Fur Fighters: The Return of Viggo

Summary: It's been thirteen years since the Fur Fighters' defeat of General Viggo and rescued their families. Since the disappearance of Viggo long ago, peace prospered in the Fur Fighter Village. But when Viggo suddenly returns, kidnaps the original Fur Fighters and their families, it's up to the six remaining youths and a new friend from another dimension to rescue their families and defeat Viggo once and for all.

Chapter 1

New Furs and Zoe

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It had been thirteen years since the fall of General Viggo at the paws of the Fur Fighters, yet again. After his escape at the Secret Island, the group of animal warriors searched the area for Viggo, but only to find no trace of him. Though the threat of Viggo's return remained large, the Fur Fighters decided to return to their homes and continue to raise their families.

As the years passed, the children of the Fur Fighters grew and as they did, some took the liberty of training to become warriors like their Fur Fighter parents. This story, however, focuses on six particular teenagers as they continue to progress in their studies in the Undermill.

Squeezing through the small cracks and pipes of the Undermill was Firefox, Chang's middle son, Zhong. Zhong's appearance was a medium-sized Firefox, which is slightly shorter than Chang. He wore a navy blue polo shirt with a Chinese symbol embroided in gold thread on the breast pocket and a belt around his waist, holding up his black pants. Like his father before him, Zhong was the technical genius of his friends as well as the smallest.

Next, climbing ledge after ledge was Basilè, the youngest son of Juliette the Cat. Basilè's personality was similar to his mother's. Always preferring to be alone than in a group. He wore a Lime Green Ringer shirt with red lining and blue jean tattered capris. His had his father, Claude's physique with Juliette's coloring.

Swimming within the Undermill's waterways was Carmelita, Rico's daughter. As a Rockhopper Penguin, Carmelita was a natural in the water and always challenged her father and siblings to surfing challenges. She was blue with a cream belly and long green feathers similar to her mother, Juanita's. She wore a dark pink one-piece swimsuit with brown cargo shorts. She wore an aquamarine pendent on a silver chain, despite the fact that it would attract sharks.

Hopping across the higher and wider parts in the Undermill was Bungalow the Kangaroo's son, Ryder. Like his father, Ryder was the tallest and the biggest of his mates. Even of his brothers and sisters. Unlike his father, however, Ryder had a bit more brains thanks to Esmeralda's domineering when it comes to his and his siblings studies. He wore a blue version of his father's Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans. He wore a round, wooden pendent engraved with aboriginal carvings, four bear claws on each side separated by green and blue beads. He also kept a boomerang with blue and orange aboriginal symbols on it.

To prevent another kidnapping on him, Tweek's second eldest brother, Zweek quickly took training the moment it became available to him. Out of his companions, Zweek had the second most experience when it comes to combat. He was blue and yellow like his siblings (except Tweek). To identify him from his kin, Zweek wore a violet scarf around his neck.

Finally, digging under fences and other obstacles was Duncan, the oldest of Roofas' sons. Growing up on his father's war stories, Duncan developed the strive to become a great soldier like him. He was by far the most experienced of his friends. He wore a black Henley shirt with white trimming and tattered blue jeans.

After digging out from underground, Duncan sighed in relief as he pressed a switch, removing the fences that kept his friends out. Once their objectives were complete, they joined Duncan at the exit of the Undermill.

On the beach in front of Carmelita's house, the six teens were resting on the sand.

"Ay Caramba! I thought we would never finish that course." Carmelita sighed as she leaned back on her surf board. The board was white with pink daisies on it.

"Oui. Zis is becoming an exhausting activity." Basilè muttered, lying on his back.

"Crikey! I didn't think my feet would last this long. Any higher and I would've hit me head." Ryder groaned.

"Zhong is exhausted as well."

"Same here." Zweek answered.

Duncan looked to his exhausted friends, taking a seat on the beach with them.

"Aye. But if we want to become official Fur Fighters, we need to practice every day."

"You always say that, Duncan. Sorry, mate, but we do need a break once in a while." Ryder spoke.

"Si. After all, we're only animales."

Duncan sighed at his friends' logic. Now that he had thought about it, they had been working hard. Maybe a break once in a while would better help develop their skills.

"Alright. We'll take a couple days break to recover our stamina."

The five remaining youths sighed in relief, though they knew that Sgt. Sternhouser, the Undermill's chief operator, would not be happy with their "vacation." They then looked to the sea from the base of Carmelita's home, reminiscing about their capture by General Viggo.

"Hard to believe we were only five years old when it happened and I still remember being rescued by Tweek on that flying platter in the bathroom in Dinotoplolis. My youngest brother, for crying out loud!" Zweek reminisced, though he was still secretly embarrassed at the last thought.

"Right. My Pops found me in God Machine Valley at that giant crane. The God of Cranes, wazzit?" Ryder remembered. "My padre found me near madre before he went to change her back." Carmelita responded.

She then looked to Basilè. "What about you, amigo? Where did your madre find you again?"

Basilè looked on to the sea before looking up to the stars.

"Space Station Meer. I was with my père when my mère found us. She sent me home before she took on my, how do you say, father."

"Right I forgot you've hated the idea of space since then, mate." Ryder chuckled.

Basilè gave him a glare before walking a bit away from Ryder, muttering.

"Idiote incompétente!"

Carmelita then spoke, bopping Ryder on the head. "Did you have to tease him that way, amigo?"

"What? He has to learn to get over it somehow." Ryder spoke in defense, rubbing his head.

