth slightly open and his breathing was shallow. I glanced back at the ring on my finger in awe and bliss. This was how it was meant to be. And I was going to let myself enjoy every minute of our life together now. I wasn't going to start stupid fights for no reason, and get irritated because Dom left the toilet seat up…or the toothpaste cap open. I had learned that not having those imperfections of Dom in my life; wasn't what I wanted. I had wanted him, all of him: on his good days and his bad...I just wanted Dominic Toretto and now I have him again, and I always will.


I yawned and opened my eyes to find my room filled with the brightness of the sun. I looked next to me for my mom but she wasn't there. I sat up frowning and threw on my sweats and crept out of my room downstairs. No one was awake yet so I made myself a piece of toast and hopped on the Xbox. 30 minutes later I heard the basement door open and saw Vince or uncle V emerge in a pair of black basketball shorts and no shirt. He padded over to the couch scratching at his scruffy beard and poped my shoulder lightly. "What you doing up so early… it's only 7 am." I shook my head, shrugging. "I just woke up. I'll probably go back to sleep. Are you gonna make breakfast?"

Uncle V burst out laughing and said. "Fuck NO. Pardon my French." I blinked in surprise by his outburst and turned my attention back to my game. He stepped around the front of the couch and gave me a lopsided smile. "I'm just fucking with you. What do you want to eat kid?" I didn't know if I should just say never mind or actually have this old brute cook for me. He was the nicest-mean guy I had ever met. "Oh yeah and Promise me you won't tell your moms I said 'fuck' around you." He growled out. I didn't fully know how to respond to him so I just nodded. "Ok. Some bacon and eggs would be nice." He rushed off to the kitchen and I heard metal pans banging around and soon after heard the sizzle of bacon and the aroma filled the room making my stomach growl but I ignored it.

"You're up early," I turned at the sound of my mom's voice and smiled widely. "Good morning mom." She rubbed my buzzed head and kissed it. "Morning, Is your uncle cooking?" I nodded and look up at her. "yeah, can you go make sure he doesn't spit in my food. I don't think he likes me very much." I half-heartedly joked and my mom chuckled pushing my head. "Be nice." She disappeared behind the swinging door and heard the faint ringing of my phone upstairs. I ran to my room and answered it before it hung up. "Hello?"

"Hi baby. I was just calling to say I'm back in Miami." It was Aunt Tracey. "that's good. I'm glad you're safe." I heard her sniff through the phone and I wasn't sure if she was crying or had a cold but I stayed quiet. "You know I love you DJ right?" I nodded even though she couldn't see me. "Yes, I love you too." I could mentally see her smile. "Look, I'm glad you got your dad back in your life and I'm proud of you. You're a great kid. Stay that way." I frowned but listened. "and I'm gonna miss the hell out of you boo. I hope I see you soon." I'd miss my aunt. I didn't fully understand what happened with her leaving the way she did but It was obvious she was fighting with my mom. But I didn't want her to be sad, she was important to me. "Don't worry, I'll definitely tell mom or dad to send me. maybe I'll come for New Years and we can go party." I joked dryly and she cracked up.

"Boy please…You crack me up. Maybe when you're older I'll hold you to that ok?" I smiled. "Sure." When she was done laughing she breathed in the phone and said "I love you DJ. Take care of your mom. I'll talk to you soon sweetie." I smiled. "I'll look after her…it's my job." Aunt Tracey chuckled softly, "yah it's your job mijo. Well talk to you soon." I said okay and hung up. I walked down to my dads' bedroom door and knocked quietly two times…when I didn't hear anything I turned the knob and opened it, peeking in.

I saw my dad sprawled out on his bed snoring lightly. I laughed and shut the door. I was happy my parents got back together. It just made me feel good, I couldn't really describe it. Plus I couldn't wait to be able to go to my dad when mom said 'NO', cause she always did. I went back downstairs, seeing uncle Vince and now Uncle Brian on the couch eating. "Wassup Uncle Brian, You get up this early too?" He nodded tiredly a mouth full of food and Uncle V chimed in. "Hell yeah Kid…gotta go to work n shit…you'll find out one of these days. Is your dad up yet?"

I shook my head, grinning. "Nah, he's still sleeping…" Uncle V and Uncle Brain looked at each other and started laughing, before going back to watching TV. I went and ate my food, grabbing a glass of orange juice then headed back to bed.

A couple hours later after I'd showered. I hung out with my mom and played with Alex. When my mom took him upstairs for a nap I sat out on the porch waiting for my dad to come get me on his lunch to go to the garage. After 10 minutes of that I got up and started walking down the long driveway kicking some rocks and then saw a house that was at the end of our drive. It was big: Probably a 5 bedroom like ours. I spotted this girl swinging on a tire that was hanging from a big tree in her backyard. She was beautiful. She had short black curly hair. Dark skin and she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen…

I walked by her fence, trying not to look obvious and then she saw me and jumped down running up to me. Oh crap. I started walking back towards the house and she yelled. "Wait! I've never seen you around here before who are you?" I stopped and looked over my shoulder. "My names DJ. I'm Dominic Toretto's son. I just moved out here…" She paused and frowned, resting her elbows on the wood railing. "Oh, I didn't know Dom had a son….damn I wonder if my cousin Olivia knows." I frowned coming closer to her. "What would it matter? Who's Olivia?" She smiled at me. She seemed really nice and she was even more perfect up close. She had light brown eyes, perfect tanned honey colored skin and dark nicely shaped eyebrows with thick eyelashes.

