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Chapter 1: Dreaming and Scheming

The mid-October sun beats down upon Pokey Oaks, as crisp autumn leaves fall to the ground, littering the streets and lawns. A young man with fuchsia hair by the name of Holden Wren walks down the street with a rather glum expression plastered on his face.

Holden had just come back from the bruisers' office of Townsville University, only to find out that his application to the school had been rejected. He had left the college feeling heavy hearted and dejected.

No college would accept him and the main reason for this was due to his psychopath sister Tessa, who was owner of the genetics company, Exervent. Holden turns the corner and walks down the street, sighing heavily.

Feelings of depression had been building up inside of the young man for a fortnight, since companies wouldn't hire him because of the fear of Tessa's reprisal and this had been the reason to why colleges wouldn't accept him. As the familiar sight of the Utonium house beings to loom on the horizon, Holden mouth falls open.

Many of the windows are smashed, a corner of the roof is missing and small whiffs of smoke rise from the backyard. Without thinking, Holden ascends into the air and flies in an uncontrollable pattern towards his home, crashing face first into the lawn.

The young man pushes himself off the ground, shaking his head to regain his bearings, "I should have taken Bubbles up on those flying lessons."

Holden spins around to look at the house, marches to what is left of the front door, tossing it aside onto the front lawn like it was a baseball. The inside of the house is dimly lit, while quick sparks of light come from the broken fixtures on the second floor.

Holden quickly makes his way into the den, only to find someone with a white coat in the middle of the floor.

His eyes open wide with fear and Holden runs to the person, bending down and shaking them, "PROFESSOR! GET UP! PLEASE GET UP!"

Tears form in his eyes as the young man checks his godfather's pulse, only to find there wasn't one. Holden rolls the Professor onto his back, only to find his eyes open.

A few tears fall onto the Professor's face as Holden weeps, "I should have gotten here sooner. I'm sorry Professor."

He slowly closes Professor Utonium's eyes, before noticing a large bruise on his neck. Holden wipes some tears away, before quietly asking, "Who…Who did this to you Professor? I'll try to find who did this, with the help of the girls."

As Holden stands up, a loud, evil feminine laugh echoes from the direction of the kitchen and leaning on the doorframe to said room is a cyan haired female with a twist grin on her face.

She saunters sexily into the room, brushing some hair away from her face, maliciously mocking, "Awww did the poor imperfection lose something important. Does it want back the one of the few people that gives it false love?"

The young man grits his teeth and angrily spits, "You took away the only true parent that I have ever known. The Professor was innocent in all this Tessa! You killed him for no reason!"

Tessa sneers and walks closer, kicking the TV set out of the house as she gets closer, "I killed him for the reason of seeing you suffer at losing those you love. It's just like how you made me suffer when I had to kill our parents because of that imperfect taint you inflicted upon them!"

In Tessa's hand a small teal glow begins to form. Holden immediately shoves his hand into his pocket, pressing a small button on his nancom to call a nano to his side. No nano appeared, and this is when Holden remembers the nanos died fighting Fuse, causing him to groan at his mistake.

Tessa's grin widens, releasing the beam of pure energy from her palm straight at Holden. Unable to react in time, the beam connects with Holden's chest, catapulting him through a wall that leads down into the Professor's lab and into a small workstation. Holden grunts in pain and his left arm flaps useless by his side as he glides into the air.

Just from the angle of it, Holden can tell his arm is broken and there is a tickle of blood flowing from it. Tessa floats through the gaping hole and titters at the pain she has caused. Holden's eyes angrily light up and he fires his indigo eye beams twice at Tessa.

The first shot goes wild, hitting a drum of Chemical X; which leaks onto the floor, while the second beam is aimed true at Tessa. Tessa yawns, firing her own eyebeams at the incoming attack, cancelling it out.

She smiles and shakes her head, quipping, "So pitiful and weak. It's a wonder how you survived all this time! That shall be remedied soon enough. I shall make you suffering short, but sweet!"

Tessa licks her lips, before spiting several large balls of electrical energy in a spread pattern towards the young man. Holden tries to avoid the spit, but to no avail. Two wads of energy collide with him, causing him to fall to the floor. His legs and arms twitch furiously, while Holden starts to lose feeling in his lower body and extremities.

Tessa zooms over to her hated sibling, looks down at him with a smile, and kicks his thighs with the point of her high heel, shattering both of his legs with ease. With a look of pure malice in her eyes, Tessa bends down and punches Holden in the face, breaking his nose and giving him black eyes.

Copious amounts of blood begin to flow as Holden screams in pain and Tessa picks Holden up by the collar.

