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Chapter 11: Aliku

Alice's once blue hair has turned silver and her eyes are now a crimson red. Her skin has become pale green and her clothes are pure black.

"I am Aliku! All mortals will bow before me or you will meet your demise!" The girl's voice booms as dark blue flames leap from her hands and dance in her palms.

Holden's eyes dart to the left, quickly look at Gwen nervously and then back at his former friend, "Gwen, what is this power? Do we even have a game plan to undo what happened?"

Stepping away from the freighting power emanating from the girl, Gwen glances sideways at Holden, fear etched in her voice, "I can only guess at this Holden, but the mana that I sense from her is demonic in origin. It isn't related to Him or Eris so that would…" Gwen voice slowly trails off as a sudden thought comes to her and she grimaces.

She knew of only one other being just as powerful as Him, but it was preposterous to even ponder, but the proof was standing across from her. Aku had been released.

"Gwen, we need to move!" Holden calls out, cartwheeling into the sky and out of harm's way, as jets of blue flames burst forth at the teens.

Acting on pure reflexes, a wall of mana erupts out of the ground at Gwen's simple gesture and the flames strike the energy, creating a large crack in the center.

"Holden, I need you create a distraction once this wall is nearly broken! I'm going to call Jack and confer with him if this has something to do with Aku." Gwen projects loudly as the crack spider webs across the pink obstruction because of the ferocity of the heat.

"You had better make it quick Gwen," Holden hollers from above, covering the red hair, while preparing to counter attack, "I won't be able to stall her for that long."

The situation made Holden's stomach churn, leaving him feeling disquieted, especially since he was about to launch an all-out offensive against a close friend of his.

"You can do this Holden. You fought Fuse head on, not knowing about your powers. If you could do that, then you can handle this situation. Just trust your instincts like you did back then." Gwen yells from the ground as the wall begins to reach its limit.

The truth of the words resonates within Holden being, causing all his fears to vanish in that instance. Half smiling in thanks, the boy soars skyward several meters, before turning around and vertically diving at Aliku, kicking her in the side of the head and stopping her attack on Gwen.

Flying backwards through the air, the possessed female breaks through the wall of Mr. Smoothie's, colliding with a machine full of mango flavored liquid, which bursts like a mini volcano.

Struggling to break free of the defunct smoothie machine, Aliku growls angrily as the peach colored fluid pours down her green skin and onto her clothes, staining them, "That mortal will be the first to feel my wrath and I will kill him slowly and painfully!" Finally pulling her arm free, Aliku smashes the rest of the smoothie maker and slowly floats back towards the parking lot.

Just as Holden kicked Aliku into the shop, Gwen's shield of mana collapses from the damage and slow crumbles to the ground, instantly blinking out of existence. Knowing she didn't have any time to waste, the young plumber dashes pass Levin's car and crosses the street into a small alleyway to make her call.

Holden slowly descends to the asphalt, watching the hole like a hawk for the evil girl and soon enough, Aliku floats from the hole in Mr. Smoothie, slowly clapping her hands, mockingly, "Do you really think a weakling like you has even a chance to defeat me? By hurting me, you hurt your little friend Alice. Do you really want to take that chance? I will see to it that you die painfully because of your unwillingness to hurt her." The demon girl spouts, smiling smugly at the semi super powered male.

"I'll do what I have to do to expel you from my friend, even if I have to hurt her. I know she will forgive me for doing what has to be done." Holden said in a calm, yet firm voice.

This was of course a bluff, but one that was worth it to keep Aliku's attention centered on him. The smirk on the demon's face grows bigger as her hands twitch slightly and in a sudden flurry of movement, she throws a telekinetic spear at her adversary.

Wrenching his head to the side with seconds to spare, the spear scrapes Holden's right cheek, leaving behind a thin gash oozing blood and a sore neck.

Fear appears in the boy's eyes for a split second, only to be replaced with a look of resilient defiance, "I've seen better spear throws from Buttercup and her aim is so much worse than yours. Want me plaster a target on my chest or on my arms?" Holden taunts in a banter-like tone.

Inside, the young man mentally grimaces to what he had said. Playful banter was Buttercup's and Ben's kind of thing since they excelled at aggravating their foes.

The smile on Aliku's lips vanishes, turning into a snarl, while the look in her eyes turns into one of pure animosity. "You dare compare my power to that pugilistic Puff? I will show you how wrong you are as I rend the flesh from your bones!" The demon woman screams in a sinisterly deep tone as she raises her hand above her head.

Aliku's shadow is ripped from the ground, swirling through the air and into her hand, slowly transforming into a blade of shadows, "This is Varjostaja! The blade that this girl was entrusted with has been transmuted into an instrument of doom!"

The sword pulses with a sinister vitality and the girl slashes the blade vertically through the air, unleashing a telekinetic wave soaked in darkness. The tip of the arching attack slowly traces across the ground, transforming the solid surface into a line of steaming stone.

"Oh crap!" Holden expresses in surprise, quickly racing through the parking lot. The boy didn't have the foggiest idea if his body could stand extreme heat like Blossom or his sisters could, but now wasn't the time to find out.

