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This fan fiction is about13 YEAR-OLD PRINCESS BUBBLEGUMand Finn. Stress on that because I don't want anyone mixed up…13 13 13 13 13 13 13 YEARS OLD!

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PB sighed and smiled. Finn missed that smile. "I think I already have found him. He's not a prince, he's a hero." PB hugged him tightly. Finn blushed and smiled as he hugged her back.

Peppermint Butler walked up to PB.

"Is this really what you want, princess? Do you want to choose what's right in the kingdom?" Peppermint Butler asked her. She looked down at him and nodded. He walked to the pedestal. "The princess shall choose her own fate, and her own husband!" He proclaimed to the candy crowd. They all cheered.

Even Marceline and Jake in the crowd, hiding.

The next day, a huge celebratory party was going on to congratulate Finn and Jake. Music was blasting, people were dancing, and balloons were hanging. Food was everywhere, including Marceline's own personal "red diet" table. People were talking to others loudly, giving the Candy Kingdom a loud and friendly atmosphere.

Finn was dancing with Lady Rainicorn and Jake. "This party is mathematical!" Finn said his signature catchphrase.

"Yeah, man. And it's all because we saved the world!" Jake replied.

"And to think I almost died!"

"But ya' didn't!"

"Ha, yeah! Hey, where's Preeboz?"

"I… don't know. Her lab?"

"I'll go find her." Finn was about to leave to find her when the music stopped and the partiers went silent. PB entered the Candy Kingdom gates with two medals in her hands and body guards by her side. She walked up to Finn and Jake.

"Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, for saving the world and it's people on countless occasions, I now present you both these medals of heroic bravery and self-sacrifice." She slid the medals onto their necks. "You two truly are the greatest heroes in Ooo. I thank you for your selfless deeds." She turned to the citizens. "Candy people and visitors, let us celebrate!" PB walked over to Marceline, who was just putting her umbrella away, due to the fact that the sun was setting. She pulled out a red medal with a black ribbon and gave it to Marceline, who took it. It has a bat carved into it. The girls smiled at each other.

Lady Rainicorn was dancing with more candy citizens and Princess Bubblegum. Finn looked at the dancing people, but one in specific. The setting sun hit her just right to give her a sort of glow. PB looked back at him. She said something to Lady Rainicorn and the rest of the group, and walked away from them. She walked up to Finn.

"Hey, Finn. Follow me." She took his hand and led him away from Jake. When Finn looked back at the dancing dog, Jake winked. Finn blushed.

PB took Finn into the castle, which was empty. She led him up the stairs and into her room, then onto the balcony. They leaned against the railing.

PB scooted more in Finn's direction, and grabbed his hand. Finn swore she could probably have felt his heart beat faster through his hand. She stared off into the sunset, which gave the clouds swirls of blues, purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows. The first star of the night was shining brightly above them. They watched as the sun slowly ran away from the horizon, finally disappearing into the night.

"Fi-" PB started.

"Prin-" Finn cut her off by accident. "Um, you go first."

PB smiled and took his other hand. "I just wanted to say… thank you… for everything. For saving me and my kingdom multiple times and grabbing the Lich's foot… everything." She paused to think. "And I… I'm so glad I'm 13 again, because when I'm 18, people look down on… this." PB moved herself forward. There was probably half a foot between them.

"I-is that so?" Finn's face was red. He silently gulped.

"Okay. Your turn." Princess Bubblegum insisted.

Finn took a deep breath, held it, and let it go. He didn't notice Jake stretched up over the balcony, spying on them. Finn bit his bottom lip.

"Princess, I… um…" He started.

"I can't do it." He convinced himself. "I'm choking."

Jake stretched his paw forward and gave Finn a strong punch on the back for encouragement, then pulled his arm back. "I love you!" Finn blurted out, knowing it this time. He pulled his hands away from PB and covered his mouth. Jake laughed as he stretched himself down. PB pulled his hands away from his mouth and put them around her back. She threw her arms around his neck and brought him forward quickly, any space between their faces closed. It was another quick 10 second thing, but, once again, it lasted for hours to them.

As they separated, PB whispered, not "I like you a lot, too," like Finn thought would happen, but words that meant the world to him:

"I love you too, Finn."

~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~


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