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Chapter 10: Ascension of Darkness

Strolling into Him's Parlor with Fear in her arms and wearing nothing more than a white T-shirt and green short shorts, Tessa glares at Hex and Argost for waking her from her beauty sleep at two in the morning. It had only been a week since Aku was recovered by the teal terror and this news seemed to have spurred on Argost and Hex in their search.

"You'd better have a good excuse for calling this meeting or there won't even be enough of you left for your darling Hope to revive you, Hex." Tessa spits as she selects a seat at the far end of the table, setting Fear in a chair beside her.

With a cute little yawn, Fear opens her amber eyes and peeks over the table, glaring at Hex for taking her away from her nice warm bed.

"This had better be important. You couldn't have called this meeting while my Delightful Children were in school or planning something against Nigel Uno?" Benedict shouts, traversing into the room wearing normal pants with a dress shirt and tie.

The Delightful Teenagers step lively behind their father, quickly finding a seat in a corner.

"I do apologize for the rudeness for the late hour of our meeting Benedict, but it was rather urgent that we call you all here." Argost silkily replies, his chin resting on the edge of his fingers and his lips curled into a devious smile.

"Whatever, you could have been a charming host and given us some coffee or donuts or what not." Benedict complains, reaching for a banana in the fruit bowl.

Before the tips of his greasy fingers can could the fruit, the banana jumps out of the bottle and start spins around the table.

Curious as to what is happening, Fear jumps onto the table and sniffs the fruit. "It smells like that lobster man, but with a sweeter scent." Fear responds a happy tone to her voice.

"What sorcery is this? How is that animal able to speak? I do not see a translation device being used!" Hex snarls as he jumps to his feet, pointing his staff at the little fox's head in one fluid motion.

Entranced by the spinning object, Fear takes no notice of Hex's actions, but Tessa bolts to her feet, malice glowing in her eyes and she venomously growls, "If you even dare plunk a single hair form my baby's back, I will kill you in the slowest and most painful manner I can imagine. The only sorcery in play is your weak excuse for magic. My baby on the other hand has been genetically altered to be more than what she was because of Nergal Junior's negligent actions!"

Glaring daggers at the young upstart, Hex redirects his staff at Tessa's neck, softly hissing, "You are still just a pup, don't dare think you are more powerful than I!"

As the two villains glower at each other in a stalemate, soft laughter filters into the room, causing the inhabitants to look for the source. The melodious giggles grow louder when suddenly, the twirling banana on the table peels apart and Eris sprouts from the fruit wearing a white bathrobe with a pink feather boa wrapped across her shoulder.

"My, isn't this a cozy chaotic welcome from the both of you. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside." Eris gushes, sauntering away from her appealing entrance and stepping lightly off the table, taking a seat next to Tessa.

Giving the banana peel one last glace, a sudden idea comes to Fear and a grin slowly spreads across her snout. Fear quickly snags the discarded peel and bounds playfully into Eris' lap, licking the goddess face.

Giggling softly, Eris scratches Fear behind the ears and gives Tessa a glance and whispers to her fellow villainess, "I wouldn't have thought she would be so affectionate with me. I think she is planning something."

"If it's something against Hex, I'm all for it." Tessa whispers back, a small smile on her own face.

The door slowly creeks open and Him enters the room, curlers in his hair, a green facial pack smothered over his face and Mr. Quackers in his arms.

The demon silently floats around the table to his seat, sitting down with a dull thud, "What have you gentlemen discovered? IT HAD BETTER BE WORTH WAKING US ALL UP FOR!"

"We found the vessel in which Aku's body is sealed away. We can thank Fuse for providing us a way into the temple and that fool Wren and those insufferable Puffs for unwittingly revealing its location. Fusion wars report 70H-23.293-12 appendix B written by SACT investigator describes the structural damage to the inside of the temple caused by the Puffs and the fusions. The vessel was walled up in a niche behind the alter, which was severely damage and collapsed by a severe shockwave to the floor. My magic even detected something powerful…" The dark sorcerer nearly concludes, when he is cut off by Fear's banana peel being thrown into his mouth.

Laughter erupts from the gallery of villains at seeing someone as powerful as Hex being humiliated.

Spitting the peel from his oral cavity, Hex seethes angrily, his body glowing with a faint blue mana, "I will destroy that creature for making a fool of me!"

"I do suggest you SIT DOWN HEX. You did have that coming because of your earlier actions, isn't that right Mr. Quackers?" Him gleefully voices, giving his rubber duck several squeezes.

Grumbling under his breath, Hex flops into his chair, crossing his arms.

"I don't mean to burst everyone's bubble here," Benedict articulates, lighting his pipe and taking a quick puff from it, "But I think you're forgetting one issue here. What about the security that Dexlabs or SACT has put in place inside the temple?"

