Author's note : First, I have to warn you that english isn't my native language. So I beg your pardon for all the grammars errors etc. It's been a long time since I wanted to write a fic about mysterious skin. Such an heartbreaking story . I 've seen the movie and read the book. I'll try my best to write what happened next to Neil and Brian after the family entered the house .

Thank you for reading.

Mysterious bond : Chapter 1

Neil 'pov

"What the hell are you doing in my house " yelled the family man.

I looked at the family . I didn't have the strenght to answer or even to move. It was so not myself to act like that. But truth to be told, I didn't want to move. I didn't want to talk. I wanted to stay here with Brian and be there for him.

. "Call the police " the man said to his wife. She nodded and took her daughter with her. She grabbed the phone.

I wasn't paying attention to what she was telling them. I felt so numb. Brian moved and it worried me . I looked at him. He was strangely calm. The man panicked

"Don't move " He said.

" Mister, we are so sorry. We were hiding from a man who wanted to beat us with a baseball bat. Because we're queers .We broke your house to find a shelter " He said with a trembling voice

I was stunned and mute. In his letters, Eric wrote to me that Brian was a very imaginative perso and I was thankful for it.

"My mom works at the prison, can you call her too" he added.

The man frowned. " You sure look like you 've been both in hell. Your nose is bleeding. Did that person hurt you?"

Brian shooked his head.

" I hurt myself when we entered your house sir ". The man seemed a bit more relaxed. Brian was so pale and it wasn't difficult to see he had cried.

" Your friend, is he okay? " The man asked.

Of course I was okay. I was Neil Mc cormick after all. The , I don't give a shit guy. So why was I so silent? With Briand we were still holding hands and for some reason I didn't want to let go of that grip.

"Neil, we have to move. The police will be here soon " Brian told me gently. His eyes seemed to be blank. I suddenly felt so sad , not because of what happened with this family and the police issues but because we didn't magically disappear. I wanted to stay here forever with Brian and magically disappear .

I nodded. The police's car arrived and we left in silence. We were still holding hands like we were two little kids.

Later, Mrs Lacky arrived . It happened she was a friend of the police officer who arrested us. She promised him that she 'll take care about the damages we caused and she was going to pay for it. She was in shock and checked if her son was in a safe condition. She looked at me with a puzzle 's look.

" This is not Eric " she stated. At that moment, I wondered what happened to Eric. I completely have forgotten him until brian's mother mentionned him.

" No, it's Neil." Brian answered like a robot.

"Oh The Neil " she said with curiosity. She sighed. It was easy to guess she was really worried about what happened to us.

" I have to go back to work. I can't escape this night schedule if I want to be free for tomorrow". She seemed really upset and sorry..

" Mom, Neil and I… We still have a lot to discuss. Can he stay with me tonight?"

It surprised me . Usually I would have made a joke about sex but all I did was to feel relieved. I certainly didn't want to be alone tonight with my mom and tried to pretend nothing happened. More than that, I realized that I was very tired to pretend that I was the " I don't give a shit guy ". The lied I created to survive until now just collapsed and the revelation was about to kill me. I needed Brian as much as he needed me maybe more than I was willing to admit.

" I'll call my mom to tell her " I said.