Hey guys. So this is my new story. It's about the Stoll brothers pranking each demigod in alphabetical order. I NEED you guys to submit ideas! All the characters are ALIVE in this story! So here it is!

"Hephaestus!" Zeus bellowed, his voice bouncing around the throne room.

"Yes Father?" The blacksmith God replied wearily. He put down the pieces of metal he had been tinkering with.

"I have come to the decision that your TV channel is suffering. You need to come up with a new show. Fast."

"But it took me over three hundred years to come up with 'I'm a Titan, get me out of here'! How do you except me to come up with a show just like that?" He shouted, his black beard smouldering. Zeus sighed and shook his head.

"I don't know! But it's not like you have anything better to do, is it son? You're losing all of your immortal viewers!" The king of the Gods thundered.

"Fine. I'll think of something."

"It better be good. And I expect the first episode to be up in a week's time." With that, Zeus turned into a beam of light and disappeared from the throne room.

Hephaestus went and sat back down, pulling out his laptop from the compartment at the bottom of his throne. He thought for a while before deciding that he should check-up on the demigods. He tapped the keys and clicked a few times before coming to his CCTV screen. The cameras were all over camp, but of course only the Gods knew about them. He zoomed in on the mess hall, where the campers were eating their lunch. The Apollo kids were humming tunes. The Athena kids were thinking up battle strategies. The Aphrodite kids were re-applying lip gloss after every bite. (Even the boys.) But the Hermes table was what caught his eye. The Stoll brothers were whispering and exchanging glances every so often. Then they stood up at the same time and yelled,


It was havoc. Food was flying everywhere. Some demi-gods were whizzing the food around like professional baseball players, whereas others were hiding underneath their tables. Percy threw a sandwich and it landed right between Annabeth's eyes. The son of the sea God was in for it. Annabeth grabbed a banana pie, walked up to him and smashed his face into it. Hephaestus chuckled to himself. Those Stoll boys would make great TV hosts.

Wait a minute...

"Good evening God's and Goddesses of Hephaestus TV. I present to you the first ever episode of this new series." Travis welcomed the audience and the Gods that were watching him on TV. He was wearing an uncomfortable black suit that itched and a deep blue tie. He had refused to wear dress shoes, so was wearing his luminous orange sports trainers. Connor was wearing exactly the same except he had on a red tie and luminous yellow trainers.

"So, without further ado, we present to you..." A drum roll started. The brothers jumped up and down a bit before shouting,

"Stoll by name, Stoll by nature!" They both yelled, giving the viewers jazz hands.

"This brand new show will be all about us pranking the other campers in alphabetical order. They are filmed just before the show by the lovely Oracle, Rachel Elizabeth Dare!" Connor explained. A picture of Rachel flashed onto the screen and the crowd cheered. Amongst the Audience were the minor Gods, who didn't have Hephaestus TV.

"So first up we have... Beauregard, Silena!" Travis said, excitement written all over his mischievous features. Connor pressed play on a remote. The screen behind them flickered before the video began to play.

Travis was at the Camp store. He had a large rucksack and was shoving bottles of green hair dye into it. When he had collected enough of the die he ran back outside, despite the shopkeepers shouts of protest. They didn't run after him. They were probably use to it by now anyway.

Connor was waiting for Travis outside the Aphrodite cabin, casually chewing some mint flavoured gum. When he saw his brother he ran forward and helped him carry the hair dye. The Connor pulled out a hairpin that he had stolen from Drew and started to pick the lock on the pink door. When he got it open Travis high fived him.

"Yes!" He whispered as he made his way inside the empty cabin. They then went over to Silena's cosmetics. They started to ladle the hair dye into her moisturiser, mascara, lipstick, foundation, her body scrub and her shampoo. They mixed it in so well it wasn't visible. Then, giggling like schoolgirls, they ran back outside to their cabin where they disposed of the evidence.

The video flickered again and turned off.

"Join us after the break to see Ms. Beauregard's reaction!" Travis grinned at the audience.

"Let's just say that green is notSilena's colour!" Connor finished as the lights faded off.

"That was awesome!" They said at the same time when they were offstage. Before walking to their spate dressing rooms, they fist bumped.

Travis stared at his reflection and splashed some water over his face. He wasn't wearing any stage make up, he had refused. So had Connor. He sighed. He was dreading having to prank Katie Gardner. Maybe I can fake sick that day. He thought to himself.

Connor slouched on his bright red couch. He sipped some lukewarm, flat soda. He was dreading having to prank Thalia. She would probably fry their sorry butts. Maybe I can fake sick that day. He thought to himself.

"Hey there people of Olympus, we're back!" Travis pretty much screamed.

"Who wants to see Silena's face when she turns green?" Connor questioned the audience. They cheered loudly.

"We can't hear you!" The twins hollered. The audience cheered even louder.

"Awesome!" Connor yelled, pressing play on his remote.

The video started rolling. Silena was walking around camp, a frown on her pretty face. Her hair, body, eyelashes and lips were a startling shade of green. Campers laughed when they passed her. The whole of the Aphrodite cabin weren't speaking to her, and keeping their distance from this green monstrosity. She looked a little bit like Juniper. So on the bright side; she was making friends with the tree nymphs.

The video stopped and the whole audience was in fits of laughter.

"Well that's it for today folks! Tune in next week when we prank..." Travis started.

"Beckendorf, Charles!" Connor finished. The theme tune played in time with the audience clapping and the lights faded off again.

"Boys that was an excellent show!" Hephaestus appeared out of thin air to congratulate them. He clapped them each on the back with his huge hands.

"Thanks Lord Hephaestus. Hey, this isn't viewable to Camp right?" Connor asked. Hephaestus threw his head back and laughed a deep throaty laugh.

"Of course not! At the end of the series, we will present them with a DVD. You did a great job out there today. Well done."

Travis breathed a sigh of relief.

"See you next week, Lord Hephaestus."

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