Rising from his chair, Argost stalks the room, stopping to grip the back of an empty chair with his long white fingers, "There is no need to be disquieted about such things Benedict. There is a lack of proper protection around our target. Ms. Wren and Eris can waltz right in and revive our ally. It will be as easy as taking a cryptid from right under the noses of those Secret Scientists."

"That's it? I thought there would be something guarding the place like snotty brats or some annoying teenagers. I guess I'll just go home and eat rocky road since this was a waste of time. Come my Delightful Children, it's time to return home."

"Yes Father." The five teenagers reply in creepy unison, shooting out of their chair and racing quickly from the room after their elder.

Rising silently from his seat, Hex taps his staff upon the floor, opening a whirling pink vortex, "I expect Aku will be among us by the end of the night." Hex replies harshly, whisking though the gateway without another word and it snaps shut once the villain is gone.

"I will retire for the night my villainous cohorts. Him has been a gracious host to allow me to spend the evening here. Bon soir." Argost bids in farewell as he slinks into hallway.

The door slowly creeks shut and Him turns to his fellow conspirators, grinning broadly at them, "Are you two ready to start the fireworks? Aku's revival will cause quite the light show and it will be rather spectacular."

Eris enthusiastically nods, "Of course I'm ready Him. A goddess like myself is always ready to cause chaos."

Snapping her finger, smoke wraps around Eris like a scarf, obscuring her from view for over a minute, until the fog fades away, revealing the goddess is in her usual toga with high heels.

"Now I need to go back to my penthouse with Fear to change and grab that annoying flask with Aku in it." Tessa scoffs bitterly as she wafts from her seat towards the door.

Tessa hated to be underprepared for any task and this situation just made the young woman rather steamed.

"There's no need to do that Tessa dear. I can bring you everything you need. Fear can stay here with me, I'm sure the two of us can bond over a movie or a game of chess." Him muses with a sly grin, just as Tessa reaches the door.

A green mist envelops Tessa, blocking her from view and moments later, she reappears in her teal outfit, with the flask in her hands and the blood red potion safely in her pocket.

Tessa smiles broadly and her anger ebbs away, "At least SOMEONE is thoughtful enough to have us be properly prepared. T…Thanks Him."

Eris sashays across the room to Tessa, inspecting her from head to toe and looking rather giddy, "This will be exciting. I can't wait for the two of us to work together on something so evil! The chaos will be delectable!"

"Have fun bonding; I'm sure you will have a great time at the temple." Eris hooks her arm around Tessa's and in a blink of an eye, the two are gone.

Devoid of human life, Hani Babi temple stands tall in the sharp light shining from the softly buzzing flood lights that liter the grounds. The generators powering said lights reeve loudly as they slowly burn through their fuel supply. Moths flitter between the heat sources, hunting for small insects that would be attracted to this warm paradise.

A soft wind drifts passed the poles and as they sway, the lights flicker several times, casting the complex into temporary darkness. Once the wind stops blowing, the vicious whining of the generator's engines suddenly stop and the lights flicker out.

Soft chirping of the crickets can be heard in the distance, but seconds later, that changes when a sudden loud clap echoes off the walls of the temple. The generators whirl back to life and the lights slowly illuminate the area once more, revealing Eris and Tessa atop the third tier of the temple, staring down the opening into the temples interior.

"Now that is what I call an entrance. Not as flashy as I would have liked, but it's felt like something from a movie!" Eris gushes, flashing a grin at the younger woman.

Tessa shakes her head and sighs softly, "If setting Aku free wasn't so important, that would have been fun. Wait here while I grab the old windbag's coffin."

With that said the cyan hair woman backflips through the hole, into the temple's main chamber.

Landing softly upon the granite stone, Tessa gazes brief at the strange pictograms on a wall, tilting her head in wonder, "This looks like something from an old cartoon. Now to get that vessel and revive Aku."

Turning away from the wall, Tessa slowly floats across the main hall and up to an ornate stone alter. Inscribed upon its surface, are pictograms of Aku's body being sealed away by a man in a robe and another of a large monster fighting a male in armor. The evil girl averts her gaze from the story being told on the slab, to the niche adjacent.

The black and red stone vessel gleams like a silent sentry, basking in the luminesces of the flood lights. Grinning maliciously, Tessa swiftly crosses the remainder of the room to the vessel, placing her hand gently upon its surface.

Finding it cool to the touch, the young woman hoists the coffin upon her shoulder and floats gently out of the hole in the roof.

"One oversized bag of hot air as requested," Tessa teases with a giggle, dropping the vessel onto the third tier landing in front of Eris.

"This is so exciting," Eris shouts gleefully as a ladder appears in front of the vessel, "I can sense the chaos in the air. Tessa, hand me the potion and Aku please. This is the kind of chaos I dream of creating."

"It will be a pleasure to see a master at work." Tessa charmingly replies in a sarcastic tone, handing the blond the two objects.

"If you suck up to me anymore than you are I might blush." Eris coos, accepting the items once she climbs to the top.

