Summary: When saving a spirit from your everyday hollow Ichigo comes across something he's never seen before that could cause him to lose the on-going battle between him and his hollow.

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'Ichigos thoughts'

"Normal Speech"

-Shiro/Hichigo(his name doesn't really matter in this) talking-

* Zangetsu talking *

'Hollows. They never stop, blinded by lust and hunger that replaces any emotion they once felt as a human. They're only stopped by the action of splitting them in two thus completely annihilating their whole body.'

The thoughts drifted through Ichigo Kurosaki's mind he shot up from his bed, the sound of his combat pass indicating that a hollow had appeared. Moving swiftly into action Ichigo pressed the combat pass to his body separating his soul reaper self from his body. Launching himself out his window he made his way towards the howling hollow.

-More trash- his hollow sighed –Don't they get the fuckin' point yet? Could be useful though if one of these suckers take you down maybe I…-

Ichigo tuned out of his hollows rambling and focused on the hollow that was currently tearing up one of Katakura towns parks. Although the hollow had basically the same looks and spiritual pressure as the others Ichigo felt that something was off. It was there hanging in the back of his mind but he couldn't quite place what it was. Ignoring it Ichigo engaged the hollow distracting it from the soul of a young girl it had been chasing. The girl was crying, the chain of fate gleaming in the moonlight as it hung from the front of her chest protecting her emotions from fading away.

As it brought down one of it dull born pincers Ichigo promptly sliced it off with one big sweep of Zangetsu blade. He then shunpoed in front of the hollows face and brought Zangetsu down the middle splitting it in two, all before the pincer hit the floor disintegrating as it did.

'Why hasn't Rukia shown up, she normally does just to complain about how recklessly go in to battle. She hasn't been around that much lately. Maybe something's wrong at the soul society…'

Dismissing the stupid idea Ichigo turned his attention to the spirit that was standing at the edge of the park. She didn't look scared or surprised which rose suspicion within Ichigo.

*Ichigo. This spirit is different, she's-*

Zangetsu stopped cutting off anything he was just about to say. Ichigo had no idea what was going on, Zangetsu never had any difficulty talking to him and unfortunately the same went for his hollow. A spike of spiritual pressure drew his attention to where the spirit was. The pressure was twisted and it almost smothered him with the hatred that it emitted. Looking for the source it turned out to be the spirit or what had looked like a spirit.

'What the hell is that supposed to be.'

It still had the simple form of a normal spirit but it kept fluctuating into something that looked like an ogre. The female ogre was taller than its spirit disguise and had burnt red skin that stretched over its twisted muscly form that was clad in a loose brown robe with leather straps running down the arms. The sword encased on her hip was barely visible next to the dark robe, the only indication that it was there was the silver ribbon attached to the hit which would occasionally catch the light.

Fierce tusks protruded from both the top and bottom jaw of the mouth glinting menacingly. The whole of its face was pulled into beastial anger that never faltered making Ichigo think it was a hollow, just one that lacked the white mask. The final touch was the jet black hair that tumbled down in a curly mess from its stubby white horns to its waist. Without thinking Ichigo launched himself and Zangetsu at the creature, only to be stopped by its bear hand and then punched in the face with the other. The creature laughed as Ichigo was sent flying into the only structure of swings in the park and it collapsed upon him. Trying again Ichigo repeatedly shunpoed around the creature performing multiple attacks but they were all blocked as quickly as he could execute them. Breathing heavily Ichigo landed a few feet away from his target.

"Is that all you got soul reaper," the low voice echoed around the demolished park dragging out as it snarled soul reaper.

'Damn, how can it just stand there? I didn't want to use my bankai but it looks like I'll have to.'

"I'm just getting started," Ichigo called as he widened his stance and wrapped the cloth from his shikai around his arm, "BANKAI!"

Cutting through the dust the transformation had kicked up Ichigo looked up at the strange hollow, "Tensa Zangetsu."

"Oh I say," it sounded like it was smirking but its face was still frozen in its state of anger, "how impressive."

'I have to finish this soon. Don't want it dragging out longer than necessary with this punk.'

Gathering spiritual pressure around his blade Ichigo charged at the creature which simply stared at him laughter dancing in its eyes as it brought out its own blade. The blade was a sunburst black and red colour, it was long and thin with both sides covered in jagged edges that seemed to absorb any light around it.

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