I was sitting in the Chorus room when I came up with this (I like to imagine) brilliant idea. As far as I know, it never states in the series anything about Crawford's past, other than that he attended Rosenkreuz with Schuldich. So I decided to come up with my own version of what 'really' happened. Yeah, it's weird, but so am I.

I had (as some of you might have guessed) a lot of inspiration from Steven King's novel, "Firestarter", which I strongly recommend anyone interested in stories about psychics read. I apologize to Mr. King for taking some of his ideas and making them my own. Most of the other ideas are mine. Rebecca and James Crawford belong to me (that's a first) as well as Alex Nine and other characters not portrayed in the series.

However, Schwarz members, EstE, Weiß, and et cetera belong to Koyasu Takehito and Project Weiß.

Be warned: there will be strong homosexual undertones and/or situations in the latter chapters. If you don't like that...And I think most Weiß fans do...Then don't read. I'm rating the story R throughout to prevent any innocent eyes that want to stay innocent from stumbling onto this unawares. I'm rather partial to lemons...so the rating may be upped as I see fit.

The first few parts focus on Brad Crawford's parents, flipping back and forth from the present...to the past. Don't worry, Brad's in there, and he will obviously be the character most focused on throughout.

Also, I probably should label this fic as 'Alternate Universe', just in case I get any hard facts mixed up as I'm prone to do.

Sorry for the long introduction. This way, I don't have to label every single chapter. If you're comfortable with the material, then please, go forth!