Chapter 3

Neil's pov

Suddenly I felt so sick. Brian guided me to the bathroom but I vomited on my shirt just in front of the bathroom 's door. Then, I rushed into the toilet and continued to vomit. "What the hell?" I thought.

I heard Brian. He was saying something but I didn't understand what he was talking about. He left the bathroom. I continued to vomit like I was possessed by the devil while a priest was trying to exorcise me. My eyes were crying . I was suffocating.

The door opened, Brian was back. I didn't know what he was doing. Then I felt his hand on by back. He was rubbing It . He was so clumsy. I could tell that he wasn't used to do such thing. Strangely the contact seemed to make me feel better. I was able to breathe correctly. Until now I was on my knees . I decided to sit and put my back against the wall. I was exausted.

Brian looked at me. He looked panicked.

" You okay?" He asked.

" Yeah.. Sorry for the mess. My mother's pie… must be that " I said.

It was when I noticed he had a shirt on his hand.

" Wear it " He proposed " you can't stay with your shirt full of vomit "

I nodded but I was scared to move and be taken by the nausea again. I needed a minute . Brian came close to me and he surprised me as he started to try to take my shirt off me.

"I 'm going to help you " he said it with a tender voice and his eyes were caring. I felt touched by his kindness. I lift my arms up like a little kid and he took off the shirt. He threw it on a basket . My mind was blank. I didn't realize he was gazing at me with worry.

" Your torso is full of bruises and scratches " he stated.

I suddenly remembered what happened to New york. I felt horrible at the thought of it.

" There are bites " he noticed. Then his eyes grew in horror. " You've been raped "

I shook my head.

"No… I" ve wanted to do it. It was just more brutal than I expected . I've been paid for it.. One hundred and twenty dollars " I smiled like it was a thing to be proud of.

Brian looked shocked.

"Eric didn't tell you?" I asked in surprised. " I'm a hustler. I love sex. I love doing john's " I said in a louder voice. I wanted to provoke him. I wanted him to look at me with digust. The pure an innocent Brian in front of the ugly and disgusting Neil.

"One hundred and twenty dollars or Five dollars.. There's no difference " he simply said.

This was an answer I didn't expect. I felt like I've been shot in the heart. I was so angry.

" Bastard, how do you dare to tell me that! You don't know nothing! This is all because of you … I fucking hate you. Couldn't you stay with your aliens obssession and leave me alone ! Why do you have to destroy my world. My perfect world. I was happy before you came into my life . It all started with you ! I hated your name when I read it on that postcard. I didn't know why but I knew you were bad news. I was right. You are a curse Brian Lackey. You can't understand. " I was yelling now. " I hate you" I repeated.

To my surprise , he hugged me. " Don't touch me " I screamed but didn't move from his embrace. I even returned the hug. I was so tired. It felt warm being in his arms. This was my turn to be comforted.

" You are wrong. I understand " he murmured. " I'm the only one able to understand," His voice was so soft. I didn't felt any pity in his tone. It was all about understanding. I started to cry my heart out.

We stayed like that until I felt to tired to cry. I put his shirt on me. It was too large for me . But at least I was clean. We washed the floor cover with some of my vomit in silence. Strangely I felt comfortable to be here with Brian, washing the floor without saying anything.

It was when the phone rang. Brian left to the bathroom to answer.

"Be right back " He said.

I wanted to said " thank you " but he was gone before I had time to open my mouth.