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AN: More than one person asked for a Bella and Rosalie bonding fic. I just couldn't think how to get them alone without Alice in the picture. However, you'll be pleased that this one involves not a whit of shopping (unless you count museum bookstores).

Considering Alice's ability to see the future, Bella had to admit that the pixie vampire sometimes came up with really bad ideas.

Her newest one was a bid to make sure that Bella and Rosalie spent some 'sister time' together. Bella tried to tell Alice from the outset that it was a recipe for disaster, but since Rosalie had – surprisingly – agreed to the idea, Bella finally relented, though reluctantly.

'This is a good thing,' Edward repeated one more time as he held open the passenger door of her new and completely unwanted car.

'And I disagree,' Bella repeated her answer.

Edward sighed. 'She is trying to make an effort. You have to admit that that's more than Rosalie has ever done for you. Please try to make this a pleasant trip?'

Bella glanced over at Rosalie, who was just coming out of the house. 'I'll try,' she promised him.

'Thank you,' Edward smiled and kissed her quickly.

Rosalie had agreed to come on Alice's little sister-bonding adventure only with a few stipulations. One was that she got to drive Bella's new car. Bella was completely alright with that. So far, the other Cullens had spent more time behind the wheel of it than she had and Bella was rather hoping that would continue. The second stipulation was that Rosalie got to choose the destination, so long as Alice didn't foresee any problems. Which was why they were off for a weekend getaway to Vancouver. It was close enough that Alice had wheedled Charlie into letting Bella go and far enough away to fulfil Alice's 'getaway' requirement.

'Got your passport?' Edward asked as Rosalie climbed into the driver's seat.

'Yes, Edward,' Bella sighed.

'She'll be fine,' Alice announced with her usual enthusiasm. She was taking the backseat for this trip, since it was supposed to be about Bella and Rosalie. Bella wasn't sure how making them share the front seat of a car was really going to inspire bonding.

'Then have a good trip,' he announced to the car in general and with one last peck on Bella's cheek he closed the door.

'Everyone ready?' Alice asked.

'Yes,' Bella said.

'Can we just get on with this?' Rose asked.

Alice sighed, loudly. 'All yours sister. But Bella gets to pick the music, remember.'

The car was, of course, equipped with an amazing sound system that Bella had so far ignored. She was sure Emmett had given it a go already though.

'Yes, yes,' Rosalie responded, sounding even more annoyed. 'But if I have to listen to Mozart for the next two hundred miles, I'm going to rethink that.'

'I don't like Mozart,' Bella admitted.

Rosalie gave her an appraising look, but finally nodded. 'Then it's your choice,' she said and handed over the iPod.

It was not one Bella recognised. 'Who's is this?'

'Mine,' Alice told her. 'But I put a whole bunch of new stuff on it. There's a few playlists, but you can pick whatever you want.'

Bella scrolled through the options. It was hard to tell what music was in each playlist, just based on their titles. She finally picked one at random.

The first song that came over the car's state of the art sound system was not one she recognised, but Rosalie smiled a bit. Bella decided that was a good start.

'Can I go now?' their driver asked.

'Yes!' Alice announced in a voice that clearly suggested even her patience level with Rosalie's mood would not last long.

Edward gave one final wave from the front porch as they drove off and Bella cast a longing look his way. Three days without her fiancé wasn't high on her list of things to do. But then, at least she'd gotten her own stipulation in for this trip. It had taken a bit of needling, but Rosalie had finally chipped in her agreement. Faced with two against one, Alice had relented. There would be no shopping.

Bella had a pretty good idea that Alice would try anyways; somehow, somewhere. But at least with Rosalie on the right side, there was little worry about an afternoon spent in a mall. In fact, they planned to hit a few culture centres, take in a movie, enjoy the nice-but-not-sunny weather Vancouver offered, and pretend for a few days that they were all typical teenage girls. Bella was particularly looking forward to this last part, since none of the three of them would normally fall into that category.

