The Inner Thoughts of Cat Valentine

( Pilot )

Backstage was buzzing with entertainers getting ready to get on stage and perform. There was an air of nervousness around the entire perimeter that made the air feel a lot harder to breathe. Well, not for me, anyways. I had already gone out and performed. Everything had been almost perfect during my performance except for the fact that I lost my shoe in the process. Right now, all I was doing was helping one of my friends with the curtains and such before heading back to make-up. The showcase had gone great so far. Simply perfect.

Okay, so there was some techinical difficulties here and there but no one had royally messed up yet. Jade was kind of annoyed right now because Trina was up next. Usually, Trina Vega managed to drag the show down for the entire time that she was on stage. The showcase was a big deal in Hollywood Arts. Lots of talent scouts were sitting outside, waiting to pick one of us out for something at any moment. It was really exciting and brought a lot more tension than usual.

"Something's wrong with Trina Vega," I heard Sinjin saying somewhere, standing with a clipboard filled up with line-ups for the show. Trina was speaking in silly noises in front of a mirror that made me giggle slightly. Jade turned around and looked at me but I couldn't read the expression because I was trying not to laugh too hard. Trina's tongue was completely swollen. Now, when I say swollen, I mean swollen. To the point when one of the upcoming performers I was doing make-up for hypothesized that she had injected it with botox.

I simply shook my head as everyone buzzed and tried to figure out what was going on. I nearly drew a whole line across my performer's forehead when some girl came in screaming and everyone tried to drag her on stage.

"Amateur," I heard one of the other make-up artists say under her breath.

I watched as almost half of wardrope ran out at one of the teachers' command.

"What's going on?" Jade asked, particularly irritated. Some music started playing, signaling that they probably got whoever the screaming girl was to perform. Curiosity got the better of me as I stepped out to watch from backstage, taking Jade with me. Trina Vega was dancing in her dress with her tongue still swollen as Screaming Girl danced and sang on stage. The girl honestly wasn't half-bad. I think even Jade saw some talent in her because she was watching her intently.

Once the girl was done with her performance, which was actually pretty good, I found myself clapping for her and turned back to find Jade disappeared to find Beck somewhere. I decided to let the crowd swallow me as well so I could pack all my make-up things and boycott the afterparty. I wasn't feeling much like going to a party today. My brother was acting up again and my mom and dad had decided for him to go back to the special hospital again.

I began to pick up my brushes from the table, placing them inside of my bag one by one, then worked on the blush and sorts.

"Cat, hey!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned around to find Robbie and Rex, who by the way, is a puppet, but doesn't like to be called that. Robbie was in Hollywood Arts because they liked the whole thing "act" of a ventraloquist who's puppet interrupted him all the time. Little did everyone know that Robbie literally thought that Rex was another person and not a puppet. "Are you going to the party tonight."

Shit. "Well, my brother is in the hospital so I was kind of hoping to see him," I said lamely. I don't know what it was, but I tended to blurt out things I shouldn't say to people. Well, Robbie, Beck, Jade and Andre weren't people. I knew that I could trust them with whatever was going on at my house because I had already had a lot of blunders with them before.

Robbie looked slightly disappointed. "See? I told you she wasn't going to want to go," Rex scolded.

I tilted my head slightly as Robbie told his puppet to shut up and then said goodbye to me, stepping out of the room and arguing with Rex all the same. Honestly, I didn't want to hurt Robbie's feelings, but I really did hope that I could persuade my dad to let me see my brother at the hospital. I missed him already because I knew he'd be gone long.

Turns out that I didn't get to persuade my dad after all. Instead, I passed my time watching people update their Slap pages with pictures of the party. I did my hair a way that I am absolutely never using again also, by the way.

Actually, I thought school was going to be horrible. Normally, I tried to keep an optimistic mind, but I decided that today I was at least allowed to feel pessimistic on the inside. It caused me to snap at the new girl, who had been Screaming Girl, by the way. Her name was Tori. I told her she was great on the showcase, she commented on my name and I basically had a defensive fit.

I'm great with people sometimes...

Anyway, she was in my acting class! We were doing some improv and as the scene progressed and Robbie and I were basically starting to be irrelevant in the scene, Jade poured coffee all over Tori. Now, I didn't know until afterwards that Tori had been rubbing Beck. I really hope that it doesn't mean what I first thought it meant because then I would have been mad at both Beck and Tori.

Tori was a nice girl, really. I'm glad that I saw her next class because Jade was really mean to her. I'm glad she didn't let that put her down. She kissed Beck, which Jade was really upset about, but I think it was fair game since they were in a scene and I wouldn't be able to think of anything else that started with K. But that's just me. Yet, if I put myself in Jade's shoes, I can see why she would be upset. Maybe I wouldn't like someone kissing my boyfriend either. Not that anyone has ever tried to kiss my boyfriend.

My boyfriend isn't my boyfriend yet, to be fair. He's sort of this guy I just met who was really nice. His name is Danny. He doesn't go to Hollywood Arts so I doubt that any of my friends know him. He's really cute and I honestly like him a lot. I hope that I can call him my boyfriend soon. We hold hands sometimes but that's it.

As for my brother, I found out he's going to be in the hospital for a few weeks depending on how he does. If the doctors see some progress, he might be out by the end of the month. Hopefully he decides to behave and doesn't go back there anymore. I'll miss him too much.

The next chapters will probably be more exciting. This is basically going to be what is going on with Cat during the currency of the Victorious episodes. There are going to be chapters in between filled with flashbacks or things happening in between the episodes.