She smiles while gleefully announcing, "I think it's time to end this. I want to see those you love suffer at your lose and to remind them that they cannot beat me!"

She brings her fist back and then brings it forwards towards his heart. Before her fist reaches Holden's chest, everything begins to fade and turns white.

Holden's eyes snap open, instantaneously sitting upright in his bed, while clutching the side supports of his bed, crushing them. He is sweating profusely and he looks at the clock to see it wasn't even two in the morning. The bed creaks under the lack of the lack of the supports and it crashes to the floor.

Unable to contain his emotions any longer, Holden scrunches up his eyes, brings his legs close to his body and begins crying softly due to the bad dream. Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and fear flood his mind as he sniffles and whimpers. The last two months since Buttercup's wedding had been a horrible time for Holden.

He had been having the same nightmare for the several weeks and with each passing occurrence of it, his feelings of despair grew worse and so did the feeling of being weak. The control over the powers he had, albeit it being small, suffered because of these nightmares. He kept firing his eye beams off at random times while doing work around the house, destroying books and other items.

It was also true that Holden couldn't get a normal job nor get into college because of Tessa's influence and threats. The only job offers the young man had gotten lately were from Providence and the Plumbers, but he didn't want to be under White Knight's thumb and he really didn't want to go off planet to stop threats to Earth.

The only thing the young man really wanted is a normal life, but because of Tessa, that would never happen. Tears keep flowing down Holden's face as his thoughts move to his nanos.

Holden realizes that he relied on them heavily to fight the war and to fight Tessa and that they were the only real defense he had against her, but now that they were gone, he is an open target. Holden grabs a tissue to blow his nose and shakily stands up.

"I need some ice cream."

He opens his door and slowly walks down to the kitchen to drown his sorrows in food.

On the other side of Townsville, not too far from Tech Square sat the twenty story headquarters of Exervent. On the ninetieth and twentieth floors is the penthouse, and Tessa sits on a large tan sofa, looking over military contracts, quarterly earns and upcoming projects.

She even has reports on the earnings of Dexlabs, Mandark Industries and the Morbucks Empire. A grin flashes across her face at the how poorly Mandark is doing in sales.

Tessa looks over Mandark's costs and with a frown, quips, "No one wonder that fool is doing so poorly, he is using substandard materials and being cheap as usual. Maybe a hostile takeover is in order."

She throws the file back onto the table and that is when a sharp small yip issues from the pillow beside Tessa. She turns her head to look down at Fear, her pet red fox, who she genetically altered many years ago. Tessa smiles sweetly and gently scratching Fear behind the right ear, which has a black ribbon clip onto it.

Fear slowly raises her head to looks up at Tessa and then licks her hand lovingly.

Tessa picks Fear up and places the fox in her lap and strokes her back, thinking, now how should I go on about defeating that stupid imperfection and disposing of him once and for all? I would love to destroy him in front of those pathetic girls that love him so much. How do I go about it?

A frown crosses Tessa's face and looks down at Fear, inquiring, "Fear, do you have any ideas on how to deal with that foolish imperfection, without those stupid Loserpuffs getting involved?"

Fear jumps off Tessa's lap, starts jabbering and a translation appears on Tessa's nancom, "Turn the TV on to the Heroes channel! There is something that I think will give you the perfect idea!"

Tessa scoffs at the idea, but says sourly, "The Heroes Channel? Really? Getting an idea from that is like asking that two bit has been Hector Con Carnie on advice on how to take over the world. No matter just show me Fear."

Fear nods excited and patters up to the TV and smashes the on button. The screen flicks, slowly coming to life and Tessa uses the remote to change to channel 230.

Major Glory appears on the screen and he shouts, "Hey kids, do you like heroes? Do you like heroes fighting crime? If you do, get ready for the AWSM charity fight tomorrow afternoon. You will see all your favorite super heroes, like Super Cow going up against Monkey, as well as myself, Major Glory fighting Big Ben. It's a cannot miss show that will help fund Townsville Children's Hospital."

The commercial end and Fear turns around and jump around happily.

Tessa smile broadly, knowing exactly what Fear had for an idea and praises, "Oh, what a smart fox you are! I will publicly challenge that stupid thing to a fight and it will have no choice, but to accept the challenge."

Fear's tail wags widely at the compliment and she jumps up and down rapidly. Tessa walks over to Fear, places her over her should and cuddle her.

"I will invade that charity fight tomorrow and make my declaration! After that I think deserve a special treat Fear for giving me this idea. This plan to destroy that stupid thing can't fail and I can make it all legal!"

She floats back to the couch, places Fear down on the pillow. Tessa picks up her nancom from the table, and place a call to make the fight she wants between her and Holden legal.

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