summery: I'm going to rewrite kyou kara maou so that wolfram and yuuri actully fall in love in the end. however there will be a slight twist not to far into the story.

HI EVERYONE! it's silverbirch here! this is my rewrite to kyou kara maou! I hope you enjoy it! here goes.


The taxis honked non stop all the way down the road. The Warm July weather just making them that much more cranky.

"I'm so sorry, I must look a mess!. my nose is all crusty and my face is covered in sweat from this horid july weather" Jennifer apologized to the man beside her. Looking over at him she saw that he had a warm smile on his face. he's quite handsome she thought. At first glance she had known he was aforiner, his skin was a healthy tanned colour and his hair a dark brown.

"no not at all" he reasured her "in fact the reason I stopped and offered to share my cab was because I had thought you a beautiful and dependable woman. and about what you said about the weather I don't exactly agree with you there. This weather kind of reminds me of my own country, also in my country July is called Yuuri" he stated, still msmiling at her. Jennifer looked down at her lap in thought. Yuuri, I like that name she thought sweetly.


The loud grunts of the schools karate team echoed around the hall, followed by a thundering thud of a body being flung to the ground.

"HEY!" a boys voice called out to a boy stood leaning against the doorway "yuuri, what you doing over here? your not planning on joining are you?"

Yuuri straightened up and looked at the the boy, not that you could tell with the cap covering his eyes.

"apparently they work you till the bone. your so exhausted by the time you get home you can't even study for the next day. take my advise man, don't join." he failed to notice that somewhere between the begining of his rambling, Yuuri had left not realy wanting to get roped into a confersation with this guy.

After all, you can't realy be a lone wolf if your surrounded by people can you? Yuuri perfured to be alone most of the time, to fade into the scenery and never be noticed. But then there where the odd few who tried to become close to him; and failed miseryibly. To tell the truth, nobody even knowed what coloured hair he had. he always had it covered with his black cap. even the teachers don't notice him during the redgister, they just skipped his name as if it wasn't even there. It's been that was ever scince the insident. Yep, the incident.

At the begining of the year, Yuuri had started club hopping. one day it was the art club, next week it was the football team. this carried on for about five weeks until he joined the karate club. it was the only one he actully enjoyed. so much so that he stayed in it for about two months, after that time he had already aquiered a black belt.

However, once after practise the clubs sensai found out that Yuuri had never changed in the boys changing room and whent out to find him. only to descover him in the janaters cubordwith his gi off and his school shirt off; basically in the middle of changing. Yuuri being so surprised at the intrusion, had attacked and injured the poor man so badly that he couldn't teach for a month. after that, Yuuri was kicked out of the club, the teachers and students stayed as far away from him as possible and he was left alone.

"whats the matter Murata? listen here boys, Murata got into that highschool and now he thinks he's to good for us. isn't that right Murata?" a voice taunted, catching Yuuri's attention.

Not that far off from him were four rather sturdy, boys; probably around a year older then himself, cornering a boy into a wall. haven't I met him before? Yuuri wandered, trying to recall the boy. Now I remember! He's Ken Murata from class. Not that Yuuri knew him on a personal level, but he remembered hearing his name on the redgister; that and the fact that he sits directly in front of him in four lessons.

"If your going to ask me for some money I'm afraid your going to be dissaponted. I have no money on me" he stated easily, his hands coming up in a "what can you do" action. opening his eyes he glanced over one of the boys shoulders only to make eye contact with Yuuri. his mouth opened slightly in surprise, is that Shibuya? he thought why is he staring?. As if to answer his question, Yuuri lifted his chin high and shouted at the four boys backing them jump

"Oi! what are you doing over there? It better not be something illegal" he demaned, staring them down.

"well if it isn't yuuri shibuya, what are you two friend's or something?" he questioned the teen, a smirk shining on his face

"not really" Yuuri said in a monotone voice, not even bothering to hide his descust for them.

"well Yuuri, it seems you've arived at just the right time to donate some money to..Hey!" during their almost onesided conferstation, Murata had managed to manuver arounthe bullys and set off at high speed in the oposite direction.

figures he'd run Yuuri sneered in his mind. he turned to carry on walking. One of the boys griped him by the shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks

"where do you think your going Yuuri, hey isn't that short for yurin?" the boy sniggered. thats it! "hey, what the... ow!" one second he was grinning at his new victim, the next he was face down on the floor both hands pinned behind his back. "get the hell off of me!" he yelped at Yuuri tightened his grip.

"not until you apalogise to me" he hissed in the boy ear.

"like hell I will, guys get him!" he yelled. the three other boys quickly grabbed Yuuri, each with one arm each, only just keeping the boy under control. Next they started dragging him into the girls bathroom, much to Yuuri's disspleasure.

"you want to interfear with our rounds? then I think it's time you see what we do to the ones who don't pay up" with that, Yuuri's face was forcefully shoved into the filth, toilet water. Yuuri began to choke as the boy flushed. However, the next thing he realised when he opened his eyes, was that he was in a vortex of water, pulling him further and further. deeper and deeper into the swirling darkness.

The only thought Yuuri had at that moment was so this is how I'm gonna die? the first person to be flushed down the toilet?

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