Deciding to prevent Carmelita from beating up Ryder, again, Zhong spoke up.

"Zhong remembers when he was captured. It was in New Quack City. Great funnel cakes there."

Duncan chuckled at Zhong's comment.

"You and your stomach, Zhong."

"What about you, Duncan? Where did your Pop find you?"

Duncan folded his arms, frowning at the memory.

"Viggo sent Frederick, meself, and Mum to that…Bad Place. Lil' Fred was crying so hard when we got separated from Mum, he clung to me and refused to let me go until Dad found us."

"And you still want to work in the same field as him?" Basilè asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well yeah! Can't expect our kin to protect us forever." Duncan told him.

"He's right, amigo. Our familia may have beaten him, but Viggo is still out there. Biding his time, no doubt." Carmelita reasoned.

"Carmel is right. One day, Viggo will return." Zhong spoke. "And when that day comes, we'll be ready." Duncan ended.

But just as he said that, Ryder and Zweek spotted something out in the distance.

"Yo, mate. Is that a hole in the sky? Or do I need glasses?"

"As much I want to say 'glasses,' I've got to say 'hole in the sky.' Zweek answered.

"Be ready, lads…and lassie. It could be anything." Duncan ordered.

They waited and waited for something large to come out of the black hole. But nothing came. They waited a little longer before Ryder spoke.

"I don't think anything's coming out, mate."

"I will have to investigate with my equipment." Zhong spoke.

But as he said that, the hole closed, with something small falling before it closed completely. The caught the eyes of the youths as the object made a small splash out in the ocean.

"Hey, mates. What the heck is that?" Ryder asked.

Duncan looked out to the sea and spotted a body floating in the water.

"Carmel! There's a body out there."

"No need to tell me, amigo. I'm on it."

It was then Carmelita grabbed her surfboard and surfed her way toward the body. When she got close enough, she saw that the figure that came from the hole was a human about her height. It was no doubt a female with red hair tied in a ponytail. She was wearing a white button-up blouse with a knee-length black skirt and black knee-high boots.

"Aye Caramba! Una Humanos!"

In translation, Carmelita said 'A human.'

The reason she reacted with surprise is that humans in her world are the equivalent of cats in our world. So to see a human her size is like seeing a cat our size here. But that's another story.

Carmelita, despite the fear and shock she was feeling, hoisted the girl onto the board and began to paddle back to shore. When she arrived, she was greeted by the boys.

"Carmel. Êtes-vous bien?"

"Si, Si, Basilè. I'm alright. It's her that needs the help."

The boys looked at the human on the surfboard and were just as surprised as Carmelita.

"Is that…a human?" Ryder asked.

"Si. But it's not like any human I have seen." Carmelita explained.

Zhong, after examining the human, spoke to his friends.

"From what I have seen, this is a female human, and she has passed out due to the impact of the water."

"So…what do we do with her?" Zweek asked.

"We can't leave her out in the océano, amigo. One of us will have to board with her. And I know just the place."

Hours later, after taking in the girl to their secret spot, Duncan and his friends kept watch on her as they went about their day. They decided to keep the human a secret until they can figure out if she was friendly or not. As dusk approached, the junior Fur Fighters began to wonder if the girl was ok. That is, until she started to stir.

When she opened her green eyes and saw the animals around her, the girl fell silent, unsure of what to do. The first to see the girl wake was Ryder, who told Duncan and the others. The girl watched quietly as the six animal people huddled amongst themselves for a bit. Then, the penguin girl then approached her and asked in Spanish.

"¿Es usted amiga bien,"

The girl just continued to stare at the penguin, only understanding a little Spanish. Seeing that the human girl couldn't understand his friend, Basilè then spoke in French the same question.

"Etes-vous bien, mademoiselle?"

Again, the girl could not understand him.

Ryder then decided to ask in broken English.

"Do. You. Speak. English. Mate?"

The girl then narrowed her eyes in annoyance.

"Yeah. I speak English."

The youths sighed in success that this human was intelligent and spoke. This feeling of success doubled with the girl's language being English.

It was then Duncan spoke.

"Well, now that that's settled, we need to ask you a few questions."

"Me first. Where am I? What happened?" The girl asked.

The Firefox, giving the girl a physical, answered.

"You fell into ocean just outside of our village. The Rockhopper, Carmelita, brought you to shore. As for what happened, we were hoping you would explain."

The girl looked around at her "hosts" as she tried to figure out what to do. Duncan, seeing this, spoke.

"I think it'll be better if we introduced ourselves first. I'm Duncan, lass."

Carmelita then spoke.

"Mi nombre es Carmelita. I'm sorry that I had to ask in español. I was trying to figure out if you were Spanish."

"No problem." The girl replied.

Ryder then spoke. "The name's Ryder, Sheila." He then gestured to the cat behind him. "And the sourpuss is Basilè."

Basilè glared at Ryder. "I can introduce myself, idiote!"

Ryder grinned at the cat. "Sure, mate."

"Ignore them. I am Zhong."

"And I am Zweek."

"What is your name, lass?" Duncan asked.

The girl looked warily, but can see that these "people" meant her no harm. So, she said her name.

"My name's Zoe."

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Here are the species and Nationalities of the new Fur Fighters.

Duncan: Hound, Scotland

Basilè: Cat, France

Carmelita: Rockhopper Penguin, Argentina

Ryder: Kangaroo, Australia

Zhong: Firefox, China

Zweek: Dragon, Wales

Zoe: Human, America