Drabbles that are here to make life awkward!

Len was having to a good day. His day had started being woken up by the sound of his twin's horrific singing and then having to eat the 'food' his mother had made with 'love'. After that, he was out in the farmyard, feeding all of the muddy animals in the heat of the sun. So yes, Len was having a great day.

His day got even better when he made his way to the cows.

There he was, watching them feed on grass...

… when he noticed something.

Something rather... strange.

"What the hell are those?" he asked aloud.

He felt the urge to find out.

Less than 5 minutes later, Len ran into the house and pulled his sister outside to the cows.

"Look what I've found!" Len shouted at his sister, grinning.

Rin, his twin sister, inspected the white liquid on the grass.

"... what is that?"

Len continued to grin. "My discovery!"

The grass seemed to be stained with white.

"I call it – Milk."

Rin seemed interested as she spoke again, "And how exactly did you discover this?"

Len turned pale. "W-Well, you see those bits under the cow? I just wanted t-to know what they were... so I p-pulled them... and..."

Rin never looked at her brother in the same way again.

That awkward moment when the guy who discovered milk realises he has to explain how he found it.




One awkward moment down, a million others to go!

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