They looked at each other for a whole minute in silence, not saying a word. Neither Dean nor Amber were able to avert their eyes, their gazes seemed to be glued to one another. Eventually, Dean managed to overcome the shock of coming upon a half-drunk Amber and stepped over the paper bags with food that he had dropped onto the floor, making his way cautiously over to the little table in the middle of the motel room.

He took a seat across from her and folded his arms, frowning. He didn't want to be the first to speak up, fearing the emotional conversation and tried to prevent it by keeping silent. And maybe Amber wouldn't want to confide in him, so he left it to her to decide whether she wanted to talk to him or not.

Amber looked down at her hands and let out a sigh. She felt the need to tell Dean everything; she knew she could trust him. Spending the past week and a half with him she got to see that he was a decent guy.

"Jake called. We had an ugly fight." Her voice was raspy because of the amount of alcohol she had drunk.

Dean thought about her words. To drag out the reply she was expecting, he took her empty glass and poured some whisky from the half-full bottle. Taking a sip, he let the liquor explode on his tongue, revelling in the way it burned down his throat when he swallowed. It helped him concentrating, finding the right words.

Placing the empty glass back on the table, he looked Amber straight in the eye. "What does he want from you?"

"To go hunting with him again. When all of this is over and I'm not wanted for murder any longer, of course."

Dean raised an eyebrow, clearly getting curious. "But you're done with this job and told him no, right?"

"Right. But he wouldn't accept my answer."

"Wow. He really does want you to come with him. Let me guess." Dean said, leaning back in his chair with a smirk. "He tried to sweet-talk you."

"Yeah. And if he were someone else I might've given in and..." Amber broke off, an insecure smile playing on her lips. She never felt anything even close to shame but now she was too embarrassed to admit that she wanted to go hunting again. She was on edge, partly because Dean always made her nervous and partly because of what she was about to tell him. She wasn't sure why she was talking to him about Jake, so she blamed it on the alcohol. It made her act irrational.

"Really? Not surprising." He replied nonchalantly. Amber stared at him wide-eyed at a loss for words, his reaction surprised her. Was she that see-through?

"But you don't wanna work with your buddy Jake, huh?" Dean was dying to know what the freaking deal with that Jake Harris was. He wondered what the guy could have possibly done to make her hate him that much.

"Yeah, and there's a good reason for that. I wish for that jerk to go to hell." Amber got up and dizziness overpowered her at the sudden movement, but she ignored it and walked around the table until she was standing in front of Dean.

Dean watched her in confusion, but didn't dare to say anything. He sensed that she needed to get something off her chest.

"It was a werewolf hunt." She started with a severe expression; Dean had never seen that look on her face before.

"At first we thought we were dealing with only one wolf, but then it turned out to be almost a dozen of them." Amber smiled bitterly and Dean realized that this story wouldn't end well.

"We'd already killed the leader and a few others. Only one wolf was left but we weren't fast enough and it escaped. Now it was hunting us and it was bad, Dean, really really bad. We knew we weren't going to survive that hunt. But then Jake had an idea how to trap and kill the thing." Amber stopped talking and closed her eyes. This was the hardest part. If she told Dean the rest there would be no way back.

"It's okay." Dean's deep voice sounded through the room, calming her nerves and she looked back at him.

"You don't have to tell me." He could only guess what had happened.

"No, I want to, Dean. We're constantly together and it doesn't look like it's gonna end soon. So I want you to know the whole story, I need you to know about that part of my life."

When she saw that she had his attention and he was listening, she stepped a little closer and continued with a heavy sigh. "Jake had a plan, but unfortunately, he didn't care to share with the rest of the class. So he used me as bait without telling me."

Dean exhaled a heavy breath, feeling a little nautious. Amber almost died on that hunt and Jake didn't care. Quite the contrary, he had been willing to sacrafice her that day only to get the job done. It was silent in the room as Dean processed everything. He took another sip of whisky, staring off into the distance.

Amber let out a bitter laugh and spoke up again. "Later, Jake told me I overreacted. But the reason why I'm still alive, why I'm still here is because I'd been damn lucky that day. Somehow I'd been fast enough to get away before the wolf could've ripped me apart. And then Jake appeared out of nowhere and killed it. Which was the easy part."

"Huh." Dean stated, shaking his head. "Unbelievable. Amber, I don't even..." He was too shaken up and didn't notice the look in Amber's eyes.

Amber licked her bottom lip nervously and then took another step towards him; she was standing in front of him now, her legs touching his knees.

Dean raised an eyebrow when she moved closer and looked up at her. She was so close to him, he could feel her hot skin through the fabric of her jeans - and to his surprise it made him nervous. It was such an unfamiliar feeling; Dean never got nervous in the presence of women. He tried to ignore it but it was hard, his body reacted in an instant.

"I'd been fast but not fast enough, you know." Amber said and started to pull up the seam of her top, revealing her stomach and stopped at her belly button. "And the werewolf left me with this."

Dean's eyes roamed over the naked flesh; he saw a bit of Amber's anti-possession tattoo under the waistband of her jeans on the left side of her body. His attention was immediately drawn to the huge scar across her stomach, right above the tattoo. Three long scratches that were unmistakably left there by a werewolf's claw, deforming her soft skin.

"Holy..." His eyes widened in horror and he looked back up at her, totally shocked.

"Yup. I've had this for about six months now. But, hey, it's either this scar or being ripped apart by a werewolf, so I shouldn't complain, right?" She tried to smile to ease the tension because she couldn't stand the way he was looking at her, but her smile was fake.

"Oh baby." Dean said quietly. He could see right through her and knew how present the hunt for her still was. She still hadn't gotten over it. Taking her off guard, he lifted his hand and traced one of the scratches with his finger tips.

