Sophie gasped as Jack held her face, kissing her passionately. She hadn't been speaking to him for that long and now he was practically jumping at the chance to kiss her. Her heart pounded rapidly as she stayed perfectly still, not sure about this sudden kiss. Jack's hands stroked her curls and held her face, his lips moving against her trying to encourage her to respond. Sophie breathed deeply. She knew that Jack was big headed, but she couldn't help but like his confidence and cheekiness. And of course, she liked his looks. With a smile, she started to return the kiss.

Jack smirked, deepening the kiss and moving his hands down her body. He felt her flinch slightly as his hands went around the curve of her chest but he kept going until his hands were around her little waist. Sophie's arms were around his neck, her lips moving quickly against his in the deep and passionate kiss. He had clear control, running his tongue along her lips begging for a real kiss and pulling her body close to his. As he opened up for a deeper kiss, he was holding her as close as possible. Sophie breathed rapidly, shocked at how deep Jack wanted to kiss her. Jack could feel the heat rushing to that lower part of his body and moaned softly.

Sophie pulled away, panting. "That was great... But I've got to go now" She said gathering her bag and sketchbook, her cheeks red from the heat of the kiss.

"Why?" he said, completely turned on after the kiss and after holding her that close. "The next lesson doesn't start for another thirty minutes. We could go somewhere private, and 'kiss' some more"

"I would kiss you again" Sophie said knowing what he was thinking about. She stepped close to him before continuing. "But take it slow big boy. I may look small and weak, but never think you have the upper hand over me. We go at my pace, and that might be damn slow. You think about that, yeah?"

Jack gaped at her, not expecting her to be able to stand up for herself like that. He smirked."No fun for me today then?" He said, slightly irritated that she appeared to be refusing to sleep with him until she was good and ready. Nevertheless, he was even more attracted to her after her tough talking. "But, dear Sheridan, am I going to get another kiss today?"

Sophie giggled, looking him up and down, knowing that she could control him. She could guess what he meant by going somewhere private and 'kissing' some more and she wasn't going to give up her purity after one kiss. "No" She said. "You are not going to get another kiss from me today, patience is a virtue"

Jack watched her walking away, shocked at how she could control him so easily. He had always been in control of any women he tried it on with, but Sophie Sheridan confused and intrigued him. He just wanted more of her.

At the end of the day, Sophie ran up to Ali and Lisa. "You'll never guess what happened"

"What?" Lisa asked, linking her arm with Sophie's.

"I was on free period, and Jack Galway came over and started flirting with me. Saying that my drawings were almost as beautiful as me and I started blushing. I only flirted a little bit back, saying that he wasn't looking so bad himself. He leaned over me and started whispering in my ear, things like he thought I was sexy and that we would make a good couple."She said" He saw me looking him up and down and said that I obviously thought he was sexy. He said that he has a good reputation as a boyfriend. My God, he has a big ego but I like that confidence. And then guess what he did. He sat down and pulled me right kiss, he held my face and started kissing me!"

"Oh my God Sophie!" Ali said. "You pushed him away didn't you?"

Sophie giggled. "Well no" She said. "After a moment I started kissing back. He is a great kisser, I will tell you that. I heard him moan softly and I pulled away. I could tell he was turned on and he said that he wanted to take me somewhere private and 'kiss' me some more. So, Ali you were right, he wants to get into my knickers. But I'm not going to let him. I told him I would kiss him again but if he wants that he has to go at my pace which will be damn slow"

Lisa laughed "You go girl, that's how to handle the boys. Jack Galway is hot"

Ali shook her head "Who are you and what have you done with Sophie?" She said. "You're talking like you are actually considering sleeping with him"

"Ali,its not like I'm going to jump into bed with him tomorrow. So what if I kiss him, let him get flustered. That way I can tell if he's interested in me because of me and not because of my body" Sophie said. "If he is willing to wait until I am ready, I'll know that he is true"

"I guess that sounds like a good idea" Ali smiled as they walked out of school together.

"I would sleep with Jack if I got the chance" Lisa said.

Sophie laughed. "I know you would, we all now that you are not pure"

Ali rolled her eyes. "You two are crazy" She said.

Sophie smiled walking out of school and going to her car. "It will be fine Ali. Who are you? My protective older sister?" She joked.

"No, but I do think that I am the only sane on out of us three" She said getting in the car too.

"Now Sophie, If I could have this car and your lovely little figure I would be one very happy young lady" Lisa giggled.