Running her hand along the top of coffin, Eris' slips into several large holes drilled into the top, "It seems like someone was careless in creating our friend's shackle."

Carefully uncorking the blood red potion, the chaotic god pours the liquid into the coffin. Within seconds, a sinister maroon light shines through the voids of the coffin.

"I feel like a mad scientist about to create a monster." Eris excitedly exclaims pulling the stopper from the mouth of the flask as predawn light begins to peek over the horizon.

Aku's smoky form flows sluggishly from the jar and twirls several times in midair, before diving through the holes and into the coffin. Seconds later, the top of the coffin crumbles away as a jet of pure blood red light shoots into the sky, soaking everything in a rusty red within miles in it eerie luminance. Five flaming black orbs rise within the pillar, slowly moving towards apex.

Sleeping soundly in her bed, Juniper hadn't noticed the sky change, but the jewel in the bracelet of the Te Xuan Ze suddenly glows yellow and emits a low pitched sound.

Juniper's eyes snap open and she runs to her window to see the pillar in the distance, "This is bad, very bad. This amount of magic being released can mean only one thing. Something powerful is being released."

Juniper runs to her desk looking for her nancom.

Tending to his small garden outside Billy's house, Grim is on his knees trimming weeds, when the sky turns ominously crimson.

The reaper reaches into his robes, taking a set of binoculars out, looking intently at the disturbance, "What on Earth is dat? Dis is something new to me. I had better call under da boy at da UTF to find out what dat is."

Stowing the eyewear back in his robes, the skeleton begins to look for his phone.

Sitting upon the shores of Dinosaur Pass, Samurai Jack quietly meditates, mentally training himself for when he returned to his time to face Aku. As the sky turns a dusty red, the samurai senses something monovalent upon the air.

Jumping to his feet, Jack turns southward, his hand gripping around the hilt of the magic sword tightly, "Aku has been revived! I must inform the Scotsman."

Truing his back to the shore, Jack runs into to the jungle to find a transport back to Townsville.

Ominous clouds gather around the peak of the column accompanied by loud booms of thunder and flashes of lighting. The mysterious orbs disappear into the clouds; illuminating them in a silver light for the briefest of moments before the orbs fire off in random directions, leaving behind a faint silver trail in their wake.

The pillar of light recedes back into the now smoking vessel and once all trace of it has been lost, Aku steps forth though the haze, cloaked all in black and red.

The wizard gazes up at Tessa and smiles deviously, "You have done me a great service for reuniting me with my body, but now you will become one of pawns! Bow down to me."

Levitating into the air, Aku flies behind Tessa and places his index finger on the side of her neck. Not wanting to be touched by this wizened old man, Tessa jabs her elbow into Aku's stomach, forcing him to the ground.

The wizard glances at Tessa with hate in his eyes. "What have you done to me child? We had a deal."

"It's not what she's done, it's more about what Him, Tessa and I have done," Eris counters, a tone of relish in her voice at seeing Aku so weak, "We knew you would try this if you got free, so Him wanted to level the playing field with you by severing a few of your powers and sending them out into the world to create a bit of chaos. If you play nice with all of us, maybe we will even help you get some of them back. All you need to do is work together with us. Even your servant Demongo is working with us."

"If my minion is working with you, then I will as well."

Eris grins at the news, "Great, now let's head back to Him's for some waffles." Eris clicks her heels together thrice and in a flash, the trio disappears.

Sitting at picnic table in the predawn light outside Mr. Smoothies, Gwen, Alice and Holden eat a quick breakfast while waiting for Six to arrive. The three had just witnessed the strange events of the sky turning blood red, but didn't think anything of it and continued to eat. "So, what was the last thing you wanted to teach me Gwen?" Holden asks after several minutes of silence.

"There isn't much else I can teach you except to try not to rush too much with your powers. If you rush, you will make mistakes and that could lead to a disaster. Think Ben when he tries to use Feedback."

Alice smiles lightly and replies softly, "Gwen taught me that lesson early on when I first learned about my powers. It saved my life a few times," Alice looks up into the sky and spies a sliver light speeding across the horizon, "It looks so pretty. I wonder if it's from a meteor shower." Alice wonders aloud, slowly strolling into the parking lot, mesmerized by the beauty of the object.

The light slowly arcs in the air, changing its intended course.

Having noticed the objects odd behavior, Holden stands up abruptly, "Gwen did you just see that? That can't be a meteor."

"I did, whatever it is, it can't be good. We need to stop it."

Forming several pink disks, Gwen tosses them at the object, hoping to knock it down, but misses several times. Opening his eyes wide, Holden tries to get a bead on it with his eyebeams, but is unable to find a clear shot.

As the object creeps closer, its speed increases and the silver light melts away, revealing a black orb. Alice's eyes open wide, reflecting the black object in her aqua blue eyes. Unable to move in time, the orb crashes into Alice, transforming the girl.

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