Near Death Experience

I raced away from the battlefield, I had to find my son, I must! Pell-mell I ran, searching desperately for them in the snowy background. I screamed his name, desperate to hear him yell back.


No answer.

Fearing for my youngest son's life, on I ran, searching over the grounds. In a moment of sense I yelled "Accio Firebolt!" It flew to my hands.

I leapt on and kicked off. Pure fear was driving me now. I hadn't heard or seen my son in ages, and no one else had either.

I feared the worst.

There! A clearing, down in the Forbidden Forrest. I touched down and ran to his side. To my misery, the worst truly had happened.

My son, Albus Severus Potter, was dead. Laying there, his green eyes, so much like my own, wide and empty. Black curls splattered against the snow, which was turning red with blood. Hers, not his.

I fell to my knees. Was this the world I had fought for? One where your sons are snatched from you just as you felt they were doing well and living happily? One where mothers lost sons? Where little sisters lost big brothers? Where big brothers lost little brothers?

A world where a father lost a son?

That was when I saw Vivian, and felt the crushing loss quadruple. Her hair was spread out like rivulets of black tears, and her blood soaked the deep snow I had found them in. Her skin was death pale, and her eyes were closed.

They were twined within one another's arms… Love's last embrace. Cuddled together as if they were sleeping. Only I knew better.

Tears flooded down my cheeks, unheedingly, as I let a scream tear from my lips. A scream that was more animal than human, really. I was blinded by sorrow and anguish, a son and a daughter lost in the same day.

Couldn't I have prevented it?

Could I have saved them?

I don't know how long I stayed there, weeping and on my knees. I finally got my head back on straight and simply stared at them.

And then… to my shock, Albus stirred, life returning to his eyes. I simply stared, dumbstruck at seeing him sit dizzily up.


This is the happiest moment of my life, I thought as I hugged him firmly.

What made it happier was that Vivian began to stir.

"Albus? Where are we?" she queried, her voice muzzy.

"We made it back, Viv. We made it!" Albus cried breathlessly, dodging out of my embrace and hugging Vivian. She winced, and he hastily let go.

I was bemused somewhat by this, but happy all the same.

"Let's get you back up to the castle, you two. Everyone's worried," I said gently, conjuring two stretchers.

Vivian gave me a grateful look as I levitated her onto it. Albus looked at me briefly as he was helped onto his stretcher, and I understood. He would tell me all when his whole audience was there, and he was less tired. I nodded in sympathy. Even though I was impatient to know what had happened, I knew Al had to take his time with things.

Albus promptly went into a sound sleep, his soft snores echoing slightly. Vivian, who wasn't asleep but looked like she needed it, smirked silently at the sound.

She thought voicelessly up at me a feeling of great contentment, and then slept herself at last.