Amber held her breath in surprise at Dean's unexpected reaction and remained still for a few seconds. But the feathery touch quickly sparked a fire inside her and this time she wasn't able to resist any longer.

Amber wanted and needed Dean so much, she straddled his lap without inhibition and pressed her mouth on his, finally joining their lips for the first time. She was too emotional after sharing such an incisive experience and was seeking comfort.

Dean's libido quickly took control and he didn't hesitate for a second; as soon as her body pressed to his torso, his arms pulled her automatically in and he started to kiss her back just as fiercely.

Amber's hot wet tongue parted Dean's lips demandingly, eager to finally explore his mouth. Dean gladly let their tongues meet, groaning at the feel. He quickly realized that kissing her wasn't enough and when Amber pulled his bottom lip between her teeth and bit down, he acted on impulse and got up, quickly crossing the tiny room.

Amber clinged on to him, not allowing their mouths to part. Tongues battling and teeth clashing as neither of them was willing to decrease the intensity of their kiss.

When Dean felt his legs hit the bed, he gently put her down and got on top of her, his hands already wandering down her body to feel every curve. Amber's arms and legs were still wrapped around Dean's neck and waist, she was holding onto him for dear life fearing he might pull back if she let go.

Dean didn't want to pull away. Amber felt so good beneath him and he couldn't get enough. He ground his hips against hers and Amber gripped his hair tight in response and dug her heels in his ass. They were kissing heatedly, attacking each other's mouths without reluctance and moaning loudly.

The way Dean's hot tempting tongue moved against hers, caressing it and leaving her breathless, drove her insane. Her mind was clouded from the alcohol and she felt dizzy, but she wasn't that drunk - she knew exactly what was happening. She couldn't wait to finally feel him deep inside.

Dean buried one hand in her dark brown curls and forced her to give him even more as he continued to kiss her passionately. Amber's hands moved roughly down his back and slipped under his shirt to feel his hot flesh and hard muscles, another deep moan escaped her lips and Dean groaned when he felt her soft hands wandering across his skin. His head was already spinning and he wondered what it would be like if her tiny hand caressed his...He let out a low moan at the thought, feeling his rock hard erection trapped in his jeans, begging to be freed. It was painful and he would explode soon.

Amber was disappointed at first when Dean's mouth left hers, but then she felt his lips on her neck, leaving a wet trail down to her breasts. She made a noise that sounded a lot like a sob when Dean licked teasingly along her cleavage. It was too much, she couldn't take it any longer. She was so wet and needed him to fill her up already.

Gathering all her strength she flipped them over in one swift movement. Dean was shocked when Amber was suddenly on top, smiling devilishly down at him. She was in control now. She caressed him teasingly through his pants and then began to work his belt open, but Dean recovered quickly and grabbed her hands roughly, burying her underneath his body again. He grinned at her surprised expression and leaned in to kiss her neck again.

Amber threw her head back to give him better access and her hand snuck its way down his jeans. She wanted to torture him a little, running her fingers lightly over his covered erection. She could feel how ready he was and it turned her on even more, she wanted to touch his length but forced herself to hold out a little longer and continued to tease him through his boxers instead. She felt his breath against her skin, heard his deep pleasured groans in her ear and it made her feel powerful.

"Dean..." She breathed out when his mouth found that spot behind her ear. "I want much...please."

Strangely, her words snapped Dean out of the haze and he came to his senses. He pulled away and looked down at her, baffled. Fuck! What the hell was he doing? He couldn't do this to Amber. She was drunk and vulnerable at the moment and didn't know what she was doing. If he had sex with her now, most likely she would regret it in the morning. And he would hate himself for taking advantage of her.

"Amber...we need to stop." He choked out and gripped her hand to stop her from touching him.

Amber didn't listen to him, she snaked her hands tightly around his body and attacked his neck. She licked down his throat and Dean gritted his teeth, forcing himself to stay strong. He wanted nothing more than to give in the pleasure. He had waited long enough to have her and the past days have been pure torture, being locked in a motel room or the Impala with Amber all the time. He knew he deserved it to have some fun since he had contained himself for almost two weeks. But he didn't want her to hate him.

"Amber...come on. This is a bad idea." He tried again, but Amber was still clinging on to him.

"Stop talking, Dean." She whispered against his lips. Her voice was husky because of the whisky, tempting him to cross the line. "Don't lie to me, I know you want me. I can feel it."

"Baby, please...don't do this to me." Dean replied weakly, trying to focus. He couldn't believe that he was indeed begging a woman not to seduce him. And if he could he would have laughed at the irony. Amber pulled him close again and Dean cursed. "Amber, stop it. Seriously...Fuck!"

He pinned her hands down and tried to catch his breath. Her soft breasts rose and pressed to his torso whenever she took a breath. He wished he could rest his head on the full mounds. He bet, they would be the best pillow ever. He smirked, picturing it. Amber saw the smirk and thought Dean had stopped fighting. His next words were like an ice-cold shower.

"Baby, we can't do this. Please - " He said softly but Amber cut him off, by pushing him off of her.

"Fine!" She snapped and stared at the ceiling, avoiding his eyes. He had really resisted her. Apparently, he wasn't attracted to her and his body had reacted automatically to her caresses. The thought was shattering.

She turned her back on him to lie on her side. The alcohol was beginning to show its effect, she got tired and felt the need to throw up but managed to suppress it. She sighed, closing her eyes. If Dean didn't want to have sex with her, then it was his problem.

Dean was lying next to her, not sure what to say. "Baby, I'm sorry..."

He sat up and laid his hand on her arm. He was about to apologize to her again when he noticed her steady breathing; she had fallen asleep.

With a frustrated sigh he covered her up and headed to the bathroom to take care of his massive boner.

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