I don't own cherry juice

It happened the day we met and from that time on …

From this day forth you and I are brother and sister! Im otome hasaki

I hope we will get along, minami

… I (who was born on April 15th ended up as otome's (born on April12th) … younger brother by three measly days.

5 years, with the remarriage of our parents …

Shut up, ugly

Don't act like you're my older sister, butt cheek!

Whats wrong with you, idiot?

In the beginning all we did was fight, but …


I did it!

I saw them, I saw them!

Otome's panties got a patch look!



… Little by little…, we became like real siblings.

Five years later…

Happy birthday, minami-kun!

What do you jerks think you're gonna do to otome!