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The silver haired he/ she make his/ her way towards Yuuri, who natrally took a step back when he/ she got a little too close. The individual bowed lowly to Yuuri, who was once again suspusious and slightly taken aback by the action.

"Your highness, it is an honor to finaly be able to meet you. I am Sir Gunter Von Chriest, your humble and loyal servent" he/ she babbled from their place.

Yuuri frowned at their strange speach and took anouther step back, only to bump right into the chest of the soldier from earlier.

"where exactly am I? And how do you all know my name?" Yuuri questioned the two men, still confused. The silver haired recently descovered male (judgeing by his voice) looked shocked.

"your majesty, how is it that you speak our language so fluently?" Gunter asked puzzled.

"Adlbert got to him before I arived" Conrart interupted. Gunter's expression turned grave.

"what are you talking about? We're speaking japanese aren't we?" Yuuri said. Gunter shook his head.

"no, I've never heard of Japonese. Is that your home language?" Gunter answered.

"your majesty, I'm afraid your not In japan anymore, or even the world you once lived in" Conrart explained.


After finally calming Yuuri down, Gunter and Conrart managed to usher him into the cotage where they managed to wheasle him out of his over coat and shirt, but nothing further then that, that they then placed in front of the fire to dry.

Conrart wrapped Yuuri in a sheet from a nearby bed before allowing Gunter to explain to Yuuri who he was and why he was here.

"You see, twenty years ago your nobal soal was meant to be recarnated and born into this world. However, we caught word of a plot to kill you as soon as you were born. So to protect you, the great one decided that you would be born and raised in anouther world where you could grow up in peace. The origanal plan was for you to stay there until you were eighteen years of age before you would be brought back to shin ... but someone or something brought you here for some motive that we have not yet been made awear of"

"but then, if you've never met me during this life, how can you be sure that it is trully me your looking for?" Yuuri still looked unconvinced.

"As soon as I saw you I knew that it was you who we had been searching for. Your nobal black hair and eyes quickly assured me that you were our ruler. If that was not enough, your fluent speak in our language is astounding" Gunter argued with stars in his eyes as if in awe "there is no doupt about it. You are our ruler. The 27th Maoh of the great demon kingdom"

"Ok, so why did you bring me here?" he asked

"excuse me?

"you know. There has to be a reason as to why you've brought me here, so what is it? Do I need to beat up some bad guy? Or is there some evil I need to vanquish?" a look of understanding wased over Gunter's face at that remark

"yes, I understand. There is a certain evil you need to exterminate" Gunter assured

"so what is it?"

"human's" Gunter replied simply

"what any old human?"

"no no no. You simply need to get rid of all human's" Gunter reasoned

"but" Yuuri argued "I'm human" at this Gunter looked highly insulted

"you are no human, you are our king" he scolded. Yet that did not ease the unnerving feeling that had started to stir in the pit of Yuuri's stomach.

"do I really have to do this?" Yuuri questioned. The two men had come up with the idea of sending Yuuri through the streets, that are filled with people (ahem, demons) on his own horse all the way up to the palace.

"yes, your subjects have been waiting for years to see the new demon king" Gunter gushed "and don't worry, Ao is a very tame horse so you don't need to worry very much about steering him"

"thats not what I'm worried about. I'm more concerned about them seeing their 'kind' riding on by with his face hidden from view by a baseball cap, and makeing them suspicious" Yuuri muttered

"that's eaisily solved" Gunter said "all you have to do is remove your hat and..." he was cut off halfway by Yuuri smaking his hand away and glaring at him full force from under the bridge of the cap.

"don't ever touch the hat, do you hear me?" He growled. Gunter nodded.

They travelled nonstop for four hours, before the kingdom's walls came into view, then Yuuri was informed that they had yet anouther three hours to go until they reached the front gate. (844 words so far.)

"but I'm thirsty" Yuuri muttered to himself, just as a little girl rushed over to them with a wooden bowl in hand. Yuuri smiled slightly at the child, reaching down to accept the gift. "thank you" He whispered. The girl grinned at him then scurried off.

Yuuri started to raise the bowl to his lips only to have it snatched from his hold by Conrart who then takes a sip,before returning it to Yuuri. Yuuri glares at the bowl, turns it, and drinks from the clean edge.

"you should never eat or drink anything that is not provided by the castle and our kitchen staff. Who knows what some may put in them." Gunter letured to an uninterested Yuuri.

"Gunter would you stop worrying, the water tasted fine" Conrart interupted. He the turned towards Yuuri before continueing "theres no need to worry your majesty, I would risk my life and soul for your well being"

"I don't wan't you to risk your life fo mine" Yurri stated bluntly "or your soul"

The three reached the wall ofthe great demon kingdom in the exact time gunter had estemated, much to Yuuri's displeasure. On either side of the road, were hundereds of cheering demons. Waving, whistleing and plain yelling ringed in Yuuri's ears, makeing him wince at the noise. He had never been one who was fond of crouds, and had alwaysavoided them. But with the two escorts either side of him made escape impossible.

"these are your people your majesty" Conrart whispered to him "they have been waiting a long time for you to come and lead them"

Yuuri assumed this was meant to please or comfort him, but it did the complete oposite.

Up infront of him, two men caught his eye. A tall dark haired male acompanied by a shorter, blond man. Conrart, seemed to have noticed them too and scowled.

"thats Stoffel Von Spitzweig, older brother of the former demon queen. He is currently unpopular with the people due to the fact that many blame him for the last war between the humans and demons."

Yuuri nodded silently. Now, if he had been paying attention to the horse which he was riding, Yuuri may not have ended up as he soon will be, as I assume you know. Because had he been paying attention he would have noticed the giant bee that scared his horse shitless causing it to high tail it's way all the way to the castle where it skidded to a halt, flipping Yuuri uncerimoniously off of it's back.

Yuuri luckly had avoided a rough greeting between his butt and the ground, thanks to a quick flip and landed gracefully on his feet as though nothing had happened. This thankfully went unnoticed by the only one present, whom happened to be calming down his frantic horse.

"YOUR MAJESTY!" the two men who were previously escorting Yuuri came galloping towards him before inquiring "are you alright" while patting him down for injurys.

"your majesty?" for the first time Yuuri looked over at the man who was currently holding the horses reins. He was tall, that much was obvious, he had dark grey hair though he didn't seem to be that old, maybe it was caused by stress? His eyes were dark and his mouth was pulled down in a horribly grumpy frown.

"don't tell me this is the new demon king?" a high pitched, snotty voice broke Yuuri's ongoing train of thought, making him redirect his attention to the prince like figure glaring down at him. What a preety boy then Yuuri added as an after thought or is it a girl?

The one in front of him stood tall and proud, his golden hair blowing slightly into his plae face it was frameing. He wore a bright blue uniform, that Yuuri decided suited him well, which was tucked into knee hight leather boots. But the thing that caught the boy's attention the most, was his glowing, emradld green eyes.


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