With the end of the parking lot in sight, the fuchsia haired boy comes across Kevin's car and he skids to a halting, just short of slamming into the hood. Frantically, Holden looks over his shoulder, cringing from the pain in his neck for a split second, then back at Kevin's ride.

Observing the reflection of the attack in the windshield, a sudden idea bursts inside his brain.

"Sorry to do this Kevin, but your car is going to save my butt." Holden whispers to himself, watching the darkness grow in the glass.

As the last sliver of blue sky wanes upon the reflective object, Holden swiftly pirouettes in a graceful half arc, stopping just beside the right wheel well. Seconds later, a loud hiss filters into the air as the vehicle is guillotined in half and then the burst of power evaporates. The two halves slowly sway, before they tilt inward and fall onto each other with a dull thuds.

Clapping softly, Aliku sits upon one of the tires with her legs crossed, smiling intently at the boy, "You are more resourceful than I have given you credit for. I may just turn you into my personal play thing instead of just killing you outright. Just give up now and become my minion the easy way."

Opening his eyes wide, the young man's arms quiver in shock and he slowly turns to face the demon girl. How…how did she get behind me? Holden contemplates; his mind racing frantically as he tries to figure out what powers could have been bestowed upon Alice if this was indeed something related to Aku.

With no answers coming to him, Holden grasps the underside of Kevin's car, lifting it over his head, preparing to toss it at his foe. Aliku shakes her head with a light smirk on her face and quickly flicks her eyes upward. The chunk of car flies from Holden's grip, high into the air, only to stop for the briefest of moments, before screaming towards the ground at the speed of sound.

Knowing he will not be able to move in time, the young man puts his arms over his head as to repel the onslaught of metal coming at him. The car collides with Holden, flatting him into the pavement, before slowly being lifted off him and tossed aside like a piece of paper.

"Just give up now and pledge yourself to me. There is no way you can win." Aliku taunts from the pipe above having just appeared moments before.

Holden staggers to feet, blood freely dripping from his arms as he fights to stay conscious.

He didn't have any idea how much energy he had left, but he wasn't about to give up, "Don't…don't count me out yet! I…I won't go down to the likes of you!" Holden shouts with resolve in his voice and he slowly raises his hand.

From his palm, a hazy wave of multicolored energy charges at the demon, striking her in the chest, but nothing seems to happen.

"That was your big gambit? Some plasma…" Aliku speaks, but stops as her eyes bug out and she clutches her head, falling to the ground.

Holden falls to his knees, panting heavily as he looks unto Aliku. In that moment, the possessed girl's features slowly change and her once blue hair returns.

"Holden, are you alright?!" A voice shouts and Gwen jumps into the hole next to him.

"I'll be fine; I don't think a ten hour nap would go amiss after what just happened," Holden lightly gasps as he struggles to stand and looks at Alice with concern, "Gwen is she going to be alright?"

"I think Alice will be alright," the red head utters, placing her arm under Holden's to support him, "I sensed a slight disruption in the flow of mana energy coming from Aliku and I came to check. Do you have any idea what caused this?"

"From what Aliku last uttered, I used some plasma, but I have no idea if that caused the dip in her energy."

"Didn't you use plasmatic energy when you took out Fuse?" Gwen questioned, slowly putting pieces of the puzzle together.

"That is what Dr. Holiday and Dexter told me from the data they had collected." Holden softly raspy as he and Gwen hear the sudden sounds of stirring and look towards their fallen friend.

Pushing herself up onto her knees, Alice slowly stumbles to her feet, looking around fearfully at the damage she initiated, "Holden…you…you're alive."

With tears rolling down her face, the young woman runs over and hugs her friend tightly, digging her head into his chest and continues to whimper, "I…I thought I wouldn't regain control of my body at all and I would kill you! Whatever you did, set me free of whatever mental prison I was in and allowed me to retake control."

"Alice, none of this is your fault. The fault lies with those who revived Aku," Gwen explains soft as she places her hand on Alice's shoulder, "I managed to get in touch with Jack and he confirmed my suspicions. I'm sure he will be able to figure out how to get that chunk of Aku out of you."

Alice looks to her friend, wiping her eyes, "You…you really think he can?"

"Jack is rather knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of dark magic like Aku's and so is Juniper Lee." Gwen replies with a nod of affirmation.

Alice smiles at her friends in thanks, grateful for the support they showed to her after that horrible incident, "Thank you Gwen. Um, can we get out of this hole?" the young teen asks.

With a nod, Gwen forms a pink platform beneath the three and it slowly rises out of the hole, depositing them in the battered parking lot.

"It seems your ride is here Holden," Gwen states, pointing to the Providence jump jet in the distance, before glancing at Holden and gapping in shock. "Alice, are you seeing what I am seeing?"

The girl nods, taking a compact from her pocket, "Holden you…you need to see this. This might be an after result of what you used on me."

"Do I have something on my face or something? Do I have some kind of weird scrap or something?" The boy asks and takes the compact, gazing into it.

What he sees nearly sends him into a double take. His eyes had changed from their normal blue to indigo.

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