I almost felt like drooling and my stomach was feeling crazy. I'd never really had a crush on a girl before…usually they just got on my nerves. She spoke after she had a laughed about me oogling her. "Olivia used to date your dad. He didn't tell you? Well anyway…they broke like..a week ago…it was pretty strange and random. They were together for a minute though..i'd figured they were gonna have a big Italian wedding." I shook my head harshly, almost growling at her. "Well….you don't know how much he loves my mom. He would never be with anybody else." She caught on to my hostile, defensive attitude and stuck up her hands."Hey that's cool. I'm happy you got both your parents. Can't say the same for me; It's only me and my mom. I never got to meet my dad, but my Uncles have always been around…but it's not the same thing huh?…"

I frowned…kinda feeling the silliness of a crush starting to fade and a slight irritation setting in. this girl was pretty but she seemed weird… I turned and just started walking back to my house and she followed on her side of the fence. "Wait, where are you going? Don't you wanna know my name?" I suddenly stopped and wondered how I'd forgotten to ask her, her name. I turned back to her. "what's your name?" She smirked and popped her hip out. "Maria Raquel Sanchez. I'm 13. How old are you?" I kinda blushed. Feeling too young for her…I shrugged and said. "I'm only 9."

She chuckled flirtatiously. "You don't act 9. You're tall too. I figured you for 11 or 12." I smiled, feeling pretty good about myself. I stood up a little straighter. "Yah…I get that a lot." I heard my dads' car engine reviving around the corner and then saw him turn into the drive, looking at us through his front window. He pulled up and said wassup. "Hey, I've been meaning to introduce you two. This is my son DJ, Maria." She nodded and looked me up and down. "Yah, I know. You didn't tell me you had a son…and he's cute too."

My dad just shrugged. "What can I say, he takes after his dad." We all laughed. And Maria said bye and whispered to me before she left. I frowned pleasantly surprised by her secret. I watched her disappear into her house. I just stared until my dad cleared his throat. "DJ, you're gonna ruin it, get in the car. Never keeping staring…" I snapped outta my trance and ran on the other side, getting in. Dad turned around and headed back to the garage. He glanced at me, grinning.. "Is this your first crush?" I nodded shyly and then looked out the window. My Dad let out a baritone laugh and said. "I have a lot to teach you son…"



A couple days later I was anxious to see Maria again. We talked every morning since we met and it was already 11:30, she was gonna leave soon and I had to go to the garage. I quickly ate some food and ran towards the front door and I heard my mom yell. "DJ?" I looked up to see her coming down the stairs with Alex and Aunty Mia. "Where are you going off to in such a hurry?" I thought about telling moms about Maria but not in front of everybody. "I'm just gonna wait for dad outside. It's not a big deal. Is that alright?" My mom gave me a look and nodded slowly. "Yah that's fine… just slow down. " I grinned. "Okay mom," and rushed out the door, fast pacing down the drive.

I didn't see Maria when I got there. I waited for 10 minutes but she didn't come out. Darn'it, I guess I missed her…man if my mom hadn't held me up. I sighed sadly and went back up to the house. I was sitting on the steps when I heard a car pull up, but it didn't sound like my dad's. It was a white Range Rover with black trimming, it parked and two girls stepped out. The driver was about 5'7, brown hair cut with a long straightened bang on the right side and the rest was spiked out in the back. She was in a baby blue Adidas sweat suit and had some black shades on…she pushed them down and looked at me over the brim of them…

She got this big smile on her face and ran to me. I backed up and froze when she hugged me. She pulled away smiling and I just frowned up at her. "You must be DJ right?" I nodded and kinda pulled outta her grasped. "And who are you?" she swatted her hand at me playfully. "I'm your Aunt Lilly. It's so great to finally meet you, Gosh you look so much like your dad!" she put her shades on her head and I saw her piercing green eyes. She giggled, whining. "You're just adorable! How old are you?" I laughed uncomfortably saying. "Thanks…and I'm 9." she could tell I was thinking she was a little off, so she backed up giving me my space back. "Sorry…I know I'm probably freaking you out. My fault; I'm your dads' sister: The baby."

I nodded. "Okay. That's cool. He told me about you. It's nice to meet you too." I saw another woman walk up, dragging a big suit case behind her. She was holding a notebook lap top case in her other hand with a Japanese manga book on top. She was maybe 5'5. She was light skinned and had green eyes also and blondish-brown long hair that was in a French braid and the tail of it hung over her shoulder stopping at the bottom of her breast. I quickly averted my eyes and look at her green Chuck Taylors and noticed she had on some dark blue jean shorts and a green tank top.

I smiled at her and stuck my hand out. "Hi I'm DJ. Nice to meet you." she kinda fumbled with her stuff and then shook my hand. "Hi, wow, well aren't you a polite young man. Not too many of those left. I'm Dezi." After the introductions my Aunt Lilly draped her arm over my shoulders and we headed up the porch, going inside. Aunt Lilly smiled saying. "Let's go find your mom. I haven't seen her in forever.