It was a pleasant drive around the National Forest and up to the ferry at Port Townsend. Bella had only been that far once before, on a summer visit with Charlie. He'd driven up to Deception Pass State Park for a weekend. Since Bella hadn't liked the great outdoors at nine anymore than she liked them at eighteen, it had been a less than pleasant trip. And there had been fishing involved. Which she really hadn't appreciated.

They stopped in Bellingham to allow her a human moment. So far there hadn't been a single argument or even a disagreeable look from Rosalie. Bella supposed it might actually be possible that they could all be pleasant to each other for a few days, but Monday still seemed a long way off.

At the border crossing a cute young guard did his level best not to flirt with Rosalie, though the blond vampire was making it very hard for him. Still, he waved them through with only a few easy questions. Bella felt a little sorry for the man, since he'd probably broken protocol, all thanks to Rosalie's dazzling charms.

They checked into the hotel for a late lunch, at least for the human third of the trio. Bella had also talked Alice out of the most expensive hotel in the city, so they were at the Hilton instead.

Since the afternoon was warm, but nicely overcast, Alice suggested a trip to Stanley Park at the north side of the city. They drove the car up and spent the next few hours walking the well kept paths. Rosalie even suggested a brief trip to the aquarium and seemed quite happy to wander around looking at fish for an hour. Alice managed about ten seconds in the gift shop before Rosalie bodily dragged her out, not at all happy that a stipulation had already been broken.

'Sorry, Bella,' Alice apologised. 'I thought I'd look for something for Carlisle. This is one of his favourite cities.'

'Really?' Bella asked, curious as always about any family history.

'Yes, we lived here in the late 70s. It's a great city, really and the weather usually cooperates,' she winked.

'It seems pretty nice,' Bella had to admit. Though they'd so far only driven through it, what she had seen from the highway looked nice enough, especially on the south side of town. And Stanley Park was certainly better than anything in Phoenix. City parks were nice, since they allowed a person to see a lot of green without really being in the 'outdoors'. A slow stroll through an urban park was preferable to an afternoon hike through the Olympic forest.

Dinner ended up as room service. Bella didn't have a single complaint, because it was easier for her travelling companions and a lot more fun than some fancy expensive restaurant. That would wait until Saturday.

'How about a movie?' Alice suggested, with a pointed look at her sister.

'Sure,' Rosalie shrugged, a move that sent a strand of golden hair falling over her shoulder. Bella had no idea how shrugging could be graceful, but Rosalie managed it.

'You can pick,' Bella suggested. 'You let me chose the music in the car.'

There was an almost uncomfortably long pause. 'Okay,' Rose finally said. 'Thanks,' she added after a beat.

Bella gave her a tentative smile. So far, so good.

They ended up watching The Producers on one of the pay channels. It seemed the least likely to cause anyone to throw something at the TV and they all agree that a chick flick was out.

None of them had actually seen it yet, a fact that surprised Bella a bit, since Alice and Rosalie had a lot of time on their hands. When she happened to say exactly that out loud, Rosalie snorted softly, in a very ladylike way.

'We don't spend our endless hours of time watching every movie that's ever been made. Most of us read or have a hobby. I spend most of my time in the garage.'

'Oh, right,' Bella admitted. 'You really like cars?'

That got a smile. 'I understand them. I find automatic engineering interesting; I've studied it before. Mostly, I just like fiddling with them. And it's fun to make the 'sports' cars we buy go faster.'

'Huh,' Bella said. 'I don't really...get cars.'

'I'll be that changes,' the blond challenged. 'Especially when you see what Edward bought for –'

'No!' Alice cried. 'You can't tell her! It's a surprise!'

'Alice, it's not like I'm even going to know what it is if you do,' Bella admonished. 'But if Rosalie already likes it, I'm probably going to hate it.'

'Maybe,' was all Rosalie said.

'Maybe we can watch the movie?' Alice seemed to be a bit annoyed. Considering her sister and best friend had just had the longest conversation of their lives thus far, Bella thought she could be a little less sarcastic.

'Sure, Alice,' she said aloud.