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"Hephaestus!" Zeus bellowed. Again.

"Yes Lord Zeus?" The Smith God replied.

"Excellent show last week. When's the next one?" The Lord of the Sky inquired. Hephaestus sighed. Sometimes his father could be truly stupid.

"It's tonight. I sent you a list of the viewing times, remember?"

"Ah, yes. So I was wondering. Could I be a guest star next week?"

A smile played on Hephaestus's lips. This was brilliant. Who would be better to prank than Zeus himself?

"Why of course my Lord!"

"Excellent. I will see you later. I'll be in the front row!" With that, he vanished, leaving the other God with nothing but his thoughts.

"There they are! Get them girls!" Silena and the rest of the Aphrodite cabin burst into the sword arena where Connor and Travis were training with their siblings. The Hermes cabin, minus the twins, sprinted away as fast as they could. The only time they ever truly felt terror was when the Aphrodite cabin was mad, and had makeup.

"You pranked me you good for nothing little...little...I'll think of something, ok? Now get them!" The girls charged forward. Connor and Travis dropped their swords and ran. It wasn't long until Piper found them cowering behind the Apollo cabin.

"Got you." She said to them. Then she lifted her head and cawed like a bird. In no time, the rest of the girls were there, tying them up in feather boas and wrapping silk scarves around their feet and hands.

"We're toast." Connor said.

"I know." Travis replied.

"Famous last words." Drew smirked, and sashayed off to the front of the crowd to talk to her sister Kate. The Aphrodite campers were walking in a big group with the Stoll brothers in the middle, so nobody could see them. It also meant that they couldn't make a break for it. A girl leaned over and gagged them with socks. Gods, even their socks were pink and fruity smelling. Except Piper's. They were nasty.

"Mmm mmm mmmmm!" Travis mumbled through a mouthful of sock.

"We're taking you to our cabin." Said the newest Aphrodite camper, Chloe, who was fluent in sock speak.

Connor's POV:

We are so dead. Why did the rest of the Aphrodite cabin have to be so protective over Silena? Even Drew was here and she hated Silena!

"So...What are we going to do with them?" Asked Tracy, coiling a piece of curly brown hair around her dainty finger.

Travis managed to spit the sock out of his mouth. When I did the same, Tracy shoved another one in my mouth. Travis spoke before she could put his back in.

"Um, why are we here?" He asked. Of course, the show wasn't viewable to the other campers! So they didn't know it was us right?"

"You pranked me!" Silena replied in an angry tone.

"You have no proof!"

"Who else would have done it?"

"Um...Mike?" Mike was the eldest of the Hermes campers, and we all respected him. He was kind of like our leader. And he was awesome at pranks. I glared at Travis. Mike was gonna kill us for this.

"Oh...Well, you can go then. Come on girls, we have a Hermes guy to catch." They exited their cabin, swords ready. I spat my sock out.

"That was a close one."

"Are you crazy?"

"What? No! Well, I don't think so."

"Mike is going to pulverize us."

"Chill, Connor. Hey, it's almost time to go to Olympus and get ready for the show." Travis said, checking his watch. As soon as he said that, a beam of light grabbed him.

"Travis!" I screamed. Um, I mean...I bellowed. Yes, that's manlier. Then the same light grabbed me.

I opened my eyes. I was in the makeup and clothing room at the Hephaestus TV studio. I sighed, relived. Travis was stood a meter in front of me. Thank the Gods.

Then I saw what they wanted us to wear.

Third person POV:

"I AM NOT WEARING PINK!" Travis hollered.

"And I'm not wearing canary yellow either!" Connor yelled.

"Please guys! It would make me so happy, Travis." Tiffany Goodland, the style assistant said, fluttering her long eyelashes. He drooled a little. Tiffany was a daughter of Hecate. She had curly black hair that stopped halfway down her back and naturally purple yes. That sounds freaky, but Travis loved her eyes. Tiffany was a camper, but she was taking time of the help out with the show. Connor couldn't help but notice how Katie looked a little jealous whenever Travis was hanging out with Tiffany. Everybody knew that Katie like Travis, except said Stoll. Tiffany seemed to like Travis as well, much to Katie's disgust.

"Well...I guess it's just a suit jacket, right?"

"Exactly! Please wear it Travis, it matches this week's prank perfectly!"

"Ok then."

"Thanks Travis!" She threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, causing him to blush a little.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt." Connor said.

"Thanks." Tiffany responded. She hesitated, and then shook his hand. Travis smirked.

Travis POV:

Wow. Tiffany just kissed my cheek. Tiffany freaking Goodland just kissed my cheek! A voice in my brain was screaming 'yes yes yes!' But another one was saying 'what about Katie?'

Forget her. Tiffany was into me. I was into her. Simple, right? I sighed.

"You ok, bro?"

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine." If fine meant depressed, then I was perfectly fine.

An hour later we were wearing slight stage makeup and we were dressed in our bright suit jackets, white dress shirts and dark jeans.

"Action!" The camera man yelled.


I'm putting this story on hiatus. Yeah, I know there are only two chapters. Think of them as tasters of what's to come. I will be carrying on with my other story, Daughter of Apollo.