I can't stop my tears.

Bruno… my innocent baby brother…

Okay, he wasn't that much younger than me. A few minutes. But still.

No one knows what happened to him. We found him sprawled on the side walk, unconscious, blood running down his face, from his ears and mouth. The doctors don't even know what happened.

I alone have to figure it out. It's my duty as his brother.

I stand up. I can't bare the sight of his dying body anymore.

I leave the hospital and go home.

A surprise waits for me in my room.

There's a disk sitting on my computer chair, labeled ".circuitdream".

Curiously, I put it into my computer and install it.

It's a game.

Who could have left this here?

I press the .exe file and the game loads.

To my horror, a loading screen comes up. And on it is a distorted vision of Bruno.

My heart almost fails. I scream and fall backwards out of my seat.

What was going on?

Slowly, I get back up, and, heart pounding, I click the new game button.

There's a flash, and suddenly I am sprawled on the ground. I get up and rub my head.

That's when I realize that I am in 32 bits.

I'm inside the game.

I sit there, sure this is some sort of weird dream. I am in a 32 but version of my own room!

I walk over to my bedroom door and open it.

It's not my house.

It's a circuit board.

On the big chip in the middle, there are two words written.


Stemming from that chip are three paths, leading to three splits in the data. One is labeled "Suicide World." Another is labeled "Accident World." The third is labeled, "Sickness World."

Something dawns on me.

Am I supposed to explore these worlds and figure out what happened to my brother? That must mean one of the three ailments is affecting him! Either he's sick, was in an accident, or he tried to commit suicide.

What could his sickness be?

What kind of accident was he in?

Why would he want to kill himself?

I suppose I would have to find out for myself.

I took a deep breath and walked into Accident World.

I'd save Bruno, no matter what it took!